Shifter Erotic Short Stories – Lust For A Wolf

He knew he shouldn’t venture out on the night of a full golden moon. Something, though, told him to go to her. She needed him tonight, that much he knew.

Although the shine of tonight’s moon would bring forth the dreaded change, an eternal transformation whose pull and force he could not resist, the magnetic pull that he felt toward this woman was far stronger. It spirited him forth from his modest cabin in the woods, to the place where he knew she would be. The place where he hoped she awaited him.

His heart, he reasoned, was already there; so his body might as well follow.


“Could you go any slower tonight Doll? The salsa that table five has been waiting for since time began is just about to fossilize.”

“Is it now? Well then, I’ll just have to bring some home for your late night snack this evening, won’t I?”

Mya Kline shot a hard stare in the direction of Brian Randolph, the owner of the Full Moon Inn. Mya had been Brian’s employee for eight years and his girlfriend for six. Right now though, she regretted both positions in equal measure.

“You know you haven’t said a kind word to me all day. You haven’t kissed me in a week. We haven’t made love in a month.” Mya heaved a deep sigh as she retrieved a cracked wooden tray from the corner of the Full Moon kitchen, a small and modest space where burgers were grilled and salsa was whipped on a nightly basis.

The 29-year-old wearily made her way to the plain wooden door that lead to the bar beyond. I went to four years of culinary school for this?

“Hurry it up!” Brian called from behind her, his tone harsh and unyielding.

“Shut it up!” She called back, balancing her salsa tray with one hand while using her free one to gift her beloved with a spirited one finger salute.

Ignoring his grunts of protest, she stepped into the rustic tavern that had made the Full Moon a favorite among locals.

Maybe they like my original artwork, that occupies the walls. Deep in thought, she smiled slightly at the sight of the woodland portraits that hung just above the bar. Maybe they like the nostalgic ’50s jukebox and the friendly service. Again she rolled her eyes, taking note of the long line that formed just before the bar. Oh ef it, they just want the brew.

Just then, Mya spotted something that she wanted. Or, more specifically, someone.

A newcomer to the Full Moon Inn, Cody Fuller was a gorgeous hunk of a man. On top of that, he was one of the kindest and most courteous customers who’d ever passed the threshold of her rough and ready watering hole.

Tall and muscular, his massive, rock hard frame really filled out his clothes. He donned a fitted plain white T-shirt, along with tight blue jeans. Simple, yet effective. He had wide dark eyes, a carved sculpted face,m and a long mane of silky black hair that flowed down his sturdy back.

“Now that’s a man if I ever saw one.”

She shot a sly grin in his direction, trembling as he returned it with a sexy smile and a slant-eyed leer that made her pulse race.

I’m sorry, but this is just short of ridiculous, the thought entered her lust stricken mind. He looks to be a good five or six years younger than me, and with his looks he could have his pick of any woman in the place.

Sneaking a quick look at a wall mirror, Mya winced a bit at the reflection that, in her mind at least, did not come close to matching the perfection of the man she desired. True, her own smoky ebony eyes and full ruby red lips seemed hot enough. So did her curly dark hair, and full plump breasts.

Yet, the hips that fall directly below those breasts are pretty plump too, she snorted, and working the night shift has left some wrinkles on my mug, no use denying it.

So why did this man look at her as though she was the hottest woman on earth? And why was he now crooking his finger at her, beckoning her to him?

Ours is not to question why, she giggled in spite of herself.

Suddenly, she found herself face to face with the man who tempted and teased her, often without saying a word.

Mya attempted a casual smile as she approached Cody’s table. “Good evening Cody.”

“Evenin’ Mya.” His deep, sexy voice made her pulse race. “You’re looking lovely tonight.”

“I’m looking sweaty tonight.” Mya corrected, nudging him across the table. “So what can I do for you tonight here at the Full Moon Inn? Get you a burger and fries? Maybe some of our prime brew?”

Cody shook his head, pinning her with a penetrating stare.

“Actually, Miss,” he leaned back in his slick leather chair, folding his hands behind his head, “I was wondering just what I could do for you.”

Mya froze. Her customer’s soft, suggestive words sending chills up her spine.

“And what exactly do you mean by that?” She planted her hands on her hips, a smile softening her tough stance and no nonsense tone.

Cody shrugged, meeting her teasing grin with one of his own.

“I was just wondering, Ma’am, if I might have the opportunity to entertain you here at the Full Moon.” His voice was soft and alluring.

“Babe you entertain me every time you come in,” she blurted out, then felt her cheeks flush red as she considered these words.

Ah, dang it. He noticed.

She blushed outright as her words were met with smoldering eyes and a sensual smile.

“Well I’m always eager to please.” Cody winked. “And I’ve been told I can sing a mean country rock song.”

“Oh, we’re talking about singing here?” Mya forced a smile, hiding her disappointment at Cody’s words.

A disappointment that evaporated moments later as Cody surged to his feet, leaning across the table to sear her lips with a wet, hot kiss.

“We’re talking about anything you want here, baby girl,” he whispered. “You know I’ve wanted you since the first night I walked in here.”

