Witch Sex Fiction – A Little Purple Potion

She sat in the shadowy corner of the nearly empty bar, her dark hair tipped in front of her face like a curtain. The light from the glowing coals caught in it, shimmering brightly. The deep neckline of her black dress showed off a full, creamy chest and tiny waist. She perched elegantly on the stool, her legs crossed neatly.

The barman slid a glass of red wine in front of her and she tipped her head back to smile at him, revealing a face that was much older than the barman expected, but still beautiful. Her green eyes were lined at the corners but still glinted brightly when she grinned wickedly. Her hair was dark grey, not black as he’d originally thought, but it slithered back over her bare shoulders as she tipped the glass back. He watched admiringly, thinking that she must be well over fifty, but impressively well preserved.

The heavy door swung open and a brisk winter wind swept in along with several tall young men, bundled up against the weather. They shook the snow out of their hair, ordered four pints, and sat down at the table closest to the fireplace, laughing and chatting loudly. The woman at the end of the bar watched them carefully through her hair, a smile still playing around her full lips.

She called the barman down and ordered a glass of whiskey. He slid it down the bar and she picked it up, surreptitiously tipping the contents of a tiny glass vial into the whiskey. The liquid was purple, and it smoked and swirled into the whiskey before disappearing completely.

Getting gracefully to her feet, she walked over to the table of young men. She locked eyes with the tallest of them. Young, blonde, and strong with clear green eyes…she could almost feel her mouth watering. Yes, he was the one. She placed the glass in front of him, winked cheerfully at him and walked away, her hips swaying.

The young men sat in a stunned silence for several moments, before bursting into quiet fits of laughter. The blonde one raised the glass of whiskey to the woman in the corner, chuckling and tipping it back in one swallow. The woman tipped her head forward again so that her hair fell over her face and covered the slow smile that spread over it. She ordered another glass of wine and sat down to wait. She knew it wouldn’t be long.

She was right. He downed his pint with his friends quickly, surreptitiously glancing every few moments at the corner where the woman sat waiting. His eyes were slightly glazed, but not from drunkenness. He couldn’t stop thinking about her.

“I’ll be right back, guys,” he told his friends in a distracted way and stood up.

His friends watched him, bursting in to a fit of giggles when he was out of earshot.

“She was pretty good-looking, man,” said one of them slowly.

“About as hot as your grandma, James,” the other said to him, grinning. The first boy smacked him in the head and he winced.

“Is this a cougar bar now?” asked another, sounding excited. “Where are the rest of them?”

The woman tipped her head back and smiled up at the blonde as he approached. He thought vaguely that her face was more lined than when she’d brought him the whiskey. Was her hair greyer? He shook his head, trying to shake the vague disquiet out of it. He smiled at her, meeting her dark green eyes. He found that he couldn’t look away.

“I’m Dan,” he said, gesturing at the empty stool next to her. “Is this seat taken?” She shook her head and he sat down, still unable to look away from her. “What are you drinking?” He asked her, nodding at her empty glass.

“Red wine.”

Her voice was clear and strangely enchanting. He gestured to the barman and ordered another glass. She held out a slim hand to him, decorated with rings and bracelets.

“I’m Morgan,” she said in her low voice. He took her hand in his and felt a strange shiver spread over his body. Her eyes sparkled, and she inhaled deeply. “Would you like to take a walk with me, Dan? It’s a full moon tonight.”

He smiled in a glazed way, nodding at her. She finished her red wine and stood, the young man’s hand held firmly in her own. She lead him through the bar, smiling at his dumbfounded friends. Dan stepped in front of her to hold the door open and they stepped out into the wintery night.

She launched herself at him suddenly, pressing him against the stone wall of the building and pressing her lips against his. He hesitated, but he could feel his cock twitching in interest in his pants. He couldn’t resist her for some reason. He opened his mouth, pressing his tongue against her full lips, begging her to open to him. She did, and his tongue slid into her mouth, sliding against hers.

Morgan pulled away from him, keeping his shoulders pressed tight to the bar with her shockingly strong hands. Staring into his face, she breathed him in deeply, giving a strange little pleasurable shiver. She kissed him lightly again, smiling into his face before gripping his hand again and starting to walk.

She led him quietly through the snow, her black hair rippling in the moonlight. It was coal black and shiny, without a hint of grey to it. In the bar he had been sure it was grey…He reached out to touch it and she skipped away, running into the snowy forest on light feet. She disappeared into the trees almost instantly, and he stepped into the trees after her to keep her in his sight.

