Nightclub Sex Erotica Book – Drunken Toilet Sex

“Are you fucking kidding me?”

Her voice rang out clear as a bell in the quiet, dim cafe. Several people turned to look at Shannon; black-haired, gorgeous and clearly extremely angry. The young man sitting across from her looked uncomfortable, running a hand through his blonde hair.

“C’mon, Shan, don’t do this. I didn’t want this to end badly. Can’t we just…”

She stood up, looking more furious than ever.

“No, we can’t just, Alex,” she snapped, her green eyes flashing with rage. “And if you didn’t want this to end badly, you should’ve considered that before you cheated on me and took me out to coffee to tell me about it. Jesus.”

She turned on her heel and walked away without another look, ignoring his not-too-loud call of “Shannon, wait!”

“What an idiot,” she muttered to herself. She strode out of the cafe quickly, gratefully losing herself in the crowds flooding the streets on one of the last really warm days in September. Not an inkling of her tangled thoughts showed on her face. It was hard to believe that Alex had cheated on her and that their relationship was now over. He’d been her first boyfriend; they had been dating since she was eighteen. Three years wasted, she thought to herself a bit mournfully. She was too furious to be hurt, but all the same unbidden tears prickled annoyingly at the corners of her eyes. Shannon wiped them away and shook herself. She needed a distraction.

It was time to go shopping. She was going out tonight.

She walked the six blocks to Bloomingdale’s impatiently, eager to spend some cold hard cash. Shopping always made her feel better. There was a club opening in Soho that she wanted to go to. Originally she’d planned on going with Alex, but that clearly wasn’t going to happen.

Shannon passed through the revolving doors into the sterile, brightly lit department store and immediately felt better. Shopping was the best therapy in the world. She made her way slowly through the racks, pulling dresses off the rack in twos and threes. She had plenty of time, and wanted to look absolutely perfect tonight in case Alex was there. She’d show him…

Shannon retreated to the fitting room with an armful of potential dresses, stripped down to her bra and panties and began the painstaking process of wriggling into the short, clinging dresses. In each dress she carefully assessed her chest and ass, which were both amply curved. The next dress was long-sleeved with a low back and very short, done in dark blue velvet. The fabric glided over her smooth legs, hugging her waist just right and allowing the pale curves of her breasts to peek over the neckline just enough to drive a man crazy. She smiled slowly at herself in the mirror, turning this way and that, running her hands over the soft velvet encasing her curves. It was perfect. She almost hoped that Alex would be at the opening, just so he could see her in this dress and know what he was missing.

She redressed and took the escalator down to the shoe department, breathing deeply to enjoy the slight scent of leather that lingered there. She found what she was looking for almost immediately, a pair of leather boots in a warm caramel color. The leather was buttery and soft, and though they were expensive they were worth every penny.

Shannon left Bloomingdale’s with an emptier wallet but a lighter heart. Nothing could make a girl feel better after a breakup than a good shopping session, or so she thought. She hailed a cab and headed back to the apartment she lived in with her father.

She let herself into the apartment, glad that her father wasn’t home so she had to explain neither her purchases nor what had happened with Alex. The memory of the afternoon hit her, rekindling her rage. How dare he cheat on her, she thought angrily. She swallowed her anger, knowing it was pointless.

“I’ll show him. If he can fuck whoever he wants, so can I.”

The idea had her nervous and excited all at once. She had only ever slept with Alex, and while she’d enjoyed it at the time Shannon had always wondered what it would be like to fuck someone else. She decided she wanted to find out. Tonight.

. . . . . . . . . . .

There was a line of people outside of the club stretching nearly around the block which Shannon had absolutely no intention of waiting in. She strolled to the front of the line, her velvet-clad hips swaying with every step, licked her lips and smiled slowly at the bouncer. His eyes roamed every inch of her, from the three inch stilettos of her boots to her ample hips, up her tight tummy to rest on her round breasts. The velvet dress had a very low back, making it impossible to wear a bra, and the brisk September air on her skin had hardened her nipples. They were quite visible, and the bouncer’s eyes lingered on them for several moments before they flicked to her face. He grinned at her and lifted the rope, giving the back of her the same treatment as she strolled her way into the club.

The club was dimly lit and extremely elegant. The walls and ceiling were a deep purple and there were sleek black couches lining the walls. A large dance floor was already full of undulating, sweating bodies. The music pounded in her ears, and she felt the powerful base reverberating throughout her entire body which was humming with excitement. She had barely reached the bar when a deep voice said in her ear,

“Let me buy you a drink, honey.”

