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Rob sat at his desk, shuffling through papers and looking busy when in reality he was watching the clock. It was almost five, and then he could go home to his beautiful wife and newborn son. Just one more minute… He put the folders down and grabbed his briefcase, grinned charmingly at his secretary and set off down the halls and out the glass front doors of the law firm where he worked. He took a deep breath of the city air before racing down the stairs of the nearest subway entrance.

Standing in the gently swaying train, Rob took his mobile out of his pocket and began flipping through his photo albums. He smiled at pictures of his newborn son, dressed in blue. He continued to swipe through the photos, pausing over one of his wife, Allison, standing in the kitchen. He brought the phone even closer to his face and couldn’t stop himself from licking his lips. Her light brown hair was hanging loose and the tank top she was wearing did little to conceal her swollen, pendulous breasts. He looked even closer… There were two damp spots in the blue fabric over her hard nipples. He sucked in a breath and felt his cock twitch. The train car gave a particularly violent shudder, and Rob snapped out of his trance, stuffing his phone back into his pocket and surreptitiously rearranging his stiffening cock at the same time.

Rob shook his head, trying to clear it. They really needed to get a babysitter for a night. It had been far too long since he and Allison had some time to themselves. He climbed the stairs out of the subway station, painfully aware of his still slightly stiff cock. He couldn’t get that picture out of his head. The thin blue cotton of her tank top, damp with breast milk from her huge, leaking tits…

When he let himself into the town house he noticed immediately that it was very quiet. He took off his shoes and called quietly,


She didn’t answer, so he crept up the stairs, peering first into the nursery where the baby lay sleeping. He smiled and then tiptoed to their bedroom, pleased to find Allison sprawled atop the thick quilt, her mouth slightly open, fast asleep. Rob let his eyes roam over her, taking in every inch of her body from her painted toes to her curved hips, up her belly to her swollen tits, unrestrained by a bra. His eyes lingered there and, checking that she was still asleep, he gently caressed a nipple, which hardened immediately under his touch. His cock stiffened in his pants and, growing bolder, he lightly squeezed her breast, his other hand unfastening his belt buckle.

Rob looked at her face, she must be exhausted because Allison was showing no signs of waking. He eased her top up over her breasts and sat on the bed beside her, continuing to knead her breast lightly while he stroked his stiffening member. He felt a strange jerk of pleasure when he saw a little bead of pearly white fluid squirt from her nipple and run down the curve of her breast. He caught it with his finger and raised it to his lips, tasting her milk. It was sweet and as he licked his finger he felt his cock becoming almost unbearable hard. He needed to come NOW.

Rob knelt on the bed above her, stroking himself faster as he continued to squeeze her huge, milky tit. Since she still hadn’t woken, he squeezed a little harder and was rewarded when a small spurt of milk squirted from her nipple onto her belly. He moaned, bending to lick it off. It tasted so good…He licked the little dribbles off of her chest, and straightened up again, almost overcome by pleasure. His head tilted back, he moaned as he pulled his cock faster and faster and toyed with her swollen breasts.

“Fuuuck,” he moaned and with a last ecstatic squeeze of her tit he came, pumping his hot seed all over her chest, where it mingled with the dribbles of breast milk that still remained on her tits. Breathing hard, Rob looked down at the mess he’d made of his sleeping wife. He got a towel to clean her up and, at the last moment, snapped a picture with his phone. He smiled to himself; he wanted to remember this.

Allison wondered to herself during dinner why exactly Rob looked so happy.

The rest of that week at work, it was all Rob could to to keep from reaching under his desk and jerking himself off, looking at the photo of Allison’s milky breasts covered in his come…By Friday he’d decided. It was time to get a babysitter.

. . . . . . . . . . .

Saturday came and Rob could barely contain his excitement. Allison was excited too, but because it was her first night out without the baby. Rob had gotten a babysitter and dropped the baby off, made reservations at a nice restaurant, and they were going dancing. She had no idea what was in store for her. She dressed carefully in a deep blue silk dress, paired with a bra that made the most of her post-pregnancy breasts, and strappy silver sandals. When she went down the stairs, Rob’s open mouth told her that she’d made a good choice.

“God you look sexy,” he told her admiringly, running a hand down the smooth silk of the dress, “Maybe we should just stay in…”

He leaned close and smelled her, running his hands up her sides to cup her huge breasts. He stared down at her cleavage, thinking about what he’d done to those tits just a few days ago…She laughed, interrupting his reverie.

“No way! We’re going out, you promised. We haven’t been out to dinner in ages.”

She smiled up at him and all he could think of was what he was going to do to her later. He sighed dramatically.

“Come on then, let’s go. You’re going to pay for it later,” he told her. She laughed and took his arm.

“Sure, sure, whatever.”