Mya took in her breath, unable to speak as a raw wave of passionate desire wracked her from head to toe. Everything about this man, from his gorgeous looks, to his smooth, deep voice and musky, masculine scent drove her over the edge. It tempted her to do something she’d surely regret.

After, that is, I enjoyed it. She licked her lips, her gaze scanning the length of his tall, muscled form. A lot.

Aloud she said, “Now behave yourself Dude. You know my old man runs this place.”

Cody stiffened at the mention of Brian, Mya’s boss and other half.

“I also know that he treats you like crap and you deserve much better.” He folded his arms before him, adding in a confidential whisper, “And I’m just betting he doesn’t please and satisfy you like I could.”

Mya stepped away from the table, barely hearing her own nervous laughter above the pounding of her heart.

“You’re an animal!” She chided him, waving an accusing finger in his direction.

His smile dissolved, and he looked away as he considered her words.

“You have no idea,” he muttered, more to himself than to Mya.

An uncomfortable silence followed; one that Mya broke by clearing her throat and stepping just a bit closer to the table.

“So you say you can play a mean a rockabilly tune.” She tilted her head. “Well as it turns out we are auditioning acts for our live entertainment nights.” She shrugged. “Right now we have a 75-year-old fiddle player and a zookeeper who counts a one footed penguin as his backing vocalist. If you think you can stack up against that caliber of talent, I do welcome you to audition here this time tomorrow night.”

“Why thank you Ma’am.” He inclined his head in a gentlemanly manner. “Why don’t we get started right now? Do allow me to dazzle you.”

Cody stepped around the table to erase all distance between them, cupping her face in his hands and searing her mouth with a second passionate kiss. This time he lingered to rub his full, moist lips against hers and slide his tongue inward.

For just a moment Mya lost herself in the kiss, bracing her hands against his hard, massive chest as their lips and tongues joined in a succulent tango. One that caused their public surroundings to dissolve around them.

All too soon the moment passed, and Mya once again stepped away from the source of her temptation.

“This is madness.” She shook her head. “I’m standing in the middle of my boyfriend’s bar, which lucky for us is poorly lit and filled with people who are either too drunk or too bored to care, kissing another man.” She shot a disbelieving look to a grinning Cody. “I gotta get back to work.”

“Mya.” She stopped dead in her tracks at the sound of his voice.

“Yes Cody.” She didn’t turn to face him.

“If he was taking care of things at home, taking good care of you, then another man wouldn’t have to step in and do his job for him,” he said, releasing his words in an animal growl that made her pussy gush.


These words haunted her later that night, when she made a long trek to the back porch area that formed the south border of the Full Moon Inn.

This was the time of evening when most of the bar’s customers retreated to their own homes, or perhaps to someone else’s, and she was left with the task of clearing and cleaning the beer bottles, plates and discarded napkins they left behind.

Oh, fortunate me. Casting a stray glance toward the bar’s back parking lot, she froze as she spotted a tall, muscular figure walking alone toward a jet blue truck that caught the light of the moon.

“Cody’s ride,” she breathed, watching as the man of her fantasy stopped beside his truck, throwing his handsome head back to bask in the beams of a brilliant full moon.

She gasped at the sight of this bronzed, ebony haired stud stretching and flexing in the moonlight; the bulging muscles of his arms and legs shining in the glow of the moon as his eyes drifted shut.

“I wonder if he’s thinking of me.” Her rebellious gaze drifted downward, where she noticed a definite bulge that was straining the threads of his tight denim shorts.

The only problem was, of course, that many of his other body parts were bulging as well!

Suddenly his arms and legs were expanding, his muscles cording and straining against his skin as he lowered his head.

Mya was about to call out to him when he reared his head upward to reveal a person transformed. His face spouted thick dark hair, and eyes that were as black as the night surrounding him.

Letting loose with an unearthly howl, Cody threw his hands up in the air, revealing fingers sharp as blades, and hands covered with the same thick hair that now covered his face, hair and legs.

In a strange sort of way, he’s still hot. She marveled at the spectacle of a glorious creature that stood stark naked in the moonlight, his defined form like a living sculpture as he continued to howl outright. Wait, what am I talking about? He’s not even human. He’s a friggin’…

“Werewolf!” she screamed, turning to run through the sliding patio door that lead to the bar. “Brian!”

She screeched her boyfriend’s name in a fit of sheer terror, then stopped cold as a second voice, this one also feminine, echoed through the halls of the vacant bar.

“Baby,” the same voice repeated, this time more softly.

Following its honeyed tones to the kitchen area of the bar, Mya swung open the door to reveal a sight that hurt and enraged her…but didn’t quite shock her.

Her boyfriend Brian leaned against the rustic stove that occupied a far corner of the kitchen, his arms filled with the skinny young body of Kimber, their new waitress at the Full Moon Inn.

For a moment, Mya watched in silence as the couple kissed, cuddled, and felt each other’s private parts. Their trousers were half way down before they even realized she was there. She arched her eyebrows as Brian finally looked up to acknowledge her presence.

For about the first time in three years.

She rolled her eyes, looking on with disinterest as he pushed his lover away from him and ran to her side.

