Milked Sex Stories – Cop Of Milk

Jess had always been the ultimate party girl. You wouldn’t be surprised if she said she was going clubbing on a week night, or even if she didn’t return home till the next evening. It’s because of this that people were shocked when she agreed to become a surrogate for her sister. She didn’t seem like the type to sacrifice her perfect body for anything, especially a baby that wasn’t even hers.

Jess’s sister, Melinda had what doctors called a hostile uterus. She and her husband had been trying to get a baby for ages but she could never carry a pregnancy to term. After four miscarriages, Melinda and her husband decided to look into adoption. As much as she was a party girl, Jess loved her sister and she hated how not being able to get a baby frustrated her. Melinda was besides herself when Jess gave her the news. Two months earlier, Jess had given birth to a beautiful brown eyed, black haired baby girl. Jess’s joy was how Melinda’s beautiful face seemed to light up ever since the birth of the baby.

However, Mura had been on an eleven month dry spell and since her body was back, she decided it was time she got herself some before her vagina closed up. She had been eyeing a cop who frequented her bakery. Though she could get anyone she wanted, there was something about this particular officer that she just couldn’t shake off. He was tall and perfectly muscular. Every time she saw him, all she could think about was all the things she could do to that perfect body.

One day when he came in for some doughnuts, Jess took her chance. She ‘accidentally-on-purpose’ brushed her big tits on his face. Since she was still lactating, her top was a bit wet. “Oh I’m sorry officer,” she had said sweetly before walking back to the counter. The coffee shop had only one other person who took his coffee to go. Jess walked to the door and changed the sign to ‘closed’ and then walked back to the cop’s table. “I’m Jess,” she said extending her hand. “Tom, my friends call me Tommy,” he said looking surprised.

Jess sat on the table directly in front of him and pulled a card from her bra. “I just had a baby, my sister’s though,” she started making Tommy wonder where she was going with this. “I haven’t had sex in a while and I know you know that I have been eyeing you,” she added in a no-nonsense tone. “Uh……..,” Tommy stuttered before Jess put her finger on his lips.

“That’s my number. Tonight you are going to call me and take me for dinner and then fuck me like there’s no tomorrow,” she said looking into his eyes. Tommy felt himself blush. No woman, especially as attractive as this, had ever come on to him this directly. When he left the bakery, he couldn’t help but smile as he walked to his car. He was getting laid tonight!

That evening, Tommy had butterflies as he rang her doorbell. When she opened the door, Tommy almost gulped. His eyes ran up and down her body and Jess knew exactly what he was thinking. The tight pink bodice-like top she wore was the perfect complement to her tiny waist. Her short black skirt showed off her perfect long legs. She smiled up at him and gave him a little twirl.

“You like?” she asked brushing hair away from her face. He smiled back at her and took her hand. “Like is an understatement,” he answered kissing her hand. She blushed a little when he stared at her chest again. She leaned in and gave him a little but sensual kiss.

“What was that for?” he asked staring into her blue-green eyes.

“Be a good boy officer, and maybe I’ll let you play with them,” she answered sweetly. Tommy felt himself go a bit hard at the sound of her naughty voice. He shrugged and walked her to the car. This was definitely going to be a very eventful evening.

At the restaurant, Tommy was beside himself. He loved the way everyone looked at him jealously and why shouldn’t they have? He had the most beautiful woman on his arm. Jess’s cover girl look wasn’t the only thing that made her stand out that night. It was also her perfectly rounded ass as well as her full bosom whose cleavage was almost all out in the bodice-like top she wore. Her stride was also, in a word, divine. The hot pink five inch heels she wore would have been hard for anyone to walk in, but the way she walked in them made people think she had some very comfortable flat shoes on. In addition, she walked with a certain tread that made her have an air of superiority over other women in the room.

As the waiter led them to their table, Jess could feel the men’s eyes on her jiggly ass and waiter heavy chest that heaved with every breath and step she took.

“Would you like to hear the specials?” the waiter asked when they sat down.

“The lady and I already know what we want,” Tommy said looking into her eyes.

“And what will that be sir,” the waiter asked.

“We would like some oysters and an accompaniment of your choice,” he said still looking into her eyes.

“Of course sir,” the waiter said writing the order down. “What about a drink, sir?”

“Well, what do you have to set the mood?” Tommy asked this time looking at the waiter.

“I’m afraid I don’t understand sir,” he said looking a bit confused.

“You know, the mood,” he said again winking at him. The waiter laughed.

“Of course sir,” he said amidst laughter. “We do serve the best cabernet in the state,” he added.

“We’ll take it,” Tommy said looking back at Jess. When the waiter left, she shook her head in mock disappointment. “What?” he asked looking at her.

