Vampire Sex Stories – Fucked By A Movie Vamp

Every morning she awoke to the sight of a pale, brooding face; full lips, haunting eyes, and skin that sparkled. Sometimes to the point that she had to wear sunglasses to bed.

“OK, so I gotta take my poster collection down.” Sitting up in the sheets of the simple camp bed that formed the center of her cluttered dorm room, Verna Blake ran her chubby fingers through her tangled mass of curly dark hair. She struggled to focus her tired eyes on the wall that formed the left border of the room. She smiled at the sight of a makeshift poster gallery that represented just about every vampire movie released in the past 30 years. Well, at least those that featured really hot vamps.

“It scares away just about every room mate I’ve ever had, the last of which went so far as to wear a garlic sweater vest to bed. The odor almost got us both evicted.”

Her gaze flowed free from one poster to the next, taking in all of the gorgeous actors who had tried their hand at sexy vampire roles. “Sure, my mom would have preferred floral wallpaper and pictures of puppies and flowing brooks.” She rolled her eyes, rising to her feet and stepping in to the fanged bunny slippers that sat on her tiled floor.“To me, though, nothing says home décor like some bare chested, feathered haired dude with painfully sharp fangs.”

And as much as she realized that she should really take down at least some of her vampire posters, she knew that others would take their place; wallpapering her dorm room with numerous examples of what she liked to call the ‘hunky undead.’

Tonight in fact, the 21 year old planned to take in the midnight debut of “Vampire Fantasy”; one in the latest in a long line of thriller movies that were scoring big at the box office.

“Only this one promises to be even more thrilling than most.” She strolled into the bare kitchenette that came complete with a microwave oven, a sink, and a portable fridge. The fridge was topped with an oversized clove of paper mache garlic that was a prank birthday gift from a friend.“I’ve been hearing some mighty strange things about that movie.”

Sure, she’d heard of people fainting at horror movies; their limp, unconscious bodies being carried from the theater and revived before they fled the theater in a state of fear. From what she’d heard, though, several ladies in attendance at “Vampire Fantasy” had been found delirious and barely coherent on the floor. They wore big smiles and threatened to donkey ass kick anyone who tried to take them from the screening room.

“Now that must be one heckuva movie,” she thought, pouring a heaping bowl of Count Chocko Bits cereal. “It also will be my big reward for surviving another finals week, my last in fact before graduation.”

After spending so many recent nights lost in tedious textbooks, she reasoned as she chomped, she deserved to lose herself in a sumptuous dark fantasy. One that allowed her to lose herself in the paranormal netherworld that had intrigued her for so long.

“Yep, I’m all for paranormal netherworlds.” She smirked, depositing her cereal bowl in the depths of her sink.“Especially if they just happen to be populated by impossibly hot vampires.”

Then, walking past the cardboard cutout of Count Dracula that was conveniently situated somewhere between her coat rack and a rotting potted plant in desperate need of water, she headed to her bathroom in search of a shower. A cold one.


“Verna, are you still on this planet?”

Noon found Verna on campus at Clearview University, seated in the corner of the student union hall with Taylor Bryant, her best friend of two years.

Blonde and petite, Taylor could barely make it through a campus lunch without encountering some desperate frat boy who begged for her phone number.

Of course, they bug me a lot too, Verna reminisced, settling her fully made form in the booth she shared with the woman who currently held the esteemed title of Miss Clearview U. For Taylor’s phone number. Or, on occasion, for the name of the pizza dish I’m eating or for a peek at my comic book selection.

Today, though, nothing could spoil her divine good mood; or, for that matter, her dreamy disposition that did not go unnoticed by a confused Taylor.

“It’s finals week,” she reminded her friend.“No one has the right to be so—I don’t know….”

“Borderline orgasmic?” Verna tilted her head.

Taylor thought a moment, then nodded with enthusiasm.

“Well, now that you mention it….”

Verna leaned forward across the table, lowering her tone to a confidential whisper.

“After my night class wraps up tonight, Taylor, I’m headed off to see Vampire Fantasy.”

“Vampire Fantasy,” Taylor repeated, stroking her chin in thought.“Never heard of it.”