“What the fuck? Where are you going?” Dan called after her, but she didn’t slow down. “Damn it,” he said to himself, tearing after her into the trees. It was absolutely freezing, and she had no coat. He ran, branches catching on the arms of his shirt as he sprinted. Every few steps he thought he could see a glimpse of her pale skin whipping through the snow before him, but he couldn’t catch her. He skidded through the last of the trees, out into the light of a small clearing. The grass was lush and covered with a fine glittering carpet of snow, and Morgan stood in the center, feet bare.

“You’ll freeze,” breathed Dan, his teeth chattering. “Let’s go back to the bar. Or we could go to my apartment…”

She laughed quietly. “I’m not cold. Come here.” He stepped forward at her command, walking until he stood directly in front of her. She looked up at him, gazing into his blank eyes. Rising onto her tiptoes she pressed her hot, full lips against his cold ones, nudging at them with her tongue. She slid her arms into his jacket and up the back of his tee shirt, and the heat of her flesh sizzled against him, making him shiver strangely again. Morgan stopped kissing him and moved her full red lips to his ear, breathing into it, “See? I can warm you up, if you let me…”

Dan moaned, pressing his body against hers. His cock was hard and pressing against the front of his jeans. His hands slid down to grip her warm, round ass, pulling her hips towards him and grinding against her. She bit into his earlobe hard, skipping away when he grunted with pain. She turned to face him, and slowly slid the straps of her dress off of her pale shoulders. He swallowed hard, and she pushed the dress lower, exposing more of herself to him.

“Don’t rush. I promise you’ll want to remember this.”

He nodded silently. The swell of her breasts came into view, large and round and crowned with rosy pink nipples. Lower still, over her flat stomach and rounded hips. A neat little V of downy hair came into view between her legs, and Dan’s mouth watered. His cock, already stiff, became impossibly hard in his pants, and he rubbed it through the denim as he watched her.

She slid the dress all the way down, dropping it into the snow and stood tall before him, looking into his face. She was much younger than he’d thought in the bar. Maybe forty, if that? Her face was barley lined, and her body was tight and smooth. He wanted her more than he’d wanted anything in his life. He couldn’t think about anything else. He ignored that it was so odd, her standing naked in the snow. He didn’t worry about how the flakes seemed to melt in the sky before they landed on her white skin.

“Take your clothes off,” she told him in her low, compelling voice. “I’ll keep you warm.” Dan stripped immediately, almost tripping in his haste to get out of his boots. He stood before her, trying not to shiver, hard cock standing out between his thighs. The muscles in his back and stomach tightened against the cold and Morgan slithered over to him. He pretended not to notice that she left no footprints in the snow. Her arms wrapped around him, and suddenly he didn’t feel the cold anymore. She was so hot that it didn’t matter; her skin glowed palely in the darkness like too-hot coals.

She kissed his lips again briefly before her mouth went lower, pressing hotly against his neck and collarbones, swirling like fire over his nipples and abdomen, and before Dan could even think of anything she had swallowed his cock whole. Her mouth was hot, hotter than any pussy he’d ever felt and he nearly came right there, but he breathed deeply and held himself. She sucked him hard, swirling her hot tongue around the tip of his cock until his head spun. He tried not to move his hips, tried not to think about the way she was licking him, afraid he would shoot his load in her mouth if he did.

Morgan swallowed every inch of him that she could, grabbing his ass and forcing his cock down her throat. She moaned, loving the feeling of the smooth, young skin in her mouth. She could feel him quivering with youthful energy, knowing that he couldn’t last long in his inexperience. Her lips spread in a smile around his cock, and she swallowed it again, one of her slim hands sliding around to grip his balls. She fondled and massaged them, squeezing them lightly just once. It was too much. Dan’s hands gripped her coal-black hair and he thrust his cock into her throat to the hilt and came, pumping streams of hot, sticky come into her. She moaned, squeezing him again and drinking down every drop as though she were starving.

Dan quivered, dropping to his knees in the snow and breathing hard. He couldn’t seem to get his breath. Finally, he looked up at her and gasped in shock. She was noticeably younger this time, by at least ten years. She smiled wickedly at him, her face almost completely unlined now and her eyes even brighter than before.

He swallowed hard. “What…what are you?” he asked her fearfully.

The clearing echoed with her tinkling laughter. “I have been asked that more times than I can count. Why don’t you ask me what you really want to know?”

Dan drew in a sharp breath and asked weakly, “What are you going to do to me?”

She laughed again. “That’s it. Well, why don’t I answer both for you?”

She pounced on him, hands on his shoulders, and flattened him to the snowy ground. She straddled him and he could feel the extraordinary heat between her legs pressed against him. His cock twitched against her despite his fear. She leaned forward to whisper in his ear again, and he nearly moaned at the feeling of her breasts crushed against his chest.

