What Does BWWM Stand For?

What does bwwm stand for? Meaning is black woman white manThere are a lot of acronyms in the romance world, and those in the know can often use them in sentences without giving any relatable context. Have you ever seen the acronym “BWWM” pop up in your search for romance books on Amazon and not known what it meant? It’s not tough to figure out the definition once you search a bit, but for those who just want a quick explanation right now:

BWWM Stands For Black Woman White Man

It just refers to a romance book that features a love story between a black woman and a white man, and is often a descriptor used to accompany the kind of romance it is, i.e. a dark billionaire BWWM romance or a BWWM surrogacy romance; this helps readers who are looking to read those kinds of romances narrow down their choices.

So there you have it, BWWM is shorthand for a black woman/white man romance, and the sub-genre is a popular one with many people. That’s what BWWM means.

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