“Really?” Verna squinted in confusion. “Haven’t you seen the ads for it in the campus newspaper?Haven’t you read all those stories about women fainting and going all batty at the showings?”

Taylor shook her head.

“Nope.” She replied, still as confused as before.

Verna smiled.

“Taylor, fess up,” she beckoned to her friend, “you haven’t willingly read anything in the campus newspaper except the gossip and the fashion sections since freshmen year.”

Taylor cocked her head.

“Nope.” she again replied.


Theater Rouge was far more than a theater, at least to its current visitor. Verna Blake considered this independent movie theater to be the product of fantasy; a multi-level, Victorian style building that boasted stained glass windows, a broad columned front porch, and flag like banners flying from the roof of its arched, cathedral-like top.

Yet tonight she did not pause to marvel at the beauty of the theater, or enjoy the heavenly light of a beautiful full moon. Instead she raced onto the porch with frantic steps, straight in the direction of the row of movie posters that lined the theater front.

After weeks of seeing ads for and reading about this movie in the newspaper, none of the three people I discussed it with today had heard anything about it. And one of them has seen so many movies I fear for his sanity and social life, in equal measure. She bit her lip.

She sighed relieved as she saw the title “Vampire Fantasy” appear on the top of one of the posters, and sighed yet again as she saw the gorgeous image just beneath the title.

She’d never seen the lead actor who played the vampire, but now that she’d witnessed his stunning male beauty, she knew she’d never forget him.

Tall and muscular, the actor boasted a long fall of gorgeous black hair and gem blue eyes. He had full lips, and carved cheekbones that completed a perfect face.

This face led down to a massive bare chest and ripped abs, as well as trim legs clothed in a pair of tight leather pants.

“OK, name please?” Her mouth fell open.“I need to know who I’ve fallen madly in love with, to know the title of the man who will someday bear my children.”

Her gaze fell to the bottom of the movie poster, where she expected to find the names of the actor and his cast mates.

All she discovered, though, was the movie’s rating; which, much to her shock, turned out to be NC-17.

Whoa! Her eyes flew wide. The last time I saw a NC-17 movie it was with my last boyfriend. We ended up going home and…well actually come to think of it, we didn’t even make it home.

 “One please!

The lady at the counter, a blonde in her mid-40s, acknowledged her with a knowing smile.

“Do I even need to ask which movie you’d like to see?” She arched her eyebrows.

In no mood for humor, Verna slipped a fiver and her student ID across the counter. She used her free hand to wipe some telltale sweat from the surface of her brow. “Well I don’t know. Have you ever seen a chicksta get this hot and bothered over Transformers 8?”

The woman chuckled, taking Verna’s money and handing her a scarlet hued ticket that glowed in the light of the moon.

“Have fun, Dearie,” she winked.“Your movie will be showing in the balcony theater.”

Heading inward into the theater, Verna stopped a minute to admire the crystalline chandelier that hung from the ceiling of Theater Rouge. It was a traditionally designed theater that also boasted a brass railed spiraling staircase that lead to the second floor.

Verna’s heart raced with anticipation as she mounted the velvety stairs that would take her to the midnight showing of Vampire Fantasy.

Her broad, downright drunken smile dissolved moments later, as she walked into a theater that boasted a stained glass ceiling, paintings of cherubs and woodland scenes, and thick velvet carpet. A carpet that she walked on alone, before claiming an empty seat in an empty row.

Hmmm, so much for the vampire fans of this city. She shook her head as she turned to face the screen. Heck, I’m pretty sure there are actual vampires in this city. I can’t believe that I’m the only one at a midnight showing of a flick called Vampire Fantasy.

She took in her breath as in a sudden flourish the lights went down around her. As darkness engulfed her, the sound of a low, eerie harpsichord filled the air above the theater.

Suddenly the screen came alight with the image of the vamp himself.

He’s one of those rare people who looks even better in high def. She sat forward in her seat: Blast him.

The image of the vampire was cloaked in a coat of black leather. He was surrounded by a kaleidoscopic glow that shone alternating colors of red, black and blue. Everything seemed larger than life, but oddly realistic as it shone from the screen.

