My Vampire Baby – A BWWM Vampire Pregnancy Romance For Adults

My Vampire Baby - A BWWM Vampire Pregnancy Romance For Adults“There he is,” he said as he crept closer to the spot where Wes stood waiting for his car to come around.

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“What do we do now?” the second man asked. “It is too open here.”

“We follow him home,” the first whispered. “Be quiet now, the car is here.” They crouched low in the corner until Wes got into his car, and then they emerged from the darkness, like shadows, as they scurried after it.

Wes saw them, and he kept his eyes on them for the entire distance. He had no intention to entertain an open attack, so he directed his car to the reservation where he knew he could easily ask for help from his brothers. “Just keep going left,” he instructed his driver.

“You have a trip out of town?” the driver asked, obviously aware that the route he was following led to nowhere.

“Just some unexpected business,” Wes responded. He checked the mirror and saw that his guests were maintaining a safe distance. He wasn’t sure whether they were trying to be inconspicuous or if they were naturally sloppy, but he had them pegged from the moment he stepped through the door of the main entrance. He could smell them, and he wondered why vampires would be trying to attack him here. Maybe Derek had put them up to this, but as far as he was concerned, Derek was either dead or in hibernation far below the surface of the earth. So who would these men be? “Leave me here,” he told his driver.

The man looked at him through the mirror as if he was mad. “Here?” he asked him.

“Yes. I will call for you if I need you,” Wes said as he alighted from the car. The driver nodded and sped away even as he glanced behind in wonderment as to the strange reason his boss wanted to be left in the middle of nowhere.

As soon as the car disappeared Wes trekked into the dense overgrowth of the bushes. He hadn’t gone far when the two vampires made themselves more visible. “What do you want with me?” he asked as he planted his feet firmly into the dirt and made ready for an attack.

“We need to teach you to stick to your own kind,” one of them growled.

“My own kind? What on earth are you referring to?” he asked as he knitted his brows. Surely they couldn’t be making reference to Lucy.

“We don’t want to mingle with dogs, and the sooner you realise that, the better off you and the others will be. Now, to make our point clear,” the second one said as he whipped out a device and pointed it at Wes. No sooner had he done so when Wes gripped his shoulder and watched as silver fluid began to pour out of him. He knew he couldn’t remain strong in this manner, and if he didn’t transform soon they could kill him.

Mustering all the strength he could before the life oozed from him, Wes ripped his shirt off and huddled as the beast within him took shape. He bellowed again as he felt another sting in his hind quarters and he wheeled around and charged into the two vampires. They were agile and levitated into the air and landed on the branch of the tree before Wes could grab either of them. He howled long and loud to signal his brothers and then pounced on the tree, shaking its feeble frame with his animal strength.

He shook his head as he began to grow dizzy. He couldn’t continue like this; he needed to get the fluid out of him before he slipped into a coma like the last time. His mind conjured up Lucy’s image and he bounded up the tree and came face to face with one of the vampires. He swung his paw but the creature only needed to dress back to escape the blow. Just when he thought he could actually die, he heard the howl of two other wolves as they came to his aid. The vampires shared a knowing glance before they gave him daring grins and disappeared into the night. Seth gave chase but their scents were easily lost in the wind that was currently picking up speed.

By the time they returned, Wes was a howling mess and Seth transformed to assist him onto Malachi’s back as they raced towards the reservation before he died. Wes kept searching for the meaning behind the attack, but what they said didn’t make sense. A vampire would have no business with who he dated; that would be more offensive to a wolf as it had proven to be before. So what did they mean by sticking to his own kind? He tried to make sense of it even as his mental faculties shut down, and there was nothing left but the darkness and the pounding of heavy paws on the forest floor as Malachi rushed him to help.


“I hope nothing ever happens again that will force you away from me,” Rose said as she slipped into her chemise and got ready for bed.

Darien walked over and kissed her on the forehead. “It has been months of silence. I do not hope for it but I can’t help thinking it is only a matter of time.”

“Don’t say that,” Rose said as she looked up at him.

My Vampire Baby pregnancy romance“We are talking about immortals honey,” Darien responded. “What else have they got to do than stir trouble and hope for acknowledgement?”

“I don’t think I like the sound of that,” she said as she positioned herself on the edge of the bed. Darien’s eyes took on a sultry glow as he looked at her lying there. Rose recognised the gleam in his eye and deliberately leaned to the left so that her ripe breast peaked from under the silky material. “I can think of much better ways to spend an eternity.”

“Oh yeah?” he asked as he inched closer. “And what do we do when we tire of it?” He was practically standing over her now, his muscles in his member already hardened as his gaze fixed on her chest.

“We create babies to fill the gap,” she said as she looked him dead in the eye.

Darien paused as he looked at her lying there luring him to her. “Did I hear you correctly?” he asked. He knew she had been contemplating having a baby, but he didn’t know she had come to a definite conclusion about it.

“You did,” she said as she raised herself up on her elbows, her twins now pointing directly at him and provoking him in unseen places.

“Are you sure? I mean, I didn’t know…are you sure?” Darien asked with a confused expression.

“Just get over here,” she said as she slowly parted her legs to reveal the Promised Land.