She looked the man over. He was handsome in a swarthy, Italian sort of way, and well-built but slightly short. Not her type, really, but Shannon wasn’t the type of girl to turn down a free drink. She smiled playfully at him, tossing her thick black hair.

“Sure. Gin and tonic, please.”

A moment later it was deposited in front of her and she took a hearty swig, enjoying the tingling heat that spread through her.

“Geez, you don’t screw around, do you?” The Italian was smiling crookedly at her. “That’s a strong drink.”

Shannon tossed her hair and looked at him squarely, taking another large sip.

“I had a shitty day.”

He grinned confidently at her again.

“Wanna dance? I bet I can make you forget all about your shitty day.”

She doubted it, but he seemed harmless enough so she drained her gin and tonic and followed him out onto the crowded dance floor. He was a good dancer, it turned out, and she was enjoying herself, but she wasn’t really interested in him. He was short enough for her to look over his shoulder as they danced, and her kohl-rimmed eyes roamed the club, sliding over scantily clad women and men sporting popped collars or too much hair gel, stopping to linger on a broad chest. He stood near the edge of the dance floor head and shoulders above everyone else, which was why she’d noticed him, and her eyes climbed higher to investigate his face. It was shadowed, but she thought he was watching her. She let her gaze linger on him. He wore a simple white shirt and suit jacket, obviously designer, and his hair was dark and close cropped. She wanted to see his face.

Her partner, sensing her lack of interest, had decided to move on. Shannon watched him making his way through the crowd and when she looked back the tall man had disappeared. Disappointed, she made her way back to the bar and downed two more gin and tonics, feeling that she very much deserved them after the day she’d had.

Emboldened by the alcohol, she moved with the music, not minding that she didn’t have a partner. She knew that there were plenty of eyes on her as she rolled her hips and tossed her hair, enjoying the feeling of the music and alcohol pounding through her blood. The vibrations reverberated inside of her, exhilarating and exciting her.

A slower song started to play. She responded to the change in pace, her hips moving in a languid figure-eight. She closed her eyes, losing herself in the music and the sticky heat of the bodies moving around her.

A large pair of hands slid onto her hips, gripping them and expertly guiding their movement to match his. She glanced over her shoulder, very ready to mouth off at her uninvited partner, but all she saw was a broad expanse of chest. A jolt of surprised pleasure rocketed through her and she looked higher. He was looking down at her, and she took the opportunity to study his face. A thin, rather serious mouth, square jaw, high cheekbones, and very dark, hooded eyes staring intensely into hers. Shannon held his gaze over her shoulder, very conscious of the way his hands were moving her, rolling her hips slowly and pressing her into him rhythmically. He was older than her, much older unless she was mistaken, but as his capable hands slid up to wrap tightly around her waist she found that she didn’t care.

Finally becoming aware of the music again, she broke their tension-filled stare. It was a faster song and everyone around them had responded to the change in pace except them. She raised her arms, twining them around his neck behind her and wiggled her ass against his crotch, feeling a flush of excitement and desire when she realized his cock was hardening. His hands tightened around her waist, and he dipped slightly to speak in her ear in a deep, commanding voice,

“Don’t tease me.”

Sharon sucked in her breath and felt light headed as what seemed to be most of the blood in her body flooded between her legs. Feeling bold, she wiggled again, more deliberately this time, slowly arching the curve of her buttocks against him and bending. She arched her back, pressing into him even harder as she straightened. His hands gripped her waist even more tightly and his mouth dipped to her ear again.

“Two can play at this game,” he said silkily.

His hands which had been so tight around her waist loosened their hold and slid slowly, almost stealthily up to cup her velvet-covered breasts and squeezed them slightly.

“No bra I see.”

As if to illustrate this point, he gently stroked his index fingers over her nipples, hardening them even further. Shannon gasped, feeling her lace thong growing slightly damp between her legs, and tried not to moan aloud as he tweaked her nipples. His soft laugh in her ear made her weak at the knees and she arched herself into him again, unable to help herself. His hands slid suddenly back to her waist and, just as suddenly, he spun her to face him. Their legs intertwined, they moved together smoothly and Shannon wrapped her arms around him, running her hands up and down his solidly muscular back. She’d wanted a wild night and that looked like exactly what she was getting. Alex all but forgotten, she stared up at this strange, self-assured man and found herself wishing he would kiss her.