“I could almost reach out and touch him…”

Verna bit her lip, the pounding of her heart almost drowning out the music that set their scene.

“Well why don’t you?”

Verna jumped as the vampire parted his lips to deliver this smooth, deeply voiced line. One he said while looking directly at the camera…

… directly at me, she trembled in spite of herself.

“That’s right Verna,” the vampire smiled, revealing a sharpened set of fangs as he stared into her eyes. “I’m here only for you.”

His viewer froze, stunned at the vampire’s personal address.

“You talkin’ to me?” Her voice broke.

His deep, melodic chuckle sent chills down her spine.

“Are you not the only lovely lady named Verna present in my audience tonight?” He arched his feathered eyebrows, burning her with a hungry gaze that touch her at the core.

Even so, she squared her shoulders and stood from her seat as she fixed the vampire with a deep frown.

“Well as it happens, I’m the only one in the audience tonight. And I seem to be the only one in this area who has heard of the movie.” She jumped from her seat, planting her hands on her hips.“Did one of your friends put you up to this? Is this some sort of virtual reality stuff?”

She fell silent as a beam of blue light radiated from the screen, seizing her in its hot rays and lifting her from the ground.

Her eyes flew wide as her body was pulled toward the screen. She shut those eyes tight to prepare for her collision with its hot, hard surface.

Instead, she collided with something else hard and hot. And never had anything felt quite so good.

Verna found herself clutched in a pair of two muscled arms that held her closer than close; pulling her flush against a firm, muscled chest that warmed her with its heat.

“Funny,” she said aloud, her head nestled on a rock hard shoulder as her arms wrapped around a trim waist.“I always thought vampires were supposed to be cold.”

She took in her breath as the vampire’s arms tightened around her, cradling her as the strands of his long, soft hair brushed against her shoulders.

“I’m your vampire, Darling,” he whispered.“I look how you want me to look, and feel how you want me to feel. I even came to you in the form of a movie, because your passion lies in the cinema.”

“Well I usually don’t get quite this passionate over a typical matinee.” She giggled as their hips pressed together, sparking fascination into desire.

“You do indeed, my darling.” The vampire rubbed his strong hands down the surface of her back. “You’re never more aroused than when you come to this theater to enjoy a vampire movie. Your passion, your red hot desire called out to me. And now I’m here, Verna, to satisfy that desire. To make your vampire fantasy come true.”

She took in her breath as he seized her lips in a hot, passionate kiss. His lips rubbed and stroked hers as their tongues entangled.

Sinking in his hot embrace, Verna inhaled his citrus tinged scent as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders. She leaned into his sizzling kiss as he pulled her closer still.

Finally he pulled away.

“Open your eyes Verna,” came his whispered urge. “See your world.”

Following his instruction, Verna opened her eyes to view the type of view she’d seen only in period vampire movies.

She and the vampire now stood in a plush Victorian-style bedroom; one accented by the thick scarlet carpeting and crystalline chandelier she recognized from the theater.

Ah, but the blazing fireplace in the corner of the room seemed new to this scene, as did the long satin nightgown she wore and the luxurious rose dream bed at the center of the room.

A delicious variety of lacy pillows, sleek runners, a silken red canopy and rose-patterned comforter – this heavenly rest place also seemed a product of her wildest fantasies. But then so did the fully naked vamp who sank in its sheets, holding his hand out to her.

The moonlight that flowed through a nearby window illuminated the beauty of the vampire, a mystical creature with a flawless carved face. A face which was graced with full lips, deep blue eyes and carved cheekbones. His perfect body matched the glory of his face, boasting a massive golden chest, sculpted abs, trim legs, and a long, hard cock that saluted her arrival.

“You’re perfect,” she breathed, walking as if in a trance to the side of the bed.

“I am as you created me in your imagination.” He opened his arms to her.

“What is your name?” She sunk with a relieved sigh into his arms, her wide-eyed gaze taking in every bit of his raw masculine glory.

Cupping her face in his hands, he tilted her head back and stared deep into her eyes. His lips brushed hers in a light, tender kiss; a sweet brush that nonetheless sparked a fire deep within her soul.