“Your chances of playing with the twins are getting slimmer by the second,” she answered, a naughty smile playing at the corner of her lips. Tommy knew that she was up to something. She maintained eye contact as she slipped a shoe off and trailed his leg with her bare foot. She watched with delight as the smile on his face slowly disappeared and in its place, a hardened horny look. He held his breath when her toes found his cock. She rubbed the head of his cock expertly, almost as if she had an extra hand in her foot. She decided to take this all the way and took off her other shoe and raised her foot to where the other one was. She leaned across the table and took his hands in hers. “Brace yourself Bradford,” she said, her fingers drawing little circles on his hands. “I am about to make you feel what no other man has felt in a long time,” she said as she began giving him a foot job under the table. She thanked God for the dim lighting in the corner table they got since if they were anywhere else, everyone around them would have notice the small beads of sweat forming on his forehead as he struggled hard to breathe. The music in the restaurant drowned his moans that were almost getting loud by this time. She withdrew her feet from his cock when she noticed the waiter coming towards them. As they ate, all he could think about was how much he wanted to squeeze her tits, to see the milk flow from them.

Dinner couldn’t have gone slower according to Tommy whose hard cock was beginning to be more of a problem than a welcome feeling. As they had desert, Jess snuck him a preview of one of her full nipples. He had gasped when she pulled down the top from her right breast and gave it a little squeeze causing some milk to spray on his glass. “Check please!” he called out when she had done this. He couldn’t wait to get home, rip her clothes off and have his way with her. “Do you think you can take forty more minutes?” she asked in a sexy voice.

He looked at her and smiled. “I am a pretty fast driver,” he said as he signed the check.

“Traffic can be crazy around this time,” she said as she toyed with a strand of hair. Tommy signaled the waiter again, Jess didn’t have to ask what he was about to do. “Can I get one of the rooms upstairs,” he asked tucking a fifty dollar bill in his pocket.

“I am sure that can be arranged,” he said as he walked off to the reception. Moments later, he came back with a key card and he could’ve sworn that if they got out of there faster, they would have put Usain Bolt to the test.

No sooner had they opened the door than he pinned her against it kissing her neck occasionally licking her. His hands found the zipper of her top and he pulled it down to reveal her hot pink strapless bra. He then unbuttoned her skirt, letting it loose to gather around her ankles like black rose petals. He then took her hand and led her to the bed where she began unbuttoning his shirt revealing his well toned abs. She ran her soft fingers on his pecks before leaning in to kiss his chest. She proceeded to unbuckle his belt and pushed his pants to the ground. To his surprise, she grabbed his balls softly and leaned in again to kiss his ear lobe. “Now we’re even,” she said as she released him. “Actually, not yet,” he said as he unclasped her bra letting her big, full tits fall free. “Now, we’re even,” he echoed as he ran his hands down her torso, slightly brushing the sides of her breasts. She shuddered when she felt his hands brush her full tits. He stared down at her breasts as her nipples grew harder and harder from the combination of the cool air and her blushing.

He took her tits in his hands and squeezed them. She moaned when her milk sprayed his chest and dripped down his torso. He dropped his shirt to the floor and pulled her close, their bare upper bodies touching. She could feel his cock pressing against her with urgency; this made her body send a fresh flow of warm liquid out of her wet cunt on to her panties. He pulled away from her and turned her around so her back was to him and then grabbed her tits again. As if he had not had enough, he squeezed the breasts again, this time a bit harder than the first time. She moaned louder as he blocked the spraying milk with his hand and rubbed his wet palms over her big breasts. He moved one hand down her navel and under her panties. With his free hand he pushed off her panties and touched her overly sensitive clit.

She leaned her head against his shoulder as he worked his finger inside the folds of her wet pussy. She suddenly gasped when he pushed a finger inside her hot depths. Her body just couldn’t take it. She moaned louder and louder as he fucked her using his finger. By now, she was writhing and squirming as he picked up his pace. He then retracted his finger and pushed her onto the bed. As she lay on the bed, he held her knees apart making sure she lay there with her legs astride ready for him. He watched her as he took off his drawers and threw them on the floor. His big cock was dangling in the air, hungrily waiting to claim that hot, wet pussy.

He knelt down and kissed her soft clean shaven lips. She then gasped when he took in her hard distended clit and sucked hard. His finger found her entrance and again began the same in and out movement he had done before. He then withdrew his finger and replaced it with his tongue. He alternated between his tongue and finger as he continued to drive her wild with his mad oral skills. He then brought his hands up and started to play with her hardened nipples. Her moans filled the room as he kissed her navel, working his way up to her tits. He loved the way she shivered when his tongue brushed her hardened nipples. He took one nipple in his mouth and began to suck hard, forcing her still reactive glands to send a warm flow of milk inside his mouth. He never understood why people said that breast milk tasted bad. That was one o the most awesome tastes he had ever experienced.

