Medieval Sex Stories – A Lesbians Spanking

She opened the heavy wooden door to her small bedroom in the convent. Removing her leather belt, she let her weighty woolen habit fall to the floor in a black heap leaving her smooth skin exposed. She pulled the severe veil off of her face and her curly black hair tumbled free over her shoulders, hanging down in front of her full breasts. Naked except for the cross hanging around her neck, she lowered herself onto the small bed in the corner and took a deep breath.

Her hands gripped her thighs and slid up over her belly. Her thin fingers traced over the smooth, soft skin of her stomach for a moment before her eyes fluttered shut and her hands slid up even further to clutch her round tits. Her head tilted back and her square teeth bit into her lower lip as her fingers pinched her nipples, tugging and pulling them. She bit back a moan, her back arching off the bed.

The cold metal of her silver cross dangled between her breasts.

Her hands squeezed her breasts one more time before sliding lower and lower, to the forbidden place between her legs. Her fingers traced slowly through the downy patch of dark hair to trace over her slit. One finger slid between her lips to trail slowly through the slick warmth. She moaned quietly, her head turning to the side and tangling in her tumble of curls. Her mouth opened and a low moan escaped as her fingers nudged against the sensitive pink bead between her lips.

Her legs fell further apart and she rubbed it again, more firmly this time. Her breath caught in her throat and her eyes shot open. She longed to shove her own fingers deep within herself but knew what she was already doing was sinful enough. She had pledged to remain a virgin, whole and unsullied, for life. She would keep her promise.

But she couldn’t stop her fingers from rubbing furiously against her clit. It felt too good. She could feel a hot pressure building just above her stroking fingers. The heat spread throughout her body, burning and tingling through her limbs. She gasped a breath and her body convulsed, clenching and spasming as the pleasure ran through her. Her back arched almost violently and her bare toes curled…

Someone knocked on the door to her chamber loudly.

“Sister Amelia!”

Amelia nearly fell out of bed. She jumped on to shaky legs, throwing her habit haphazardly over her naked form and belting it quickly, not bothering to find her undergarments.

“Yes, Sister?” she answered, wincing at the raspy quality of her voice. She cleared her throat quietly and waited for the answer.

The nun on the other side of the door coughed and said quietly, “The Prioress has summoned you, sister. You are to go to her chambers immediately.” Amelia heard her shoes clicking softly on the stones of the hall as she walked away from the door.

Amelia sank back onto the side of the bed, going very pale. Had someone heard her? It wasn’t as though this was the first time. She had touched herself many times since joining the convent. She usually snuck her hands under the covers quietly and in the dead of night, but sometimes she just couldn’t wait. Self-abuse was strictly forbidden in the convent. It might be considered a violation of her vow of chastity. She could be severely punished for such a serious infringement.

She tried to swallow past the lump in her throat and stood, straightening her serious black robes over her curves and making sure that all of her hair was hidden by her veil. After that, she could delay no more. She opened the door and went slowly through the dark stone corridors of the monastery to the Prioress’ chambers.

Amelia hesitated outside the heavy door, her hand raised to knock. The Prioress couldn’t know, could she? She was in charge of punishing any nuns in the convent who broke their vows or acted wrongly in any way. But she was also the taskmistress, assigned to make sure that the Sisters were kept busy throughout their days. She might just have a new task for Amelia, she thought hopefully. Steeling herself, she raised her hand and knocked on the superior Sister’s door.

“Come in,” said the Prioress in a steely voice.

Amelia opened the door slowly and stepped into her chamber. The room was dimly lit and sparsely furnished. A desk stood to one side, with a few candles lit on it for light. A bed stood in the other corner, neatly made, a beautifully illuminated copy of the good book resting open on the covers. The Prioress stood, tall and forbidding in her black habit, in the center of the shadowy room, waiting. She gestured Amelia to her desk with a nod of her head, and sat behind it.

“Sit down, Sister,” she commanded, and Amelia sat obediently, her eyes lowered. “You must be wondering why I’ve called you here so late, Sister,” the Prioress went on seriously. “I have a special job for you, Sister Amelia.”

Amelia’s heart leapt hopefully. Perhaps she wasn’t going to be punished after all. The Prioress pulled a book from the corner of her desk and opened it, pushing it towards Amelia. She leaned forward to look at it in the flickering candlelight. It was a manuscript, beautifully copied but only partially illuminated. She could see where the artist had stopped, and traced her fingers over the colourful, unfinished pages.

“It is unfinished, you see,” said the Prioress grimly. “The Sister who was working on it fell suddenly ill and, unfortunately, did not recover. Someone must finish the illuminations.” She pointed at the unfinished artwork. “We think that you, Sister, have the necessary talent.” She studied Amelia seriously. “Do you feel ready to accept this task? It is a serious responsibility, and not to be taken lightly.”

Amelia nodded, trying to remain reserved and calm. “Of course, Prioress. I am honoured to be chosen,” she said demurely. Inside she was thrilled, both with her new assignment and the Prioress having no knowledge of her dirty night time exploits.