“Listen Babe, this isn’t what it looks like….” He waved his hands before him.

Mya shrugged.

“Oh it’s not? Well I’m disappointed,” she turned away from him, walking with quick steps toward the back door of the bar. “Because if it is indeed what it looks like, then that gives me ample excuse to go and fuck the guy I’ve wanted for ages.”

Ignoring his pleas of protest, Mya threw down the bag of trash she was holding, leaving it beside the second and third bags of trash that stood in the kitchen. Closing the door on both of them, she escaped into the dark of night.

The werewolf, she noted, still stood tall and glorious by moonlight. His head was held upward, releasing a mighty cry into the night. A cry that was full of suppressed passion.

Slowly he turned to Mya, freezing for a moment as he seared her with a dark, ravenous gaze.

A vague thought penetrated her lustful haze, telling her to turn and run. Somehow, though, she wasn’t afraid of him; she knew he wouldn’t hurt her. And when he dropped to his hands and knees and crawled in her direction, she welcomed him with an open hand.

Soon the werewolf sat before her, nipping and licking her feet. And the moment she placed her hand on his back, gifting him with an affectionate stroke, he transformed before her eyes.

The hair on his body immediately receded to sink into his flesh, leaving behind a golden surface of hot bronzed skin. He knelt hard and naked at her feet, his planed back and perfect ass exposed for her admiration. He looked up at her to reveal his true face, along with an affectionate smile and eyes filled with love.

“Babe,” she returned his smile, reaching down to run an affectionate hand through the long mane of pitch black hair that remained on his head, “do you how many gals would kill for your hair removal technique?”

The werewolf once again pitched his head back, this time to laugh with joy.

“You make me laugh.” He stared up at her with worshipful eyes. “You make me feel like a living, breathing person. You make me happy, Mya.” His voice lowered to a seductive whisper as he crawled closer to her. “And now I’d like to make you feel just as good as I do.”

Groveling at her feet, Cody kissed Mya’s tired toes and licked the skin of her strained legs. He drew a moan from low in her throat as he kissed his way up her thighs.

Kneeling before her, he fixed her with a fire-eyed stare that begged her consent. She gave it, by spreading her long legs before him and throwing her head back.

The thought of what was about to happen made her let loose with her own animal howl.

Releasing an impassioned growl, Cody lifted his head beneath her skirt and grasped the border of her white lace panties with his teeth, dragging them downward until they rested at her ankles. Then he surged back up to lay a sensual lick across the bare skin of her lightly stubbled vagina.

Finally opening to accept his attentions, she sighed with delight as he fixed his full lips around the surface of her throbbing clit; suckling and kissing until her tender nub pounded in his mouth.

Nipping her clit with the still sharp fangs that grew in his mouth, Cody balanced this feeling with the soft, tender feel of his hands on her hips and thighs. He massaged away all signs of pressure, just as a divine tension of another sort seized hold of her entire body.

Soon Mya’s pussy gushed with desire and her nipples hardened, straining the fabric of her tight cotton shirt. She reached down to stroke the strands of his long dark hair as he continued to lick and devour her, finally delivering a mighty lick that sent her over the edge.

Mya’s body erupted from head to toe in the heat of released passion. Waves of pleasure bathed and purged every inch of her body, her heart pounding as she fell forward into his waiting arms.

Their entwined bodies rolled wild in the grasses that lied just beyond the Full Moon patio. Peeling her T-shirt over her head, Cody buried his head in Mya’s lush breasts as he kissed and licked her nipples. Soon her skirt joined the shirt on the lawn beside them, as their bare bodies merged in full. Their legs and arms met as their chests and hips locked.

Their lips also merged to join this delicious tango. Engaged in a slow and luxurious kiss, their mouths smacking with hunger against each other as their tongues were brought forward.

Their hands and thighs clenched between them as they kissed nice and slow. Mya smiled against his lips as her hands roamed the hard, massive surface of his chest and his luscious washboard abs, before lowering to lay a firm grasp on his hard, erect cock.

“I want you inside of me,” she whispered, covering his chiseled face with adoring kisses as his strong, muscled arms cradled her close to him.

“Your wish is my command Baby.” His inhuman growl inflamed her senses, prompting her to wrap her long legs around his waist and slap his perfect ass.

Taking this as a cue, Cody covered her mouth with his and penetrated her wet pussy with his stiff, hard cock.

His hips thrust hard against hers as his touch remained soft and gentle. He stroked and rubbed her neck and breasts as she sighed with delight.

Feeling the heat of his deep penetration she howled her ecstasy, running her fingernails down the length of his hard, planed back as he buried his head in her neck; his fangs grazing and nipping her neck as his shaft surged forth to her core.

Their arms and legs again entangled as the couple merged as one, losing themselves in a tight embrace as their lips clashed in an intense kiss. Then, with a final mighty thrust, he sent them hurtling over the edge; their bodies darting across the brink of an incredible shared orgasm.

Lost in passion, their bodies rolled the length of the grass bordering the Full Moon Inn. Sighs mingled in the air above them as they cast a single glance upward to their own full moon; the one that christened their new-found partnership.

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