Lesbian Vampire Erotica – Hooked by Kyle

I dressed especially careful that night. A tight black skirt and sky high strappy heels with a shirt that barely covered my belly and left my neck completely exposed. I felt a little silly and overexposed with all my cleavage hanging out like that, but it’s what you do at Teeth.

They like when you show a lot of skin. Really gets their blood pumping.

Well, our blood.

The vampire bar is pretty new in our small town, so it’s a pretty big attraction. Girls who go out to dance there get a sort of reputation, if you know what I mean. I’ve never been there before, but that’s about to change.

I’m going there tonight, and I’m looking hot. I want to find myself a sexy vampire for the night. It’s been awhile since I had any sex, and even longer since I had any good sex. Vampires are notoriously good in bed, and everybody knows that they can’t get you pregnant or give you a disease, so it’s pretty win-win, all things considered.

So that was why I was all tarted up tonight. Ready to find a big fanged hunk to throw me down and do nasty things to me. They get a few healthy swallows of my blood, fresh from the source, and I get a night of ecstasy.

Sign me up.

I took a last look in the mirror before I walked out the door. My long strawberry blond hair was loose and straight, hanging over my bare shoulders. A long silver necklace dangled low, a ruby swinging between my nearly exposed breasts, glistening like a drop of blood. My makeup was dark, circling my eyes with artfully smeared kohl and drenching my lips a deep, shimmering red.

I looked positively delicious.

I gave myself a cheerful wink in the mirror and spun out the front door, swaying through it and out to my black sedan. I climbed in and drove myself through town, all the way to the busy and slightly dangerous edge where the vampire bar was. I parked up and wiggled my way over to the bouncer, a tall blonde vampire with a surly expression, and flashed him a blinding smile. He didn’t smile, but looked me over very slowly before pulling the deep red velvet rope aside just a little, so I had to pass very close by him to get into the club.

I felt him lean over and sniff the back of my neck slowly as he palmed my scantily-covered ass firmly. It got me a little wet. I looked back over my shoulder and saw that his fangs were poking out of his mouth just a little while he watched my walk away.

Well this was going to be interesting.

The club was dark, and my eyes took a few moments to adjust in the dim light. The club was busy, but not too busy. Nobody wants to be seen at the vampire bar, but the way I see it, you’re just as likely to get into trouble with a human guy.

Men are all pigs. Even the undead ones.

There was a crowd around the bar and quite a few people cutting it up on the dance floor. I’d heard that some of the vamps have some impressive moves, and wow, was it true. I watched two vamps engaged in the fastest, most perfect tango I’ve ever seen while I made my way up to the bar.

A red-haired, freckled vampire stepped right in front of me when I reached it. He wasn’t tall, but he was handsome, and smirking so that I could see his fangs.

“Hello petal,” he said in a bright Irish accent, “Would you like a drink?” He gestured to the bar behind him. “I certainly would,” he went on, casting a hot, pointed glance at my exposed throat.

I smiled and tilted my chin up ever so slightly,, exposing even more of the pale, thin flesh of my neck. He dug his fangs into his lower lip while he watched me. I sidled up next to him to the bar, and flagged the bartender down to order my own drink.

“Rum and coke,” I shouted down, and again focused my attention on the ginger vampire who was edging closer and closer to my neck. I pushed him back gently, marveling at the cold, hard feel of his skin under his shirt. And the shirt was silk, I’d bet. Vampires don’t do things halfway.

“Maybe later,” I told him in a low, sultry voice. I didn’t want to upset him. They can get touchy sometimes, but he drifted off towards a group of young human girls looking perfectly cheerful. A tall drunk slid into my view on the bar counter and I dug into my handbag for the cash, ready to hand it over.

The vampire behind the bar studied me slowly. She had long dark hair and a very pale face, with red lips and dark eyes to match mine. She parted her lips just barely and ran her tongue over the tips of her white fangs, all the while staring deep into my eyes. I felt something stirring below my navel and wondered…I’d never been interested in a woman before. I shrugged it off; maybe vampires were different.

“It’s on the house,” she told me quietly. Her voice was low and melodic, graceful in a way that a human voice could never be. She watched me for another long moment, and I watched her back. Her neck and long and graceful and her waist was waspy, but her bosom was quite substantial. The bottom half of her was hidden behind the bar, and I had to fight off a sudden, powerful desire to climb over it to see her. Touch her, maybe.

I was hooked.

I sat down at the bar and sipped my drink. She winked at me and went off to serve drinks, but I stayed to watch her. Her dark eyes flicked to me a few times while I watched her; she was watching me too. And I liked it. After a while, when my rum and coke was empty she brought me down another one and leaned over the bar towards me. My heart hammered in my throat as she came closer, and I knew she could hear it. I saw her fangs withdrawing slightly, saw her tongue flick over her red lips at the mere thought of my blood.