The Prioress nodded at her, still studying her closely. “Excellent, Sister. You may choose the appropriate inks from our supplies tomorrow. You will start immediately. Will you work in your chambers?”

Amelia considered it for a moment. “The courtyard has better light, Prioress, if the weather is fine.”

The Prioress nodded and turned away, and Amelia thought she was excused. She stood and walked slowly to the door, holding the manuscript gently in her hands.

She had almost made it to the door before the Prioress said, “One more thing, Sister Amelia.”

Amelia turned back to look at her. The Prioress was holding a thick cane in her hands and watching Amelia grimly. She gestured Amelia back to the desk and Amelia approached it, trembling. She put the manuscript back on the desk with trembling hands.

“We do not take the sin of masturbation lightly in this abbey, Sister Amelia,” said the older nun sharply. “Please remove your robes and veil and put your hands on the desk.”

Shaking, Amelia pulled her veil off. The Prioress clicked her tongue as her abundant curls sprang free, unbridled.

“Your hair should be in a knot, Sister, not hanging loose like a harlot. Two more strokes for that. Now off with your habit.”

Amelia cringed and dropped her robes, revealing her naked, amply curved form. The Prioress was silent for a long moment. When she spoke, she sounded very disapproving.

“And five more for lack of regulation undergarments, I think. You shame the Church, Sister Amelia. Hands on the desk. Now.”

Her entire naked body quivering, Amelia did as she was told. She put her hands on the desk and bent over slightly, preparing for the caning. Tears rolled down her face, but she didn’t dare look at the Prioress. She was too frightened.

“You will consider why you joined the convent in the first place, Sister, during your caning. You will repeat the phrase, “I must not touch my pussy,” with every stroke. Do you understand?” The Prioress spoke quite close to her ear. Amelia nodded fearfully, choking back a sob. The older nun stepped back, and Amelia braced for the blow.


The cane smacked hard against the delicate flesh of her ass, and the pain nearly blinded her, but Amelia choked out, “I must not touch my pussy!” without crying out. Tears ran down her face.

“Very good,” said the Prioress quietly. And then she hit Amelia again.

“I must not touch my pussy!” Amelia cried out, her head slumping forward. She was crying in earnest now, her entire body heaving with each sob. The Prioress walked around the desk and lifted Amelia’s chin with the end of the cane to meet her eyes. Amelia saw with a shock that the Prioress was naked, and her brown hair flowed freely over her shoulders. She tapped Amelia’s cheek with the cane.

“You are a dirty, unholy whore and you do not deserve to be here. You understand that, don’t you?”

Amelia nodded, her eyes closing in shame. She knew the Prioress was right. She felt the thick cane sliding down her back and stiffened, preparing for another blow, but the thick tip of the cane slid between her legs. She tried not to react as the warm wood slid against her still slippery pussy…

“You’re still wet from your last session of sin, I suppose?” The older nun said nastily into her ear, sliding the cane against her clit and making Amelia’s every nerve stand at attention. She pressed the cane against Amelia’s wet entrance and Amelia bent over the desk, allowing several inches of it to slide into her ready cunt. She gasped; her belly and breasts crushed against the cold wood of the desk as several inches of warmer wood slid deep inside her. Nothing was ever supposed to touch her there, and she knew she was shamed. But she couldn’t help pressing back with her hips; her body was begging to feel another inch.

The Prioress laughed and caressed Amelia’s round ass, shoving the cane even further into her pussy. Amelia screamed, but it tapered into a moan of pleasure. She couldn’t help but enjoy the sensation of being filled up. It was much, much better than she thought it would be.

The Prioress laughed cruelly again. “I knew you would like it. I suppose I’m just going to have to fuck this nastiness out of you, aren’t I?” She moved the cane rhythmically, pushing it deeper into Amelia’s pussy and then pulling it out again. She fucked her slowly at first, and then moved faster, pushing the thick wood deeper and deeper into the younger girl’s tight pink pussy.

Amelia moaned wantonly, unable to keep quiet while her superior fucked her so roughly with the thick cane. She gripped the desk while her head spun in circles. A pressure was building in her, but it was unlike her usual feeling of climax…It was almost frightening in its severity. Her body felt like it was on fire. The cold metal of her cross bounced against her heaving tits with the cane’s every thrust. Suddenly her body exploded and her moaning grew louder; she fucked the cane back, trying to take more and more of the smooth wood into her clenching pussy.

After she was spent she collapsed on the desk, breathing very hard and still tingling from head to toe with the aftershocks of her astounding climax. But the Prioress wasn’t going to let her leave. She cleared her throat and Amelia struggled to stand and look attentive. The older nun directed silently her to the small bed in the corner, and Amelia went to it gratefully, laying down and watching her superior. The Prioress lay down beside her, naked and flushed. Amelia felt another stirring between her legs, but knew this was forbidden too. One of the other nun’s hands was between her legs, touching her most sensitive parts. Her other hand wrapped in Amelia’s hair and pulled her face down, burying it in her ample breasts.

