Science Fiction Erotica – Adonis, God Of Sex Part 1

“OK Lads and Ladies, today we’re going to talk about the babe God.”

Anne Wilkins stood before a full classroom at Bingham University, the place where she had taught Greek literature and mythology for nearly a decade.

This place is like my second home. She took a quick look around the sterile, clean lined room and the young, attentive students who filled it. Or my first home, if you ask my soon to be ex-husband.

Indeed, when Anne had caught her husband in bed with their next door neighbor three months ago, he had blamed her for his infidelity. He said that her full teaching schedule left little time for marital relations.

“Oh really?” She cocked a sharp eyebrow in the direction of her husband and his empty eyed mistress. “Are you sure it’s not because you’re a weak bimbo with no visible moral compass?”

“Hey!” Their neighbor, who went by the name of Cinnamon, sat upright in Anne’s bed, having the nerve to take offense at the words of the woman whose home she was wrecking. “Who are you calling a bimbo?”

“Him, actually.” Anne nodded toward her husband. “He’s the one whose rampant horniess just ended our marriage.”

Now Anne lived in a modest apartment just off campus. And while many of her nights remained lonesome and sleepless, her days were filled with the magic and mystery of Greek legends, those mystical tales that had captivated her since childhood.

Today she was teaching her students the legend of Adonis; the Grecian God most renowned for his incredible male beauty.

And ironically enough, on the very day that she was telling her pupils the story of Adonis, a student with the face and figure of the famously gorgeous immortal had joined her class.

Though I’m not even sure if Adonis was ever this hot, she mused, her gaze scaling the tall, strong form of the new pupil, who now sat at the front of the classroom.

And although a fair number of her college level students were sculpted and muscular, few boasted a set of insanely perfect features that included a long fall of black hair, penetrating eyes of azure, carved cheekbones, and a full set of sumptuous lips that now smiled in her direction.

“So go on, Professor Wilkins , we await with baited breath.” His deep, full voice rang out across the classroom, caressing her senses and sending chills up her spine. “Who is the babe God?”

“You!” Anne wanted to shout out, but she didn’t. Instead she hung her head and pretended to focus on the lectern before her.

What in the heck am I doing, lusting after a student? She bit her lip. I mean granted, he’s an adult… But still, it’s not right.

Aloud she said, “The babe God, Adam, is it? Is named Adonis. He was renowned for having a beauty that caused conflict and rivalry among the Goddesses, even the mighty Aphrodite treasured his radiance.” Anne shrugged, avoiding the gaze of the troublesome pupil who was very much a babe himself. “This is why I refer to him as the babe God; the name that would befit him in modern times.”

She looked up in time to see Adam Greek, her pupil of two days, fix her with a penetrating gaze.

“Interesting.” He nodded, stroking his sculpted chin in thought. “So I take it that, with those good looks, he was probably a trip to be around. Always looking in the mirror and blowing sweet kisses to himself.”

Instead of joining in the light laughter that permeated her classroom, Anne met her student’s words with a hard and hefty sigh.

“No actually,” she managed a mock smile. “Though one would believe as much these days, when they see the way that Adonis is portrayed in today’s movies and TV shows. In modern years he has become a caricature, not a character, one associated with negative traits like pride and arrogance.”

Adam nodded.

“Yep, that’s all I’ve heard about the dude.” He cocked his head, adding more softly, “So tell us, Prof. Wilkins…”

“Anne,” the teacher corrected quickly, adding as her cheeks flushed, “We are all adults here, Adam. I have no problem with my students calling me by my first name.”

Her cheeks flushed hotter as Adam met these words with a devastating white toothed smile.

“Anne,” he said her name on a sumptuous whisper, “tell us about the real Adonis.”

The professor shrugged, for some reason feeling that the temperature in her room had just upped itself 20 degrees. At least.

