Office Sex Short Tale – Fucked By Kelly’s Boss

Kelly Winston glanced at her clock, 11:52 pm. She sighed. This was the third day in a row she was working late. Kelly was the senior public relations official at LaRue, an events organizing company. LaRue was a common name in most A-list parties. The only big event they hadn’t done was Obama’s inauguration and that was only because it was a state event.

LaRue was Kelly’s dream come true. Ever since she was a little girl she had dreamed of becoming a successful woman, and she had quickly risen through the ranks to become the most coveted talent in event planning. Apart from her many talents in her career, she was also an exceptionally beautiful woman. Her smooth toned skin was a perfect contrast to her long black wavy hair that cascaded over her shoulders. She had a full bosom and a perfectly rounded ass that made her slim waist appear even tinier than it actually was. Her long legs were almost always shown off in short dresses or skirts, her posture elevated by the couture heels she always wore. Yes, Kelly Winston was the epitome of beauty.

Her work at LaRue was simple, plan the party and attend it to make sure it went according to plan. As much as this was the third night she would be getting home late, she was happy she had managed what many termed impossible. She had just pulled off a 600-guest wedding in three weeks and everything had been followed to the letter.

She sighed as she gathered her papers together and put them in a folder. “You can only do so much in one day Winston,” she thought to herself as she tidied up her desk. She felt a yawn coming on just as she began to stretch in her seat.

“Does nine to five mean anything to you Winston?” her boss Denny McCall asked. Startled, she looked up at him and then smiled. “”I don’t know Denny,” she replied gesturing him to come in. “Because I’m guessing those hours mean nothing to you either,” she added as he walked towards her taking a seat right in front of her desk.

“I own the place, what’s your excuse?” he asked helping himself to a bottle of water on the desk. Kelly slouched in her seat. “Well, I have no social life,” she replied with a frown.

“What are you talking about? You are the face of LaRue in all our events,” he said to her in surprise. “I mean you get paid to plan parties, it doesn’t get any more social than that now, does it?”

“You are right,” Kelly said as she packed up her laptop. “I should have gone with I just love my job,” she added with a smile.

“What plans do you have tonight anyway?” Denny asked taking another sip of his water.

“Seriously Denny, in less than ten hours I have to be back here,” she answered picking up her car keys.

“Why?” he asked taking a sip of the water.

“Final logistics I guess,” she answered leaning on her desk. Denny gave her a questioning look, one that said ‘do you really have to’. “Am I getting the green light to skip work from my boss,” she asked with a smile. Denny smiled back as he watched Kelly set her bag back on the table and walked to where he was. It is only then that he noticed how sexy she looked. She was wearing a sleeveless plum figure hugging mini-dress that showed off her perfect curves. The dress’ neckline showed off her cleavage that made Denny gulp. His eyes traveled down her waist to her black heels before giving a low whistle.

“What?” she asked as if she didn’t know what the whistle meant.

“You wore that to the wedding?” he asked in surprise. Kelly looked down at herself and used her hands to smooth her dress down. “What’s wrong with it?”

“What’s wrong? You are asking………..what’s wrong?” Denny struggled as his eyes grew wide n feigned surprise. “Were you trying to get the groom to leave his bride at the altar?” he asked as he walked towards her. He took her hand and spun her round showing her off to a mock audience. She chuckled.

“If I had wanted to do that I would have worn a hot number I got from Macy’s last week,” she said. Denny began moving closer to her and slipped his arm around her waist. “What are you doing,” she asked looking at him. Denny had long had a crush on Kelly and she knew it. No matter how much she tried avoiding his attention, he always seemed to catch up with her, one way or the other. “Denny…..” “…….don’t fight me Kelly,” he said cutting her off. “Aren’t you tired of fighting what you feel,” he asked noticing a blush on her rosy cheeks.

“Last time was a mistake, Denny,” she told him as she wriggled out of his grip and started to walk away. Denny walked quickly and took her hand but she didn’t turn to face him. She figured with her back to him it would be much easier to make a dash for the door. Once again, Denny wrapped his arm around her waist causing her warm ass to press on his crotch. He pulled her hair away from her neck before landing a soft warm kiss on her shoulder blade. “If it was such a bad mistake, then pull away from me and walk out,” he said kissing her shoulder again. “I won’t stop you,” he added knowing fully well that she couldn’t disentangle herself from his grip. He smiled to himself as he trailed small kisses across her shoulder blade to her other shoulder. Kelly sighed as Denny ran his hands on her very thin fabric. It was almost as if he was touching her bare skin. He ran his hand from her shoulder down to her hand as she unclenched her fist making her bag drop to the ground. He smiled as he spun her round to look at her face.