“I’m a witch,” she told him quietly, flicking her tongue against his ear. “And I won’t hurt you…I just need to fuck you.” She ground her body against him, and he felt the wet heat of her pussy sliding against his hardening cock. He moved against her, desperate to slide himself deep inside of her. She kissed his chest, her nipples sliding against his.

In one swift motion she moved higher, knees on either side of his face. She lowered her hot pussy down onto his mouth and he opened it willingly, his tongue sliding in between her lips. He licked her hungrily, thrusting his tongue deep inside of her cunt. Her head tipped back, staring at the snowy sky while he licked her. His hands snaked up her body to grab her tits, and he squeezed them, swirling his fingers around her pebbled nipples. Dan sucked her clit into his mouth, his tongue teasing the stiff little until she screamed.

Her legs opened wider and wider as she pressed her pussy into his face, riding it. Her hands tangled in his hair, gripping it tightly. She moaned, her body tightening with a climax. She ground her cunt into his mouth, knowing that if is tongue flicked against her just right one more time…and it did. She came, her body rippling and quivering above him.

When she finished she slid back down him, pressing her lips against his to taste herself. His cock was rock hard now, and she could feel it pressing against her ass. She needed him, and she couldn’t wait any longer. The craving to be filled up with a thick, young cock was too hard to resist.

She reached between them and gripped his cock, hovering over it and watching his face. He could feel the heat radiating from her and thrust up, feeling the head of his cock pressing into her burning wetness. She lowered herself slowly, so very slowly, her body swallowing his thick shaft inch by inch. Her eyes squeezed shut as he filled her. She could feel his youth and strength humming through his body like electricity, from his rigid cock inside of her to his large hands gripping her thighs.

She moaned, entranced, and bounced up and down on his cock. She rode him harder, loving the feeling of him filling her up over and over again, stretching her and pressing against the darkest places inside of her. Dan moaned, thrusting his hips up into her as she fucked him faster and faster. His body was getting hotter and hotter, like hers. He was burning up, and his head was spinning. She gasped and thrust her hot pussy down on him again, her back arching and hands fisted in her own dark hair. Her body contracted, tight pussy squeezing his thick cock over and over.

Dan gritted his teeth, all the muscles in his body tightening at once. “I’m going to come,” he panted, trying to pull out of her. “I’m not wearing a condom…”

“No,” she said savagely, holding his hips still with her strangely powerful hands, “Come in me.” She rode him harder as she came, and he moaned, unable to avoid pumping his hot seed deep inside of her. Her entire body went rigid as he did, and she could feel the power flooding into her with his come. Morgan collapsed onto his chest, breathing hard. When she caught her breath and looked up at him, Dan gaped at her. Her face was smooth and young, with pink cheeks and wide, bright eyes. She couldn’t be a day older than twenty-five. He shivered, trying to shrink away from her. His back ached fiercely from laying on the ground, and he way exhausted. Morgan climbed off of him and he stood slowly, feeling very stiff.

The young, slim, naked girl in front of him looked nothing like the crone he had left the bar with just a little while ago. She was vibrant and beautiful, and he couldn’t look away. She smiled at him and he shivered. He looked down at his hands, knowing what he would see before he did. They were harder and more wrinkled then they had been earlier. Not by much, but there was a difference. He knew that he felt older.

He stared at her, wondering what she had done to him. She spun in the snow, relishing the youth flowing through her powerful body like a current. She flexed her muscles, bending to touch her toes. He couldn’t resist watching her slender body move. She was beautiful.

“Thank you,” she said to him in a voice as clear as a bell, and turned, walking away until she disappeared into the snowy darkness. She left no footprints.

The next evening, in another bar not too far away, a young woman walked into the door. She was tall and slim, with long coal-black hair and bright green eyes. She strode to the bar, sitting down on a stool and crossing her legs neatly. The barman walked down to her immediately. He was young and handsome, and flashed her a wide grin.

“What can I get you, beautiful?”

She smiled slowly at him, like a cat who has spied a particularly fat canary.

“Red wine, please.” Her voice was low and clear, seductive in an unintentional way.

He brought her the glass of wine and set it in front of her. She tipped her head forward so her hair fell in front of her face. She peered shyly at him through the curtain it made, smiling. He was entranced immediately. He watched her throughout the evening, and though several men approached her she remained sitting at the corner of the bar, peering at him through her shimmering screen of hair.

At the end of the night, she was still sitting there, watching him. He made his way back down to her end of the bar. She looked up at him.

“Will you have a drink with me?” she asked quietly.

He grinned and poured himself a pint, sliding it down to her. Then he turned and wiped under the dripping tap with a cloth, so he never see her tipping the tiny purple vial into his dark beer.

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