“My name is Saskia,” she said very quietly into my ear. I could almost feel her tongue flicking against my sensitive earlobe, but I might have imagined it. “I get off at twelve.”

She nuzzled her nose into my earlobe and I about jumped out of my skin. It was cold. All the blood in my body seemed to be concentrating between my legs, leaving my brain swimming fuzzily. I cleared my throat and sipped my drink, trying to recover myself.

“I…I’ll be here,” I said to her, trying to smile. Suddenly, I was afraid. Isn’t it always that way? As soon as you get exactly what you thought you wanted, you’re scared of it all of a sudden?

But I stayed sitting at the bar, sipping my rum and coke to steel my nerves. I couldn’t help but notice that it was mostly coke-colored rum. Maybe she thought I would run away too. But I wasn’t going anywhere. Like I said, I was hooked.

They say that vampires can hypnotize you just by looking into your eyes. I had certainly spent quite a few moments looking into the vampire’s – Saskia’s, but I didn’t feel hypnotized. Would you notice if you’d been hypnotized while you were hypnotized? I decided not to worry about it.

I downed the rum and coke and it was replaced swiftly. I drank that one too. Midnight came quicker than it had any right to. My heart was still hammering somewhere in my throat, and my entire body was hot and tingling. Maybe I was hypnotized, but when she suddenly appeared behind me and took my hand in her cool, marble smooth one, I found that I didn’t care.

She lead me through the now crowded bar by the hand. Her ass was even nicer than I’d thought it would be; she had curvy, well-muscled hips and a perfectly round bottom. I wanted to touch it, to know if it would be soft and yielding in my hands or as firm as the rest of her. What did her tits feel like? I licked my lips hungrily as I wondered, and she spun to smile at me almost wickedly.

It was like she knew what I was thinking…

She pulled aside a heavy velvet curtain (of course it had to be velvet, right? No chiffon or regular cotton curtains for the vampires.) and ushered me inside. It was even darker in this room, but I could see that there were couches and daybeds scattered around the dimly lit room. We walked over to a black velvet daybed (where did they even find these things?) surrounded by a heavy curtain. We sat down and she closed the curtain around us.

I was feeling pretty grateful for the three strong rum and cokes right about now. But I wasn’t scared. Certainly not as scared as I thought I should be. When she sat down next to me and turned to look at me, I wasn’t sure what I should be more frightened of; the fact that she was a vampire or the face that she was a…well, a she.

She was watching the emotions roll over my face, and raised a hand to stroke my loose golden hair. “Don’t be afraid,” she whispered, bringing her face even closer. “I won’t hurt you. Well, not much,” she added as her fangs slid out, sharp and glistening.

And then she kissed me.

It was the best kiss I’ve ever had in my life. You would think that kissing someone with deadly fangs would be uncomfortable at best, but feeling your tongue slide over the sharp teeth is completely erotic. Her cold tongue swirled against mine like an ice cube, and I couldn’t help but imagine what it would feel like between my legs. She laughed into my mouth, and her cool hands slid slowly under my shirt and all the way up my back. They were so cold, but my skin tingled hotly where she touched as though she’d burnt me slightly.

Growing bolder, (and maybe a little drunker) my hands slid around her little waist too. I tried to pull her closer, but she resisted and I knew I could never force her, so I settled for running my hands slowly up and down her sides, from her hips to the sides of her round breasts. Her entire body was firm and very cool. I was dying to touch her skin.

In one swift, easy movement, she pulled my top up over my head. I wasn’t wearing a bra, so my breasts spilled out. For a moment I felt uneasy, but then I remembered the curtain around us and straightened my back, pushing my shoulders back and giving her a good eyeful. She pulled me easily onto her lap, and I marveled at how strong she was. Saskia kissed me again, and this time her cool hands slide up my soft belly to close around my soft, warm breasts. She sighed into my mouth as she kneaded them, rolling my sensitive nipples around in her cold fingers.

My pussy was drenched and tingling. When my hands slid low to her hips, I hooked my thumbs under her silky black top and pulled it up slowly, giving her plenty of time to stop me. She didn’t, and I pulled it off to reveal her substantial tits. My hands closed over them immediately. They were cool and pleasantly firm, and her dark nipples hardened almost immediately at my touch. She shivered, and her fangs slid out a little further.

I could tell she was hungry.

Suddenly she grabbed me by the shoulder and flattened me, kneeling between my legs on the daybed. She smiled slowly and shoved my tight skirt up around my waist.