“Well, considering that Adonis is a mythical ‘dude’ who, had he actually lived, would have died well before we were born, it is difficult to say just who he was.” With this her voice softened, and her gaze grew misty as her rebellious psyche drifted to another place. “Legend tells us, however, that women in ancient Greece, and for that matter, in many civilizations since, not only admired and lusted for Adonis. They worshiped him as a God.” She nodded, her smile bright and genuine. “Adonis is often seen as a patron saint of women, someone who offers warmth and protection whenever a lady needs it most.”

Anne’s smile broadened as a chorus of feminine murmurs arose in unison, expressing their support of this concept. And among this verbal rain of “Whoa!”s, “Cool!”s and “You go Girl!s” resounded a distinct male voice that said, “This Adonis sounds like an interesting chap. I’d quite like to meet him sometime.”

Anne’s grin dissolved as she considered these words, spoken by her newest student in the front row.

Oh I shoulda known it. Gay as the day he was made.

She sighed inwardly and cringed, before she realized what she had just felt. That wasn’t very nice at all. Sheesh, what has divorce done to me?

All too quickly the clanging of a loud bell proclaimed the end of their session, sending Anne deep into the confines of her staff office; a sparsely decorated work space that included a desk, a cushioned chair, and a tall steel filing cabinet.

Taking a seat at her desk, Anne sighed as she came face to face with the lone photo that occupied its surface. One that showed her and her husband Jason on the day of their wedding.

She studied herself a moment, noting that, while she had put on a few pounds since the big day, her wide green eyes and shoulder length brown hair still drew an occasional glance of admiration from a passing male.

Not from Jason, though, she thought as a lame smirked came on her face. Even in this photo he’s looking not at me, but somewhere off to the right. And from what I remember, that is where my bridesmaids were when this picture was taken. Geesh what a douchebag.

Her troubled meditation was interrupted by a soft knock on her door, one she answered with a brisk “Come in!”

The door opened to reveal a tall black haired man, who added light and excitement to his surrounding; illuminating her office with his exquisite masculine beauty and dazzling white toothed smile.

“Hi Adam.” She returned his smile, though averting her gaze from his flawless form.

“Hello Anne.” Closing the door behind him, her student came to stand just before her desk, his muscled arms folded before him. “Did you have a moment to chat?”

“Absolutely.” The teacher leaned back in her seat, folding her hands behind her head as she looked him straight in the eyes. “I’ve been meaning to ask you how you like the class. It can’t be easy to come in midterm and try to wade through the ins and outs of Greek mythology.”

“Actually I already know it all,” came his cryptic reply.

Anne looked at him, cocking her head in a curious manner.

“Really?” She placed a puzzled finger on her lips. “Then why take my class?”

She took in her breath as Adam leaned across the desk, fixing her with a gaze of narrow eyed seduction that stole her breath.

“Let’s cut all the pretense Anne.” His tone low and alluring. “We both know who I am and why I’m here.”

“We do?” A confused Anne shook her head, even as her heart raced in the face of his seductive demeanor.

Instead of answering her verbally, Adam threw up his hands in the direction of Anne’s wedding photo. She watched in amazement as a blistering gold beam erupted from his fingers and struck the picture, obliterating it in a single strike.

“I love that trick,” he pitched his head back, laughing outright. “I tell ya, Anne, it’s good to be a God.”

Jumping to her feet, a frightened Anne made a broad gesture toward the doorway of her classroom.

“Young man, I’m going to have to ask you to leave…” She planted her hands on her hips.

“And miss the best sex of your life?” An unfazed Adam arched his eyebrows, pinning her with a sensual pout that made her pulse pound.

With anger.

“Some nerve you have, coming into my classroom and talking to me this way!” She shook her head, adding under her breath, “Not to mention destroying my property with some impossible Godlike powers.”

Adam’s gaze softened as he moved closer to her, finally taking a seat on the edge of her desk and relaxing her with a gentle smile.

“I wasn’t destroying your property Anne, and rest assured I would never hurt you.” He raised his hands before him in a defensive stance. “I’m here only to bring you warmth and pleasure, to comfort you during your time of need.”

