3: What You’ll Have To Do To Stay A Member Of The Review Club

3 review our booksTo get these valuable paranormal romance ebooks completely free (and keep getting them), you’ll need to:

  1. Read the books which are sent to you.
  2. When we send you a email asking you to, review the book on Amazon.com.
  3. If you spot any mistakes while reading it (e.g. a spelling mistake), send us a quick email to let us know.

What Happens If There’s A Book Which I Don’t Like?

While we plan on sending you lots of great high quality books from top selling authors, a book which you aren’t keen on for whatever reason could come up. Maybe you don’t like the theme for example.

In that case, simply email us back when we ask you to review, saying that you won’t be reviewing this book as it’s not your kind of story. This will mean the author isn’t hindered due to your personal tastes. We want to help the authors remember. 🙂

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