What to do if our emails are going to your Gmail Promotions Tab

For some readers using Gmail, our emails have been going to their promotions tab rather than their primary inbox. Because of this they’ve been missing out on hot new books and conversations with the authors. 🙁

Want to make sure you don’t miss out? Then follow these simple steps if you find our email in the promotions folder:
Click For Descktop Gmail
Click For Mobile Gmail

If You’re Using The Desktop Version Of Gmail

1. Left click and hold our email, dragging it out of the Promotions tab and over to the Primary tab. Once there let go of the left click.

Gmail Image 1

2. A yellow box will now pop up and ask if you want to future messages from the saucyromancebooks.com email address to go into your primary inbox. Click ‘yes’.

Get in the gmail primary tab 2

If You’re Using The Mobile Gmail App

If you’re using the Gmail app, you’ll have to do something like this:

1. Open one of our emails if it’s in the promotions tab.

Primany Gmail Promotion Tab Mobile

2. Click the three vertical dots and select ‘move to’. Next click ‘Primary’.

Primany Gmail Inbox Mobile

And that’s it, from now on you should get our emails in your inbox. 🙂

If we ever go back into your promotions tab again simply repeat the above.