About Afro Romance Books

Free African American, BWWM and Paranormal Romance Ebooks PDF and Kindle

Hi there, and welcome to Afro Romance Books, a publishing company giving you the latest and best afro romance stories.

While we mainly publish BWWM romance books, we also make African American romances, and paranormal romance books. We do these under:

  • BWWM Club.
  • African American Romance Club.
  • Paranormal Romance Club.

In BWWM Club and African American Romance Club, all our stories feature a black lead character, usually at least the female.

The main genres of romance we write stories in are:

  • BWWM (which stands for ‘black woman white man’) books.
  • African American romance books.
  • BWWM paranormal romance stories.

As well as publishing ebooks on Amazon Kindle, we also publish audiobooks, physical books, and relevant merch. So no matter how you want to get involved with our romance world, there’s something for you. 🙂

Be sure to get our free BWWM romance books emailed to you on the house (just let us know the email address to send it to and tick which kind of books you want):

I hope you enjoy them, if so be sure to tell your friends about us too.

J A Fielding,
Afro Romance Books.
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