Darien needed no further invitation. Something about the fact that she now wanted to make love not just for its own sake but to produce a child only sent his mind in a heated fervour. She appeared even more beautiful as the soft light in the room played upon her smooth chocolate skin and glistened as it bounced off her and rested on his already bare torso. His pyjama bottoms soon followed the white tee he wore as they lay in a crumpled heap on the floor-temporarily forgotten. “As the lady commands,” he whispered as he brought his lips down to play with the delicate skin on her earlobe. Rose shivered as she felt the chill of his touch, and her legs shifted under her as she braced for more.

He was slow and deliberate as his hands traced the outline of her body from her armpit to her thighs; and all the while he was teasing her with his tongue. She reached out her hand and gripped the hair at his nape as whispered groans escaped her. Her lips locked onto his now and they throbbed under the weight of his as he slithered across the surface. Slowly his head moved downwards until his tongue found the soft peak of her ripe and ready femininity beckoning to him. Darien covered each, one at a time, and watched as goose pimples raced along her arm and came to a halt at the base of her throat. She stroked his shoulders now, silently bidding him to continue and Darien heeded her instructions with the greatest of obedience.

Needing greater room to play, his tongue found the tender spots around her navel and he circled it several times before bringing his head lower to regions too long untouched. She quivered as she felt him near the pinnacle of her throbbing, and her legs rose until her heels pressed into the soft linen. Instinctively Rose brought her legs closer, and Darien gently nudged them apart so he could get a better view of paradise before he feasted on her apple. When his tongue made contact with the peak of her perfection, her back arched and Darien took the opportunity to hold her hips there as his tongue flicked across her clit and down below where her juice now sprung. Rose gripped the sheets and bit her lips until a thin line of blood could be seen forming on the lower. Her hips moved to his rhythm as he devoured her, taking control of all her senses.

A few more licks and Rose felt like butter in the sun as she melted under Darien’s touch. He caught her juices as they escaped her spring, and then allowed his tongue to take a quick tour of her insides. By this time Rose was quivering with madness and begged him to enter her before she imploded. Darien rose and took his elongated member in his right palm as he fingered her with his left. Then slowly he pressed against her and slid inside; he tossed his head back as he felt her grip him and the motion caused him to vibrate. He flew into a heated rush and proceeded to stroke the delicate fibres of her wall. She gripped the sheets and groaned as he filled her up, leaving room for nothing else but his manhood and her desires to bear his child.

Rose spread her legs wider and reached up to grip his hips to bury him deeper inside her, but Darien needed no coaching or prodding. He dug into her causing her to slide backwards on the bed until her arms found the metal railings at her head. She clung to them as he pounded her; she received him welcomingly and bade him to press harder and faster. The sweat glistened on Darien’s body as he moved majestically over her, his dark hair shining blue. His eyes remained closed as he sank into her repeatedly, feeling her velvety insides massage his rigid member. It seemed each time he entered her was like the first, and he revelled in the moment, even now as he felt her juices covering him and forcing him to new heights of pleasure.

Wanting to delay the inevitable, he withdrew and fell on the bed as he pulled her against him. Without hesitation she straddled him and began dancing to a slow song only they could hear. She swayed as she rose and fell and he gripped her thighs as she began to gyrate. Rose loved the way he filled her, and she crushed her body against him as she took all of him inside. She groaned as he caused places inside her to move, but she couldn’t stop and she continued as if programmed. Then she opened her eyes and locked them to his as she began to move faster. She could see the rapid beating within his chest and hear his anxious breathing. She brought her hands down and gripped his nipples; she tugged at them until he began to writhe. When she saw in his eyes that he was ready she pressed him further inside her and with a scream they came simultaneously.

She remained in the same position as she allowed his juice to penetrate her, and she hoped this time they would have some luck conceiving. When their breathing died down she slid from him and rested on her back. He threw his hand across her stomach as he stroked the spot he hoped would rise in a few weeks.

“Do you think that did the trick?” she asked as she panted.

“I really hope so,” Darien said as he stared at the ceiling. “I would hate to think that it won’t work. What would I spend an eternity doing if not that? Unless…”

“Don’t even say it,” Rose interrupted. “It has been months since that incident with Alesha and I hope you never have to join that band of ‘elite’ again.”

“I know you don’t like it, but it will happen again,” he told her as he got up from the bed and walked to the window. “It seems there will always be someone somewhere plotting for whatever reason. It is for that very reason The Everest decided to form this elite group; so we can be better able to counter any attacks.”

“And what of you becoming a father?” Rose asked as she clambered from the bed to join him at the window. She held him by the arms and turned him around to face her. “What happens if we have a child and something happens to you? I couldn’t do it alone,” she ended quietly.

He lifted her face that drooped now. “Don’t worry my love; nothing will happen to me.”

“That’s what Alesha thought, and Gabe, and all the other vampires who thought they couldn’t die. There is no such thing as immortality; you all die at some point by some means if even at your own hands,” she almost shouted as she turned on her heels and walked away. She could feel the tears stinging her eyes as she stood with her back turned. She wanted nothing more than to mother his child, and perhaps to be like him one day when he saw it fit to turn her. If she was going to live with two immortals, then she might as well become one. But now she was growing fearful of the notion.

“Look, Rose…” he started to say, but just then he heard a thud outside his rooftop patio. He looked at her and then ushered her behind him.

“What was that?” she asked.

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