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Congratulations youre now a bwwm romance first memberCongratulations, you’re now a BWWM Romance First member! 😀

I’ll be sending you your welcome email in about 3 – 5 minutes, but please note that payments will appear under your PayPal account or credit card as ‘Pengvana‘.

Please remember that (Pengvana) so you don’t think it’s from someone else when you look at your statement and cancel it by accident. 🙂

While you’re here, I want to give you an exclusive one time offer – if you close this page you’ll never be given this chance again:

How would you like to have your own story idea turned into a full book by one of our professional BWWM authors, AND published on Amazon to be read by thousands?!

Yes, you heard me right. 😀

Your book idea example
For the next few hours only, and for the next few people only, we’re offering you the chance to have your story idea turned into a Kindle and physical book! One that’s written by some of the most respected writers in the genre!

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never written a storyline before or you’re a professional storyline writer. If you have an idea, or even if you don’t yet but can think of one in the next few days, this could be a great opportunity for you.

As long as you can take at least 10 minutes out to jot your story idea down on our professional storyline template, we’ll be able to turn your idea into a full and professional story and put your name in the book and on the back cover for all to see!

Here’s what you’ll get:

1. Your story idea written by the pros!

BWWM romance authorOnce you submit your short storyline to us, we’ll send it to one of our professional authors (e.g. Cher Etan, Mary Peart, Shannon Gardener, J A Fielding etc) who will go on to flesh out and complete your story. The finished story will be at least 28,000 words long, which is roughly 180 pages.

2. Your name and story idea published on Amazon

Get your story idea on KindleOnce your story is completely written, we’ll then have our professional designers design your story a cover, and we’ll publish it on Amazon Kindle. We’ll also publish a physical version of the book, so you can buy a copy and show it off to friends when they come over. 😀

Or better yet, they can order their own copies. 😉

3. You credited for the storyline

Credits for your part in the storyOptional: At the front of the book, you will be credited for the storyline idea. This is both in the Kindle and physical version of the story. Your name will also be credited on the back cover of the physical version of the book.

If you don’t want your name to be credited in the published story, that’s also fine.

4. Your story promoted to thousands

The story will be sharedOk, so here’s the icing on the cake. It’s not much good having your story idea published if no one is going to see it. Well, we’re going to promote the finished book to thousands of BWWM romance story lovers, so hundreds if not thousands of people will read your story! Will your story idea become a number 1 best seller? That would be something to be proud of. 😀

5. Professional storyline editing

Professionally edited storylineLastly, if your storyline can do with a little tweaking to make it that bit clearer for the author, one of our professional editors will do so to make sure the author can fully make the most out of your idea. Your core storyline will stay intact during this and you’ll be sent a copy of the updated storyline if this is done.

How Does The Process Work?

So let’s look at how things will work once you decide to get your story idea turned into a book:

  1. Once you’ve signed up, we’ll send you a professional template for you to add your story idea. This template will make things super easy for you, and guide you through the details we need.
  2. You can add between 100 and 600 words describing how you want the story to go; on the lower side this could take 10 minutes, but you can spend more time if you like.
  3. Once complete, send us back the storyline to the email address we give you. You’ll need to do this within a week of signing up.

And that’s it on your part, easy right. 🙂

From there our team will:

  1. Let you know we got your storyline and professionally edit it if needed, keeping your core story idea in place. We’ll send you an updated version of the storyline if we do this.
  2. Give it to one of our professional BWWM writers and have it written up.
  3. Once written we’ll publish it to the Kindle story and Amazon physical book store with your name on it. This will take a few months from story idea to complete book for sale (more details below).
  4. We’ll inform your when it’s out so you can see your name in lights and buy a copy if you desire. We’ll also send you a copy of the completed story with cover as a PDF.

Only Available For The Next 2 People; Order Your Story Idea To Pro Book Now:

Due to the time and energy it’ll take us to make this happen on our side, getting your story made is a limited time offer only available to the next few people who order.

What’s more, we’ve got a huge reduction for the next two people only:

Right now we’re offering to have your storyline turned into a professional book for only $147!

Once the next two people order, the price will literally rise to $247 for the next few people. After that it’ll rise to even more as more people attempt to take us up on this great offer. Refresh your page and the price might already go up (I advise you don’t do this as it could make this offer more expensive for you).

While we want to offer this service as we know what a great opportunity is for you (it’s exactly the kind of offer I always wanted before I got into writing but was never given), the truth is it’ll take a lot of work to put these stories together. It’ll involve our admin staff, or story writers, our proof readers, our cover designers and our project managers. So once we’ve got a few stories to do, we’re going to keep raising the price until no one else is ordering.

Most likely we’ll close the door to this opportunity at 10 people so we can focus on producing those 10 storylines (including yours) to the best quality possible.

So if you want to lock in the low price of $147, before it goes up to $247, $347 or more, you can order below now:

Your book idea example


Q: How long will this process take?

A: This will vary depending on author availability and our current release schedule, but we’ll aim to have your story on (and all other Amazon stores worldwide) within 3 – 5 months. This gives the writers time to finish off the current story they’re work on and then write yours. It also give us time to proof read your story, design a cover for it, and publish it alongside our other books, giving it full promotion along the way.

Q: How long will I have to get you the storyline back?

A: Once you’ve ordered your story idea to be made, we’ll send you a short form to fill out. You’ll need to fill it in and send it back within a week. You can send it back the same day if you want, but we limit sending it back to a week so we can get started on the process asap.

Q: Which one of your authors will turn my idea into a full story?

A: That will vary on who’s available at the time. Unfortunately we can’t take requests on who turns your idea into a full story.

Q: What if the storyline I write isn’t suitable?

A: Most likely it will be as it’s a straight forward process. That said, if for whatever reason you provide us with a story which isn’t 100% suitable for what we do, one of two things will happen. Either:

  1. We’ll edit your storyline to better fit what we do here at BWWM Club, leaving your core idea intact. Or
  2. If it’s really not suitable, we’ll let you know and refund your money.

But unless you write about something extreme, highly offensive or copyrighted, I’m sure it’ll be ok. 🙂

Q: How often will I be informed on the process?

A: You’ll hear from us:

  1. Right after you order; when we send you the idea form to fill out.
  2. Once you’ve submitted your story idea, we’ll confirm that we’ve got it and that it’ll get made.
  3. Once the story is available to buy by the masses. We’ll let you know and send you a PDF copy of the finished book with your name in the credits as storyline writer.

Order Now

So, ready to get your story idea turned into a full professional book for all to see? Then click below to order now:

Note: offer limited to one per person.