“My name is not important,” he whispered.“I am your Lestat, your Edward, your Dracula. Every vampire who has stirred your fantasy…this is who I am.”

Swooping down upon her with vampiric flourish, he bowed his head over her neck and grazed her nape with his fangs. He swept her up in his arms, and pressed his hard massive chest against hers. Reaching beneath her nightgown to rub the sensitive skin of her legs, he stroked her full thighs until both opened for his pleasure.

Verna took in her breath as he stroked her bare skin, seizing her lips in a passionate kiss as he cupped her feminine area.

She sighed with pleasure as his agile fingers stroked open her tender folds and rubbed her clit; creating sparks that surged upward through every part of her body. In her heightened excitement she kissed him senseless, laving his mouth with her tongue as her pussy throbbed for want of him.

It gushed outright moments later, as her lover inserted a second finger to the depths of her feminity. He stroked and probed as though he seemed to seek the ultimate source of her pleasure.

“Only a vampire truly knows how to pleasure a woman.” He whispered against her parted lips, his fingers continuing to work their magic on her clit and pussy in equal measure. “And as I’m your vampire, I know your desires before you do.”

“Well you’re certainly doing a good job so far,” Verna’s eyes flew wide as her hips bucked his hand. This single slick motion brought his fingers deeper into her, also bringing her arousal to a delirious fever point.

With an impassioned growl, he delivered a long last stroke that sent her over the edge. Her clit pounded in orgasmic ecstasy as her chest heaved its passion. His other finger found and ignited her G-spot, bringing a scream from deep in her throat as her body trembled with pleasure.

The hands of Verna’s vampire lover rose to stroke her breasts. They undid the gown from her shoulders, exposing her body to his admiring eyes.

“You’re beautiful love.” He swept her up in his arms, searing her chest with adoring kisses and suckling her nipples until they rose to hard peaks beneath his attentions.

Throwing her head back, Verna growled low in her throat and closed her eyes as she settled herself in his lap. Thrilled at the union of their hot bare skin, their hips locked and their arms and legs entangled.

She ran her hands through his long dark hair as he leaned her body backward, tossing her body into silken sheets as he hovered above her. Soon her vision was filled with his manly perfection, set against the contrasting loveliness of a rose dream canopy.

“Really,” she smacked her lips, cupping his cheeks in her hands, “what more could a gal want from a vamped out chick flick?”

“I don’t know baby,” he graced her with a cheeky smile, “a XXX sex scene, perhaps?”

“Works for me,” Verna growled, wrapping her arms around his shoulders and pulling him downward for a heated kiss. She wrapped her legs around his trim waist as their mouths met and their tongues entangled once more.

Releasing his own intense growl, the vampire descended upon her; his chest pressing against hers as their hips rocked together. The divine friction set them both afire as his shaft surged between them. His firm packs teased her gently rounded tummy as their lips smacked together. Sighs and moans emerged from human and vampire alike, both allowing themselves to get lost in the moment.

“Talk about a passionate kissing scene.” She licked her lips like a famished animal, all the while running her caressing hands down the surface of his chest and abs.

Soon his long, hard cock surged inside her, plunging to her core as his lips claimed hers in yet another passionate kiss.

The couple clung to one another as though they never wanted this moment to end.

“How long I’ve waited you for to come in to my life.” Verna’s whispered to her lover’s ear. “How long I’ve waited for you to give me life.” He hugged her to him and ran his hands through the length of her ebony hair.

His hips gyrated against hers and he cradled her sweaty body, licking her face and nipping her breasts like a creature of the night. With a long last thrust he plunged deep within her, simultaneously sinking his fangs in her neck.

Verna’s body trembled as her being exploded in the heat of a multi-layered orgasm; one she shared with her lover as they collapsed together in the depths of their fantasy bed. They rolled as one to the center of the bed, where their arms and legs locked in an embrace that seemed eternally binding.

They eyes flew open as she considered the consequences of their actions.

“You bit me,” she gasped out, bracing her hands on his heaving chest.“Did you just make me a vampire?”

Her lover shrugged, pinning her with an inquisitive gaze.

“It’s your movie Verna.” He smiled. “So tell me, how do you want it to end?”

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