How To Find Your Amazon Public Profile Link

Your profile link is required for you to be eligible to be in the review club. It’s easy to find using a few quick steps.

Click for mobile instructions (or scroll down).
Click for desktop instructions (or scroll down).

Mobile: Finding Your Profile Link On A Mobile Phone Or Device:

1. Click on the account profile icon (shown surrounded by red below):

You’ll end up on the Your Account page:

2. Scroll down to the ‘Personalized content’ section, and click the ‘Profile’ link there:

3. You’ll be taken to your profile page. From here click the link of that page (as shown below, surrounded by red) and highlight it. Copy it, then send this link to us by replying to the email we sent to you requesting it. Simple. 🙂

Desktop: Finding Your Profile Link On A Desktop Computer / Large Tablet:

Video instructions:

Or text ones:

1. Go to (or if that’s where you review the books), then hover over the “Your Account” tab in the top menu. Then click on the link for “Your Account” in the dropdown menu that appears.

Find amazon public profile 1

This will take you to “your account” page.

2. Scroll down the page to the section titled “Ordering and shopping preferences”. Within the ‘Ordering and shopping preferences’ section, click on the link “Profile”.

3. Copy the URL (the link to the page you’re not on). You can find it in the top of your web browser (in the area you type in to visit websites – see below). Important: Make sure you copy the whole link address including the and the ID at the end.

Find amazon public profile 3

4. Send this link to us by replying to the email we sent to you requesting it. Simple. 🙂