She felt his hand reach to her other nipple to give it equal attention from his flicking fingertips. He kneaded her breast with one hand causing her milk to flow out even more as he continued to nurse from her other breast. Jess was thankful as the heavy breasts would have soon started to make her tits ache. She knew there was a reason why she didn’t carry her breast pump to her date. And this man definitely knew his way around some full tits, she thought as Tommy continued nursing, his cock getting harder by the second.

When he finally pulled away from her, his cock  had raging veins that told her he was about to attack her cunt any time. She flipped him over so that he was under her.

“It’s now my turn to milk you,” she said to him as she kissed him. She trailed her lips from his shoulder blade, down to his toned chest and finally to his navel where she let her tongue play with his belly button. She then kissed him down to his over-sensitive head and gave it a soft kiss with her warm lips. He shuddered when her lips made contact with his inside thigh. A moan escaped his lips as she trailed her tongue along his length before finally taking him inside her mouth. Her tongue twirled on his head before she proceeded to take him again, this time sucking hard on his full length. He felt himself go deep into her throat, a feeling he had never experienced before. This white bitch could swallow his full length and still not gag. He was impressed as he allowed himself to fuck her throat, his orgasm threateningly close. She suddenly withdrew her mouth from him and placed his now wet cock in-between her milk covered tits. She squeezed her tits causing them to spurt on his waiting cock as she rubbed his cock with them. He moaned as he felt his orgasm approaching but before he could withdraw himself from in-between her tits, he felt a sudden release sending hot cum all over her tits. She then let go of her tits and took him inside her mouth swallowing every drop he had to offer. He groaned every time she sucked; it was as if she was sucking the life from him, but one thing was for sure. She had just given him the best head ever.

Jess got up and looked at her messy tits. “Is that enough for you officer?” she asked in a sexy voice. All he could do was nod as he breathed heavily. She smiled at him and walked to the bathroom as he headed to the mini bar. He gulped down some water to replenish his energy and cooled himself down as she cleaned herself up. She then came out having cleaned her breasts and lay on the bed her legs fully spread so he could see that she was still very wet. He noticed that she no longer wore her sexy heels. She licked two of her fingers and placed them on her hard distended clit and then relaxed as she began playing with herself, to the officer’s pleasure. He then watched her insert two fingers into her soppy, wet self and then begin to furiously finger herself.

Strangely, he felt himself getting a hard on again. This woman was out to fuck him dry, but he didn’t mind. He walked over to where the bed and positioned himself on top of her. He looked deep into her eyes as he descended himself into her hot wetness. She moaned loudly as he filled every inch of her. Tommy was thankful that she had taken care of his first load, so he wouldn’t have to worry about busting his nut too son. He slowly began to fuck her as her vagina stretched to accommodate his huge length. Thankfully having a baby hadn’t made her sexual experience boring as she had feared. If anything, she felt her cunt gripping his cock more tightly than she had ever felt. He pulled out of her and then descended back in, this time a bit harder than before. She tried to hold back her moans but it was virtually impossible especially since he was beginning to pick up his pace. He found her more receptive than he had thought she would be; most women who had just given birth were normally very reserved, at least in his experience. After he found himself moving in and out of her with ease, he pulled out and slammed into her with full force making her squeal with delight. Her grip tightened around his shoulders as he squealed as he fucked almost as if he was doing it in vengeance. he quickly pushed and pulled out of her as squelching sounds filled the room , her grip steadily becoming tighter. He then pulled out of her completely causing her to almost scream out. He grabbed her legs and pushed them over her head and then secured them by holding her under her knees. Her cunt was almost gaping at him as he lowered himself inside her. She couldn’t help but scream out as this position ensured she took in every inch of his huge long cock. He wasn’t about to go soft on her as he started began with a steady fast pace. He lowered himself in her each time causing his balls to slam against her. She moaned loudly, almost screamed, each time his cock punched her depths. Just when she thought he couldn’t go any faster, he did, grunting along as he thrust deeper and deeper. He felt a sudden gush of warmth engulf his already cock and struggled to stay inside her as she writhed while screaming out. Her insides were contracting and releasing with every orgasmic surge. Her orgasm prompted his own which caused a mixture of their cum slide down her ass and his thighs. He felt he still had the energy for one last thrust and he pulled back and thrust back into her with all the energy he had left. He collapsed on top of her shaking as his orgasm continued to take the better of him. He then released her legs leaving her to lay there spread eagled. Her cunt exhibited the most perfect cream pie he had ever seen. Suddenly, a loud queef filled the room as a mixture of their juices spilled on the bed.

“Officer Tommy,” she sighed as he placed his hands on her still heavy breasts. “I believe I won’t be having any tickets any time soon,” she added as he gave her breasts another squeeze. The milk spill still turned him on, almost as if he had taken a little blue pill before dinner.

“That was one ticket,” he said as he held her close. “We have to talk about future speeding and parking tickets,” he said smiling as they both relaxed in each other’s arms falling into a deep sleep.

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