The restaurant was busy and the food was excellent. They made conversation, both enjoying the evening out alone, but Rob couldn’t stop staring at her breasts. Buoyed up by the magic of a push-up bra, her cleavage was absolutely perfect. The restaurant was dim, so he saw no need to tell her that her tits had leaked through the bra, very slightly dampening the front of the dress. He longed to take one perfect nipple in his mouth and lick and suck, drinking her milk directly from her…

“Are you listening to me, Rob?” She was looking expectantly at him. “I asked you if you wanted dessert.”

He rearranged his swollen member under the table.

“I don’t think so, do you? I’m ready for a dance or two,” he told her, and she agreed.

They took a cab to the club, and it was already full when they arrived.

“Want a drink?” he asked her, shouting above the pounding music.

“I really shouldn’t…” she said, hesitating, “But a glass of wine won’t hurt, I guess.” He smiled at her and went off to get the drinks. Allison made her way slowly to a corner to wait for him, aware of the eyes on her. Well, on her breasts, she corrected herself tartly. Her new chest was one of the nicer things about her post-pregnancy body.

Rob reappeared then, with a beer for himself and Allison’s wine, which she began sipping immediately, enjoying the feeling of tingling heat spreading throughout her body. Rob was looking at her again, his eyes roaming all over her, and with the alcohol in her system clouding her head slightly, Allison decided that she liked it. She wanted to dance with him, press against him, feel him moving against her…She downed the rest of the wine in one sip and pulled him onto the dim, crowded dance floor.

She kept her eyes on his, wiggling seductively. He moved closer to her, hands closing over her hips as they moved together to the heavy bass. Up close, even in the dark, Rob could see the small wet stains trailing down from her nipples. His cock began to harden and Allison felt it press against her leg. At this rate the dancing wouldn’t last very long, but somehow she didn’t mind. Rob’s hands had begun roaming over her back, now and then dipping down to squeeze her ass. She could feel a tingling beginning between her legs, making her back arch under his hands, and she knew her lacy panties were growing damp as they danced.

Rob slid his hands slowly back up to her waist and then, even more slowly, higher to cup her breasts. He squeezed them lightly, and the dark stains on her dress got a little larger. Suddenly he was rock hard. He bent and said in her ear,

“I think it’s time to go home, Allison.”

She let him pull her towards the door. It was a very long cab ride home.

As soon as the front door shut he was on her, pressing her up against the door and kissing her. He moaned into her mouth, and she made a little noise of pleasure as he squeezed he ass cheeks through the thin silk. He unzipped her dress and let it pool on the floor, then stepped back to admire her. The bra was black, and so were the little lacy panties. She looked so sexy standing there in those silver high-heels, her huge breasts heaving as she panted…

He got on his knees and yanked the little panties to one side. Allison made a shocked noise, but didn’t protest as he crushed his mouth against her pussy, parting her lips with his tongue. He licked her greedily, pulling her lips apart so that he could suck on her clit. She gasped and her knees buckled when his mouth closed around the sensitive nub. He probed it with his tongue, and knew by the noises she was making that she was close.

He swirled two fingers around the wet, hot entrance of her pussy and, very suddenly, shoved them both in two the second knuckle and flicked his tongue furiously against her clit.

“Oh, God, Rob,” she gasped, moaning, “I’m coming.”

She didn’t need to say it. Her body was clenching around his fingers, squeezing and releasing. He didn’t stop, though, sucking her clit and furiously pumping his fingers into her as she spasmed. She screamed and threaded her fingers in his hair, trying to pull him away, but he wouldn’t stop hungrily licking her cunt. When he finally did remove his mouth, leaving her slumped against the wall, legs shaking, it wasn’t much of a reprieve because he picked her up roughly and carried her up the stair to their bed, where he dropped her and immediately began to undress.

He moved to the edge of the bed and, a gentle but firm hand under her chin, turned her face towards him. He stepped closer to her and nudged her full, pouting lips with the head of his cock.

“Suck it,” he told her, his voice low and insistent.

She opened her lips and flicked her pink tongue against the tip, licking off a bead of precome. Rob groaned and, tired of her hesitance, pulled her mouth onto him. Allison gagged but her throat accommodated him naturally, she swallowed around his thick cock and he moaned again, his hands moving to massage her full, milky breasts. He couldn’t take his eyes off of them, swaying gently as she moved her mouth back and forth on his dick. He squeezed them gently, milking them, and was rewarded when two little spurts of milk erupted. She moaned around his cock but he quieted her by thrusting into her mouth, fucking her throat until she was red and sputtering, covered in her own spit. Rob leaned down and licked her milk off of her round tits, sending himself so close to the edge that he pulled out of her mouth immediately, leaving her coughing and gasping for breath.

He pushed her onto her back and moved in between her legs, desperate to be inside of her.