For some reason, she couldn’t bring herself to face him. She kept her eyes closed all the while wondering whether or not she could ever face her boss again. When they first slept together, they both decided it was a mistake that would never happen again. However, Denny, the most eligible bachelor at LaRue had eyes for only Kelly despite the countless women who practically threw themselves at him. He couldn’t tell what it was about this particular woman but he knew he had very strong feelings for her. It was unlike anything he had ever felt before.

He raised her chin up and kissed her lightly on the forehead. “Open your eyes,” he said softly as he brushed her hair away from her face. “Look at me Kelly,” he said again when she didn’t respond. Slowly, her eyelids fluttered open revealing those big brown eyes.

“What are you afraid of,” he asked looking deeply in her eyes.

“I am not afraid, Denny,” she answered. “It’s just that you’re my boss and…….” Denny brought his lips to shut her up and engulfed her in a warm kiss. When he finally broke off the kiss, he saw her cheeks get rosy again. She looked at him and then slowly put her hands round his neck. He smiled at her again and kissed her again, this time deeper and definitely more passionately.

He couldn’t believe it. He was about to live the dream, the Kelly Winston dream, for the second time round. He ran his hands down his back and grabbed her warm ass in his hands before letting his hands go back up to find the dress’ zipper. He sighed when he felt her hand trail down his chest to his belt. She pulled back and looked at him, a smile playing on her lips as she unclasped the belt. He smiled back and took her hands in his. “Not so fast,” he said raising her arms securing them at the back of his neck.

He undid her zipper and let the dress fall, gathering at her feet like rolls of satin fabric. He looked up to see a black lacy bra and matching panties. He stepped back allowing her to step out of the dress and then led her to the office couch. He gently reclined her on the couch as he began kissing her neck as he slid the straps off her shoulders. As he kissed her neck, his hand worked its way on her right thigh coming dangerously close to her honey pot. Kelly sighed when he placed his hand on her full breast. He could feel her nipple harden against his palm as he gently rubbed the soft mound enjoying the way she would heave upwards every time he brushed a nipple. He smiled as he brought his mouth down to kiss her again. She wrapped her arms around him as she explored his mouth with his tongue. She barely noticed when he slipped a hand under her to unclasp her bra. Imagine to her surprise when she felt him take a nipple in his warm wet mouth. She gasped when he flicked his stiff tongue on her now hard nipples. Her loins were aching and she could tell from the way his hardness pressed against her, that his were too. As he made her right nipple harder with every lick, he ensured that the other breast got equal attention from his flickering fingertips.

Kelly grabbed a lock of Denny’s hair as he continued to gently suck on her breasts. Denny smiled to himself. He knew that by now, she was totally under his control but he was not about to give in to his desires too quickly. He withdrew his contact from her body letting the nipple out of his mouth. Kelly felt a breeze brush over her now extremely wet nipple. A panic swept through her body when she felt his fingers inside the sides of her panties. She opened her eyes, now misty with desire, and looked up at him. He waited for her to give the go ahead. He wasn’t about to make her do something she wasn’t ready for.

Kelly could see the evidence of him being turned on from the way his unsteady hands and heavy breathing. She loved that she could make him feel this way. She slowly raised her hips allowing him to slip her panties off. Denny smiled as he ran his hands softly on her thighs and then parted them exposing her sex to him. It was perfect as it was the last time he had seen it. Completely shaven and smooth enough for him to see just how much she was turned on. Her lips were completely wet as if someone had just been there.

He pushed her up the couch and positioned himself between her legs. He knew what she expected but he didn’t want to give it to her right away. He was going to make her crave and ache for it. He brought his lips close to her pussy and gave a gentle blow that made her shiver. With his finger, he touched her bud lightly and then began slowly brushing it with his fingertips. With his other hand, he continued feeling her up as she struggled to keep her hands away from her pussy. He looked at her face, eyes closed and lips slightly parted giving way for the sighs she was now trying to keep in.

Kelly almost cried out when she felt him part her lips and run his finger along her slit. “What’s taking you so long, you bastard,” she thought to herself thankful of the fact that Denny could not read minds. As soon as the thought had crossed her mind, she felt an explosion in her cunt as he tested her depths and wetness with his finger. Slowly she felt him begin to work his finger in and out of her and just as she came close to an orgasm she felt him withdraw his finger. She looked up to him in protest and he smiled. “Not yet,” he said as he looked at her dripping cunt. She wrapped her legs around his waist and spun around so he was under her.