Chris had noticed her immediately, dancing distractedly with a greasy little guy as her eyes roamed the club, looking for someone more interesting. He was already watching her when her eyes lit on him, roaming his body before locking on his face, clearly interested. He smiled to himself; she was hot. Hotter than hot. Tall and athletic but with plenty of curve where it mattered, long black hair, all wrapped up in the tightest velvet dress he had ever seen. Her tits were practically falling out, bouncing and swaying dangerously as she danced, and the back ended, by his estimation, about an inch before her ass crack started. He was enthralled…

She looked away from him, watching her former partner weaving through the crowded dance floor. She didn’t look disappointed, but took herself off to the bar where she downed a few drinks.

‘Good girl,’ he thought to himself, chuckling, ‘making my job even easier.’

She made her way back to the dance floor, alone this time. His mouth went slightly dry as he watched her start to move. The music slowed and so did the movements of her body, her hips curling from side to side slowly and deliberately. Her back curved gently in a way that made him ache, and her hands slid up her body, tangling in her own raven hair. He could see that he wasn’t the only one watching her. If he was going to make a move, now was the time.

Striding around the dance floor, he weaved expertly through the sweat-beaded dancers until he reached her. He didn’t hesitate to touch her, and her responses made him even bolder. He felt the curved, yielding flesh of her ass pressing against his fly and his cock twitched in interest. So she wanted to play, did she? He slid his hands up to her round, swaying tits, squeezing them and noting that she wasn’t wearing a bra. He was dying to see them, but that would have to wait. She practically purred like a kitten as he stroked her nipples through the dark velvet and he tweaked them teasingly. Yeah, she was all his tonight. He wondered if she had an apartment. He couldn’t bring anyone home while his son and daughter were staying with him.

When Chris spun her to face him, he hesitated. She was much younger than he’d thought, probably only nineteen or twenty. But he’d made his moves and was committed, and his cock pressing insistently against the seam of his trousers was certainly not going to let him back out now. Besides, any girl old enough to wear that dress was old enough to deal with the consequences.

He took her hand and started to lead her off the dance floor, feeling her stumble slightly and catching her. Any thoughts of offering her another drink went out the window; she’d clearly had plenty already. Leading her to a shadowed corner away from the dance floor he leaned her against the wall and she seemed grateful.

“Are you alright? Do you need some air?” he questioned her, his sudden courtesy very different from his manner on the dance floor.

“No, thanks. I feel great.” She licked her lips and smiled up at him, blinking her green eyes slowly. “You’re a good dancer,” she offered, somewhat shyly.

“So are you. But I don’t know if you can actually call what we were doing ‘dancing.’” He smiled down at her, running a gentle hand through her silky black hair and wondering if she liked it being pulled. She was a wild one, he was betting she did.

“Well, what else would you call it?” she asked him, slightly muzzy from the alcohol. She twined her arms around him again, leaning into his chest for balance.

“If that’s the case,” he said, losing patience as he felt her full breasts pressing against his chest, “would you like to dance some more?”

He didn’t allow her to answer, but instead crushed his mouth against hers and forcing her lips open with his tongue. He pressed her back into the wall, squeezing her hips hard and slowly sneaking his hand under the hem of her dress. The smoothness of her thighs gave way to the hot, damn place in between them. Chris was surprised just how damp; she’d obviously been enjoying his attention. He stroked his fingers slowly over her panties a few times before pushing them aside and sliding a finger between her smooth, hairless lips. He felt her gasp into his mouth and his finger nudged her clit, but he passed it by, circling her entrance a few times before gently pressing into it. Her back arched spasmodically, encouraging him. His cock twitched and hardened in his pants, dying to replace his fingers inside of her. Chris pushed his finger inside her to the second knuckle before slowly withdrawing it, then replacing it, this time joined by his middle finger. The girl moaned against his lips and wiggled, her pussy clenching around his fingers. He brought his thumb up and began to gently stroke the sensitive nub of her clit, moving his mouth lower to kiss and nibble her long, pale neck. He moved his mouth to her ear, licking it slowly before asking,

“Can we go to your apartment?”

She tried to regulate her breath to answer, but her hips were bucking and her eyes were squeezed shut.

“No…I…live with my…dad.” She moaned more loudly then, and he covered her mouth with his other hand before she drew attention to their activities. His thumb moved in quick little circles over her clit and his fingers fucked her more and more deeply.