“I’m going to fuck you, Alli. Hard. Spread your legs.”

She spread them willingly, still soaking wet from her orgasm earlier, and he thrust inside her to the hilt. They both gasped and Rob, leaning forward to lick the trickles of breast milk off of her stomach, was seized by a sudden desire. He wanted to suck her swollen, milky tits. He needed to drink her milk from them, now. He grabbed one of her breasts roughly and, ignoring her feeble noises of protest, wrapped his mouth around the pebbled skin of her pink nipple. He squeezed her titty and suckled it, and his cock hardened measurable as he felt a small spurt of hot milk flood into his mouth.

His ecstasy was interrupted by Allison shoving his head away from her breast, looking embarrassed.

“What are you doing, Rob?”

He licked her chest, too deep in his animalistic pleasure to particularly care what she thought.

“Come on, baby it’s OK. I just want a taste.”

He drilled his cock into her wet, hot pussy over and over and she tipped her head back, mouth open in pleasure, and forgot to care. Rob grabbed both of her full tits then, smashing them together so the nipples almost touched, and roughly sucked them both into his mouth. He suckled from her, kneading her milky titties with his hands and hungrily guzzling every drop that spurted from them. He drank her milk greedily, still fucking her wet pussy. She was moaning loudly, writhing under him as he fucked and suckled from her. He could feel his orgasm building, and knew it was going to be a big one. He kneaded her milky breasts even more roughly, pleased when they offered him even more hot, sweet milk. He swallowed every drop like a starving man, fucking her squelching cunt even faster as he began to lose control. He exploded inside of her and she came with him, her pussy clenching around him, milking every drop of his come deep inside of her.

He released her breasts and moved to lay beside her, but one of her huge, pendulous tits lay right in his face and he couldn’t resist sucking the nipple into his mouth and continuing to drink from her, more gently now. Allison said nothing, allowing him to drink his fill and occasionally letting a tiny sigh or moan escape. They fell asleep, exhausted and sated, him cradling one full, leaking breast in his hand.

. . . . . . . . . . .

At work the next week, Rob reflected happily on his wild Saturday night. His cock had risen hopefully this morning when he’d spied bottles of pumped breast milk in the fridge, but there had been no time for any sex since the baby was back. He sighed to himself and rubbed his cock through his trousers, reflecting that if Allison breastfed for much longer he was going to lose his job. He could focus on nothing, thoughts of her swaying, milky tits continually invaded his brain.

Finally it was quitting time and he headed home, thinking that he’d have a quick shower when he got there to take care of his ever-insistent cock. He unlocked the door and called immediately,

“It’s me. I’m going to have a quick shower before dinner.” And he headed up the stairs and hopped into the streaming hot water. Rob’s mind filled instantly with filthy thoughts of Allison’s milky tits. He imagined how her nipples felt in his mouth, the taste of her milk…He closed his eyes, slowly stroking his cock as his imagination took over. His eyes flew open as he heard a chuckle and he found himself face to face with Allison, who had soundlessly opened the bathroom door and pulled back the curtain. She was naked.

She slowly traced her hands up her body, and his eyes followed. She cupped her huge tits in them, bouncing them slowly and watching his eyes trace their path. Allison tweaked her nipples and moaned quietly, then squeezed them slowly so that tiny trickles of warm milk leaked out each pert nipple. Rob moaned, and his cock twitched, but she wasn’t done. She brought a swollen tit up to her own full, pink lips and licked the milk away with the tip of her tongue before wrapping her mouth around the hard little nub of her nipple and sucking, her eyes on his the entire time. She licked her lips, cleaning her own milk off of them as Rob watched desperately.

“Want another taste, baby?”she asked him seductively.

Rob staggered out of the shower and hauled her up onto the bathroom counter. He couldn’t get her tits in his mouth fast enough. He kneaded her milky breasts roughly, drinking from them as though he’d been in a desert. He swallowed every drop that she had to offer and then moved onto her other breast and did the same. It was ecstasy, drinking from her, and he pulled her forward to the edge of the counter so that he could shove his rock hard cock deep insider her cunt.

She threw her head back and moaned as her husband fucked and suckled her like an animal. She had never felt so well –used in her life, and she loved it. Rob grunted and moaned, sucking and fucking harder and faster. He was going to come. He tore his mouth from her swollen titty and wrapped his arms around her so that he could fuck her even harder. He drilled into her cunt, feeling her tits pressed against his chest and knowing that the dampness he felt wasn’t sweat, but milk. He moaned one last time and sprayed the inside of her cunt with his hot seed, pumping into her until he couldn’t anymore. Rob collapsed against her, exhausted and very satisfied, and was surprised to feel her body shake with laughter.

He pulled away to look at her face, and she looked back at him wearing an innocently seductive little grin.

“So I guess it tastes good?”

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