“Whoa……” he uttered as she pulled the belt off. Kelly, fully naked on top of him gave him an evil smile. “My turn,” she said as she undid his pants. She pulled them off slowly revealing his Calvin Klein briefs. She then undid his shirt buttons and then bent down to kiss his magnificently crafted chest . He shivered as her kisses trailed his pecs then down to his tummy. He almost gasped when she freed him from his briefs and ran her fingers along his length .

“Oh shit Kelly……,” he moaned as she licked his tip causing him to get even harder. Her breasts brushed him lightly as she bent to take him in her mouth. He groaned as she sucked him long and deep, letting his hard member explore the warmth of her mouth. She let her tongue circle the hard raging cock until she felt him get stiffer than he already was. She knew he was close and wanted to make sure he didn’t reach his climax, just as he had with her.

Kelly withdrew his cock from her mouth and got her body parallel to his. She straddled him and began slowly grinding her hips on him, his tip teasing her wetness. He came to the realization that if it was up to her, he would probably never feel the warmth of her depths. Tightening his grip on her hips, she gasped as she felt his full length ease up in her. Unable to withstand the pleasure in her loins, she collapsed on his masculine chest as he maneuvered himself inside her allowing her to get used to his length. She managed to sit back up giving him a chance to take her full breasts in his hands. Small gasps eluded her lips as he withdrew his cock and then eased back in repeatedly causing her to give loud pleasurable moans. He suddenly pulled out of her and spun her around. She shrieked when he got back inside her without a warning and began driving himself in and out of her. She could have sworn her heartbeat and thrusts were in sync as he bucked his hips into her over and over again.

Without knowing it, she was bucking her hips upwards to meet his demanding thrusts and he was loving it. She was tighter and wetter than any other woman he had ever had. The way she squealed in delight every time he claimed her was proof enough that as attractive as she was, this was not something she did often. He felt his own cock tighten again. This time he was sure that if he didn’t get himself from the confines of her hot, wet cunt, this fantasy would be over.

He quickly pulled out of her before reaching orgasm and positioned his head between her legs. He took her clitoris in his mouth and sucked it gently. Kelly grabbed a lock of her hair and screamed out in pleasure. He flicked his clit with his tongue before plunging it deep into her pussy, her sweet tight pussy. She never realized at what point he positioned her on all fours and entered her from behind. She felt her walls quake a little and wished that he would start with his powerful thrusts once again. Instead, she felt his hand on the small of her back, gently pressing down. She reclined her back allowing his cock deeper in her cunt. She shrieked as he backed up and thrust back in. A scream escaped her lips once again. She never realized she could have a cock so deep inside her. He did it again, this time, the thrust a bit more intense causing her to scream louder. He hoped that by now she was used to the full length of his cock and began driving in and out of her in rhythm.

‘Thank God for the thousands spent in office decor,” he thought as he continued to fuck her in steady motion. By this time, he was surprised that security hadn’t sent someone up there to investigate since Kelly’s screams got louder with every thrust. Her nails dug into the leather cushions as she felt a sudden surge of energy inside her wet cunt. This time she was sure her pussy was about to send a gushing stream of cum down her thighs. Denny reached under her and grabbed her full tits once again. His pace got faster and steadier as he continued in her like a well oiled machine or better still, a piston. A piston driving towards an unknown force.

“Kelly, I want to cum in you,” she heard him say amidst the pounding sound. “Say my name baby,” he said as he fought the feeling of her walls tightening and releasing on his cock.

“D…Denny….,” she gasped out as he hastened his thrust, something she didn’t think was possible.

“Oh shit….Denny!” she yelled as she felt him burst inside her filling her up with his cum. This feeling caused her to reach her own climax. She was screaming as her nails tore into the couch. He felt himself go limp in her as he slipped out of her pussy causing a mass of goo to slip down her thigh and onto the couch.

Denny lay down on the couch and cradled her in his arms. The two of them could barely breathe, they could only manage to pant as they tried to regain their energy.

“That was the most amazing sex I have ever had,” Denny said a she planted a kiss on Kelly’s forehead. She giggled as she ran her hands on the now ruined leather.

“You do realize that I’ll need new furniture right?” Denny laughed.

“I don’t see why not,” he said gently spanking her big ass. “We do need to come up with an explanation of what happened here,” he added.

“Why?” Kelly asked touching his dick again. It was already starting to get hard. “You own the place,” she said in a purr.

“That I do,” he answered as he mounted her once again.

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