‘Oh well,’ he thought to himself. ‘Guess it will have to be the bathroom.’ He grinned somewhat wickedly at the thought.

The girl’s thighs were quivering and she was clutching at his back, her nails digging into his skin even through his jacket. She was making desperate little noises against his palm and her hips were bucking wildly. She was going to come, he knew, and pressed his hand more firmly against her mouth and his thumb more firmly against her clit.

“If you don’t shut up you’re going to get us thrown out,” he warned her idly, licking her earlobe before biting it firmly. It was enough. She made a noise low in her throat that his hand muffled, and pressed against the wall as her pussy clenched his fingers again and again. Her hot fluid trickled down his fingers into his palm and he slowed his ministrations, feeling her body quivering. She was quiet now, and he removed his hand from her mouth before slowly allowing his fingers to slide out of her.

He didn’t waste any time. He couldn’t, if he didn’t have her soon his cock was going to explode in his trousers. He put an arm around her waist and directed her down the dark stairs to the club restroom, praying there wouldn’t be an attendant. There wasn’t, and moreover the bathroom was empty. Chris grinned and pushed her gently into a bathroom stall, thankful that she was a little too drunk to protest fucking in a nightclub bathroom. He pushed her up against the wall, kissing her roughly again.

“I need to see your tits,” he told her urgently, and pulled down the neck of her dress to expose them. They were perfect; pale, round globes crowned with very hard deep rose nipples. He squeezed them, loving the way they yielded in his hands, and bent to suck a pert nipple into his mouth. Her breath was becoming erratic again, and he licked and sucked both of her tits, swirling his tongue expertly around the hard little nubs before straightening again. He grabbed a handful of her hair and crushed his mouth against hers again, pushing up the hem of her dress with his other hand, exposing her ass.

“I’m going to fuck you now,” he whispered in her ear. “Are you ready?”

She only moaned, but he took that as a yes and spun her around, back towards him.

“Put your hands on the wall and spread your legs. Good girl,” he praised her as she did what she was told, arching her back and looking over her shoulder at him with lust-clouded eyes.

He unzipped his trousers and his aching cock finally sprang free. He stroked it a few times, feeling its thickness and knowing it would be a tight squeeze inside the girl. She was young and tight; even his two fingers had been a stretch for her cunt. But he guided himself to her entrance and gently rubbed the thick head of his dick up and down her slit. He could feel his legs shaking slightly. She was so young and wet and smooth…

“Please,” she whispered, her voice cracking, and he was undone.

He slid into her, all the way into her, feeling how tightly her body gripped his bare cock. Buried to the hilt, he paused, reaching around her to grab her firm tits. He used them to move her, pulling her slowly off his cock and then back on by her tugging her large breasts. He tweaked her nipples again and felt her spasm around him, squeezing him even more tightly. He took a deep breath, knowing he wasn’t going to last long, and began to thrust into her more quickly. His balls slapped against her warm cunt and he could feel them tightening, filling with come. He pulled out quickly and she made a strangled noise, slumping against the wall and breathing hard. Grabbing her waist, he spun her again and sat her down on the toilet seat, her full, pink mouth at the perfect level for him to press the head of his cock against it. Her eyes were wide but she parted her lips, allowing him to slide into her mouth. Her tongue licked him hesitantly, wrapping around his head and curling down to lick his shaft. She explored him slowly with her tongue, wrapping a hand around the base and tugging him closer and closer to orgasm.

His head spun as he watched the girl shyly sucking him off. He was so close, just another careful lick with that little pink tongue…He moaned suddenly and rammed all the way into her mouth, her throat, choking her before pulling out again. He barely managed to get his fingers around himself and stroke once before he exploded, pumping his thick, sticky white come all over her surprised face and into her still open mouth.

Chris leaned against the wall, his entire body tingling as he watched the girl cough and splutter, swallowing a great deal of his fluid in the process. He took a handkerchief from his pocket and made quick work of cleaning off her face before bending and kissing her once more.

“It was a lovely evening,” he told her politely, eyes glittering. “Same time next week?”

And he was gone before she had the time to respond.

Shannon sat dazedly on the toilet seat for a few moments more before she stood up and adjusted her dress, pulling it down over her ass and up to cover her tits, still slightly sticky with spit and come. She shook her head to clear it and a slow smile spread over her lips. Maybe breakups weren’t all bad after all.

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