Amelia opened her mouth and shyly flicked her pink tongue against the older woman’s hardened nipple, taking it into her mouth and sucking when the Prioress moaned her enjoyment. She reached over and pinched the other nipple, pulling and tugging on it gently. She sucked and licked, struggling to please the other woman but the Prioress wrapped her hand in Amelia’s curly hair and pulled her head lower and lower until she was between the older woman’s legs. She licked the slick slit of her pussy shyly, not knowing what to do, but the other woman’s moans made her bolder.

She parted the slippery pussy lips and buried her face in her superior’s pussy, licking and sucking for all she was worth. She found the sensitive nub that she so enjoyed playing with and rolled it between her lips, gratified when the Prioress arched her back and locked her legs around Amelia’s neck. She ate the nun’s pussy hungrily, knowing the severity of this sin and not finding herself able to care.

The Prioress’ hands wrapped themselves again in Amelia’s curly black hair, pulling her face even deeper into the wet pussy she was eagerly licking. Her hips moved against Amelia’s mouth, and Amelia brought one hand up, sliding her fingers delicately against the woman’s entrance. She probed for a moment before she thrust two fingers into the woman’s unbelievably tight pussy. Her fingers were the only things to ever enter it, and she thrust them roughly in and out of the Prioress’ virgin cunt.

The superior nun was flushed and panting, humping the younger girl’s face and fingers with abandon. Her legs were locked around the girl’s neck, and she could feel her climax building. Her legs tightened around Amelia’s neck, forcing her pussy deeper and deeper into Amelia’s mouth and pulling the girl’s finger deeper into her hungry pussy. She moaned loudly and came, her pussy clenching around Amelia’s fingers over and over.

The women lay in bed, panting and avoiding each other’s eyes. Neither of them spoke, but after a moment Amelia took the other woman’s hands and slid it between her legs. The Prioress responded, her fingers sliding eagerly between the lips of Amelia’s pussy. She nudged her clit gently, rubbing against it more firmly when she felt Amelia spread her legs wider at the pressure. Amelia moaned and the other woman moved her fingers faster and faster.

Amelia moved her hips against the Prioress’ fingers, feeling another climax building swiftly. She humped the other woman’s hand, rubbing herself against it furiously. Her head tipped back and her mouth opened, moving silently as she prayed for forgiveness for her sins while her body betrayed her, exploding with her climax.

The woman lay in bed together, wrapped around each other in the dim light of the candles. Amelia said nothing, but rose slowly and dressed in her habit and veil. She took the manuscript and left the Prioress’ chambers without another word. The Prioress lay naked in bed for a long time, contemplating her sins. She knelt naked next to her bed and bowed her head and prayed in the dark for a long time.

Amelia took the long walk through the stone corridors back to her chambers slowly. She opened the heavy door and went in, collapsing against the door as soon as it shut. She wondered for a moment if her sins were unforgivable, and she should leave the convent forever…but she didn’t want to. What she wanted was to spend another night sinning in the Prioress’ chambers.

She knelt by her bed to pray, but her thoughts kept straying to the cane sliding on her wet thighs, the heat of the Prioress’ pussy pressed against her mouth…

The next day she was very late for her breakfast duty, and worked lazily throughout the day. She did everything that she could to find herself in the Prioress’ chambers for discipline. Her efforts paid off; just as she had stripped off her habit and lay naked in her bed, there came a knocking on her door.

“The Prioress has summoned you again, Sister Amelia.”

The nun outside walked quietly away and Amelia rose, pulling her woollen robes over her naked form. She didn’t bother to belt them. She walked through the stone corridors much more quickly tonight then she had the last, and knocked once before opening the door and entering.

She walked up where the Prioress sat at her desk and stood before her, eyes cast down demurely.

“Prioress, you asked to see me again?” she said quietly, standing with her hands clasped in front of her.

“Yes, I did, Sister,” purred the superior nun quietly. “I don’t think last night’s punishment was very effective, do you?” she strode around the desk, the heavy cane held in her small hands. “You still seem to be…acting out. I think you might need another session, Sister.” She nudged the hem of Amelia’s robes up with the cane, running it over her damp thighs. Amelia sighed and parted them willingly, waiting to be filled up again by the thick wood.

She gasped as the thick tip of the cane slid between her legs, sliding deep inside of her. She put her hands on the desk and spread her legs wide and moaning. Amelia gasped and pushed back, her pussy swallowing another few inches of the smooth, warm wood swiftly. The Prioress noticed and shoved it in even deeper, fucking her harder and harder with the thick cane. Amelia screamed and threw her head back wantonly, fucking the cane back.

“YES! Oh, yes,” she moaned desperately, “Forgive me sister,” she gasped as her pussy clenched around the cane over and over in climax, “for I have sinned!”

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