“No panties, I see,” she said, trailing a cool hand over my shaved pussy nonchalantly while I panted for breath. “You’re a naughty little human, aren’t you?” she purred.

I tried to shake my head, but I could barely think as one of her slim, icy fingers dipped into my hot pussy. My head spun as it nudged against my clit and slid lower to swirl around my wet, ready entrance. Two more jointed it and she pushed them deep into me. My back arched automatically and I gasped, spreading my legs wide as she fucked me with her fingers.

She watched me writhe for a moment, and then dipped her head swiftly. Before I knew it her tongue had joined her fingers. It was smooth, cool and wet, and felt insanely good sliding around my clit. She could move faster than a human, and she was finger fucking me with a speed and thoroughness that I had never felt before. I could feel an orgasm building already.

Her tongue flicked against my clit so fast that it felt like a vibrator, and then she parted her lips and sucked the little bead into her mouth. It swelled and engorged as she sucked, becoming so sensitive that the next time she nudged her tongue against it I moaned loudly, pinching my own nipples hard in my fingers.

There was an extraordinarily pleasurable pressure growing below my belly button and spreading like fire throughout my entire body. I knew it was only seconds before I exploded in her mouth, and my moaning became deeper and slower. I gripped her hair hard, knowing that I had no chance at all of hurting her.

Suddenly I exploded (or maybe imploded? It’s not important) under her flicking tongue. My body spasmed and I felt a pleasure even sharper and more real than the waves on my inner thigh. Looking down, I saw dimly that Saskia had sunk her sharp fangs into the soft flesh of my inner thigh, only centimeters from my pussy. She was drinking my blood, eyes half shut in ecstasy as mine were. I wondered if she could taste my pleasure in my blood.

It certainly looked like it.

She drank from me until well after I stopped coming, but her fangs deep in the flesh of my leg never hurt me. It felt like she was kissing me gently, sucking me…Like I said, I was hooked. She took her fangs out of my leg and it pinched a little, but then she crawled up my body, cool nipples dragging over my skin, and kissed me.

Tasting your own blood doesn’t sound sexy even a little bit, but somehow when her tongue swirled with mine and I tasted myself on her tongue I almost came again. She knew that I liked it too, because she laughed again in my ear, and grazed her fangs over my neck very slowly. They felt like knives.

I couldn’t breathe. My head was spinning, and it wasn’t from the rum and cokes.

“Please,” I choked out, barely able to form the words. She looked at me teasingly.

“Please what? What do you want, sexy little human?” She dug her fangs into my skin just a little bit and then whispered, “I want to hear you say it.”

I swallowed hard. “Please,” I begged again, stretching my pale throat before her, “Please, will you bite me again?”

She didn’t answer, but sank her fangs very slowly into the skin of my throat. It hurt this time, but I liked it. The heat flooded back between my legs. I could feel her sucking the blood out of my veins, and it excited me. Her hands wiggled between us to grip my breasts again while she drank, and she pinched and teased my nipples to hardness almost immediately.

I could feel the blood pounding in my pussy and neck where she drank from me. I couldn’t believe it, but I could feel myself teetering on the edge of coming again, just from her drinking hungrily from my neck. She made little noises of enjoyment as she ate, like tiny moans, and they drove me swiftly toward the edge. She could tell, and her fingers teased my tits expertly. I had never come like this before, but it came on hard, pushing my over the edge.

My pussy spasmed and my body went rigid. I don’t think I’ve ever had an orgasm that long in my life, and she hadn’t even touched my cunt. The hot pleasure flowed through me, just like the warm blood flowing out of the two little punctures in my neck and into her waiting mouth. Finally, it was over, and I felt her fangs pull out of me yet again. It hurt more this time, but I couldn’t bring myself to care.

She kissed me lightly, pulled my skirt back down and handed me my scanty little top before pulling her own on. She stood up very quickly, and I fumbled with my shirt for a moment before she pulled it down and arranged it on me perfectly in seconds. I stood staring at her, looking very unsure for a moment before she pressed her hard lips against mine, surprisingly softly.

I kissed her back deeply, my hands wrapping around her lower back and sliding down to squeeze her ass. It was as firm as the rest of her, I was unsurprised to find, but perfectly round and full. She squeezed my ass hard in her strong hands, before dipping her fingers below my skirt and into my pussy. She slid two finger deep within me, and fucked me with them for just a moment. I almost fell over, and she pulled them out, sliding them into her mouth and licking them clean.

She gave me a wink, and disappeared through the curtain. I followed her through it, but when I looked for her she was gone.

I went home, and dreamed about her all week. It’s Saturday night again, and I’m driving across town. I hope she’s working the same shift.

Like I said, I’m hooked.

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