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BWWM Romance First Membership CardLove BWWM romance books? Want to join a select group of people who get informed on the best and newest stories before anyone else and get additional BWWM related goodies? If so, you’ll love BWWM Romance First!

For the last few years, Saucy Romance Books and BWWM Club have been supplying the best in ‘black women white men’ romance novels.

We’ve had many books topping the ‘African American romance’, ‘Multicultural & Interracial Romance’, and many other romance related charts on and A very small sample being:

Best Selling BWWM Romance Books From SRB

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. And now we’re giving you the opportunity to get even closer to the stories and authors you’ve come to know and love!

By becoming a part of BWWM Romance First, you’ll get the following benefits:

1. A Top Exclusive eBook, At Least A Week Before It’s On Sale

Early copy of BWWM romance novels ARC Advance Review ClubOnce a month we’ll send you a free early bird copy of an unreleased BWWM romance story. This book won’t be out for another week or more, so you can exclusively enjoy it first. 🙂

The book will come as a Kindle Mobi file and a PDF file, so you can read it on your Kindle, your computer, or your smart phone.

2. Early Bird Notification On New BWWM Book Releases & Lowest Price Guaranteed

Early Bird Notification On New BWWM StoriesTwice a week we’ll inform you first when the best new BWWM romance books are on sale on Amazon, 5 – 7 days before anyone else! This guarantees the lowest prices possible, meaning you’ll usually save between 66% – 95% over the final price.

Note: Average launch price you’ll get is 0.99c, our regular prices outside this deal is between $2.99 – $3.99, more for bundles. You’re not required to buy the books in the email if you don’t want to, but you have first dibs. 🙂

3. Behind The Scene Access

Behind the scenes with bwwm author interviews and scriptsOnce a month we’ll send you something from behind the scenes here at BWWM Club and Saucy Romance Books. Maybe an author interview, maybe an outline for a future story, or maybe something else all together. Whatever it is that month, it’ll be great for getting an insight on how your favorite stories are made!


And if the above wasn’t enough, BWWM Romance First members get this top bonus:

4: Digital Couples Collector Cards

Once a month we’ll email you a digital collectors card graphic of your favorite BWWM couples. For example:

BWWM Digital Collectors Cards Example
* Full sized collectors cards are much bigger

Being part of BWWM Romance First is the only way to get these… Can you collect them all? 🙂

Join BWWM First Now

If you love BWWM books and want to get them before anyone else, becoming a BWWM Romance First member is a must.

Membership is only $5 a month, which is less than 16c per day!

To get your exclusive BWWM goodies and become part of the club, click the below button to join now:


Q: Why is there a countdown timer? What happens after it ends?

A: When the timer runs out we’ll automatically be closing the door to new members, so you won’t be able to sign up any more. This is so we can give those serious BWWM romance lovers a good service and aren’t overrun. We haven’t got a set date when we’ll be allowing new people to sign up again, and when we do, most likely the price will be higher for any new members. So if what we’re offering interests you, you’ll want to make sure you don’t miss out this time around.

Q: Why is membership to the exclusive BWWM Romance First club so cheap?

A: Because we’ve just opened our doors, and we want to allow as many interested people as possible to get all our exclusive goodies. We’ll be raising the membership to $10 per month in the near future for those who don’t sign up now, but if you join today you’ll lock in your price and only ever pay $5 a month. Yes, even if the price rises for everyone else!

Q: The books in the early bird notification emails, can I read them for free?

A: No, the emails are there to simply show you the releases up to a week before anyone else is notified. You can then buy any you want, usually at just 99c, which is much discounted over the price other readers will pay for the same book in future. The book you get a week or more before any one else though you don’t have to pay for, it’s included free in your membership. 🙂

Q: How is everything delivered?

A: We email you your monthly free book, early bird emails, behind the scenes access and collectors art work as they come. Getting them is as easy as opening your email. 🙂

Q: I see this is a monthly membership club. Do I have to manually do anything to stay a member?

A: No. After you’ve made your first payment, our system will automatically re-bill you $5 each month for your ease. This will allow you to keep access and mean your membership won’t be interrupted. If you ever want to stop, you can easily cancel your membership with us and these payments will end.

Q: What happens if I want to cancel my membership in future?

A: Easy, simply email us at at ‘sales @’ using your PayPal email address and asking to cancel your paid BWWM Romance First membership. We’ll respond to let you know when it’s done, and from there you won’t have any more payments come out. You also won’t get any more BWWM Romance First emails.

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