Top 10 Afro Romance Books of 2015, Catch Up Now

Top 10 Image gold lettersLooking to get a definitive list of the best recent Afro Romance Books titles so you can catch up on what you might have missed? Then look no further, because we’ve compiled the ten best books in our collection as decided by you, the readers! Take a look below to see if there are any you haven’t devoured yet.

10. The Lion’s Mate – Mary T Williams

The Lions Mate Paranormal RomanceThe talented Mary T Williams of Shifter Club brings you The Lion’s Mate, a thrilling paranormal romance that follows Leah, a novelist, who catches the eye of mysterious billionaire Mark. Mark is a lawyer, but that’s not all there is to him. Mark is also a lion shifter, and now he wants Leah as his mate. Leah can’t help but be seduced by Mark’s commanding, attractive presence, and together they fall in love, have a baby and seek justice for one of Leah’s friends in a tricky legal battle. If you like a little action with your romance then this is the book for you.

9. Saving Grace – Shannon Gardener

Saving Grace Christian romanceGrace has been through a lot in her relatively short life – she’s an orphan who grew up in the ghetto and she doesn’t have a lot of direction in regards to her future, both romantically and professionally. However, Grace now lives with her aunt and uncle who are very active in their church, and when Grace starts to get involved too, she meets Peter. Peter is a deacon at the church, and he’s both wealthy and handsome. The two come from very different backgrounds, but they soon find that they might just be destined to be drawn together anyway. Written by Shannon Gardener, a bestselling author of Christian romances, this book is a must for those who love the genre.

8. The Billionaire’s Diamond Baby – Alia Thomas

The Billionaires Diamond Baby coverA great story for anyone who enjoys a good billionaire romp with a twist, Alia Thomas’ The Billionaire’s Diamond Baby focuses on the relationship between small business owner Natalie and her dashing, wealthy boyfriend Brett. Unfortunately it’s not all smooth sailing for these two though, and you’ll want to stick around to find out what happens!

7. Rescued By The Bear – Katie Lance

Rescued by the Bear artIn this steamy tale of heroism, seasoned hiker Sandy runs into trouble while on a head-clearing hike one day and is saved from an ill fate by handsome ranger Will. She soon finds out his true identity – a bear shifter – but that’s not the only thing destined to stand in the way of their possible love. Written by Katie Lance, the adventure contained in this story will be sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

6. My Russian Billionaire – Cher Etan

My Russian Billionaire coverThe ‘Tony, Her Russian Billionaire’ series is probably the one author Cher Etan is most famous for, and with good reason. My Russian Billionaire is the fifth installment of the series, and puts now-happily-married couple Sophie and Tony into jeopardy – maybe the worst they’ve faced together yet. Unfortunately, when your husband has ties to the Russian Mafia, you should always be expecting the unexpected! Make sure to also check out the other books in the series to experience Sophie and Tony’s journey right from the beginning.

5. Her Superhero Lover – Lionel Law

Her Superhero Lover cover artIf you like superheroes, this book by Lionel Law is an interesting take on the classic trope you should definitely try out. In this story, Renee is a down-on-her-luck DJ who really wants to model, but keeps getting told she’s too short and curvy for the business. She feels hard done by and much like her life is at a standstill… until she meets Grady. He’s a billionaire and – miraculously – a bachelor. But there’s more to Grady than meets the eye, and Renee is about to get caught up in his world, one that’s much different than she ever could have imagined.

4. Basic Obsession – J A Fielding

Basic Obsession cover artBasic Obsession by J A Fielding is a billionaire romance sure to steam up your windows right from when you open the book. Set in the art world, the story follows Angelina, a woman who just got fired from her job due to standing up for herself, and her intensely passionate relationship with art dealing billionaire Adrian. Basic Obsession is full of sexy twists and turns – perfect for those looking to add a little spice to their reading experience.

3. The Dragon King’s Baby – Mary T Williams

The Dragon Kings Baby cover artIn this paranormal marriage of convenience romance by Mary T Williams, Addie is none too pleased about having to marry the Dragon King Seathan. Not only that, but she’s expected to bear his children right away – another layer to this cake she doesn’t want to eat. That is, until she meets Seathan… Falling for the powerful king isn’t the hard part, though, and Addie is set to face more than one challenge when it comes to her newfound relationship with Seathan.

2. My Billionaire Baby Wish – J A Fielding

Billionaire Baby Wish cover artThe eighth book in a nine-book series, J A Fielding’s My Billionaire Baby Wish features Julie and Steven, a couple who have already been through a lot of ups and downs with their relationship. In this installment, getting pregnant with their first child is a tougher path to take than either Steven or Julie thought, with a big twist waiting in the wings. Readers should keep in mind, too, that this book ends on a cliffhanger, so you’ll want to get the final one before you finish!

1. Against The Grain – Mary T Williams

Against the Grain Paranormal Romance coverAgainst the Grain is the second book featuring the were-couple Alice and Alex created by Mary T Williams. Following their forbidden love affair, the werewolf Alex and the werebear Alice must now contend with their families and the shaky alliance they’ve created between their clans – as well as the forces which threaten to interrupt it for good. Anyone who loves the paranormal genre and sexy shapeshifters, as well as a good dose of humor in amongst the action and romance of the plot should definitely put Against the Grain at the top of their reading list.

Top 10 Afro Romance Books Titles Of 2015

There you have it, the definitive top 10 from 2015 – where do your favourites rank?

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