“Who are you?” Anne sat down hard in her office chair, placing herself in dangerous proximity to the man who tempted and aroused her. “Why are you here?”

She took in her breath as the mysterious man erased the remaining distance between them; treating her to an up close view of his carved features and penetrating eyes.

“I am Adonis,” he whispered, cupping her face with two tender hands as he stared deep into her eyes. “I am here to please and satisfy you, to heal your broken heart through tender nurturance and divine sensuality.”

“Oh is that all?” Barely able to hear her own voice over the pounding of her heart, Anne attempted a casual tone. “Listen Babe, I’ve been around the proverbial block a couple of times….”

“And you’ve never had anything quite this hot, Annie. I’m not the babe, I’m the babe God.”

With this grand statement he swooped down upon her, seizing her lips in a passionate kiss; rubbing her mouth with sensual slowness against his own, probing her with his long wet tongue.

With a single heated sigh she surrendered to his advances, smacking her lips against his as her hands raised to brace themselves on his strong muscled shoulders.

For a long, timeless moment she lost herself in his kiss, her public surroundings dissolving around her as her psyche brimmed with beautiful images; heavenly visions of Gods in flight against a surreal lavender sky, their radiant forms rivaling the sky with their brilliance. She saw visions of the Gods standing tall on Mt. Olympus, commanding all with their surreal powers.

Finally she saw a stirring mental portrait of her student, the mysterious Adam Greek. He stood tall and proud, dressed in a sleek white toga beside the Goddess Aphrodite.

Suddenly her eyes flew open, and she broke their kiss with a startled gasp.

“You’re him,” she released on a startled whisper. “You are Adonis.”

Meeting her words with a sly smile, her lover descended to his knees before her and stared up at her with worshipful eyes.

“Yes my darling.” He seized her foot in a sturdy hand, slipping off her shoe as his free hand rubbed and massaged her legs. “I am the God who was created to offer affection and ecstasy to the women of this earth. Do allow me to demonstrate my powers.”

Anne offered no resistance as he crawled between her legs. Rubbing her womanly thighs, he peeled off her hose and undies, before tossing them on the floor beside them.

“Let me take you away.”

He laid a long, resounding lick across the surface of her feminine folds, opening them for his entry. He fixed his full, sumptuous lips around her throbbing nub; bracing his hands on her fully made hips as he licked and suckled her clit.

Throwing her head back, Anne bit her lip as she reached down to stroke the strands of his long hair; her legs locking around his head as he leaned inward to kiss and nip the source of her pleasure.

As her nub itself seemed on the verge of erupting, Anne saw visions of flowing volcanoes and fiery skies; landmarks of an alternate universe ruled by Grecian Gods.

“Adam,” she whispered, thrilling as his tongue sent fiery sparks through every fiber of her being.

“Say my name babe,” he said muffled in her clit, licking back and forth before sending her over the edge.

“Adonis!” Anne screamed out, her entire body consumed in the waves of an overpowering orgasm.

Pleasure swept through every inch of her being as her body reeled in ecstasy; her heart pounded, her pussy gushed, and she felt like she could fly.

In fact, she was pretty sure she was flying! Her body soared even as it lightly spasmed with waves of orgasmic pleasure.

Her eyes flew open to reveal a scene much transformed from the sterile environment of her university office. Indeed, in place of her crisp tile floor was a soft lawn of grass so emerald that it dazzled her eyes. Replacing her gray steel file cabinet was a patch of flowers that also shone in all colors of the rainbow: roses so scarlet red, lilies so lavender, azaleas and hibiscus so very golden that they seemed not of this earth.

“That’s because they’re truly not of this earth.”

She trembled as the God reading her mind spoke in a soft deep voice that whispered against her ear. “I’ve brought you to the Elysian fields.”

Immediately recognizing the mystical wonderland so often cited in her books of mythology, Anne cast her gaze upward to behold the lavender sky present in her earlier vision.

Finally she looked to her side, beholding the most beautiful vision of all.

Adonis stood naked before her eyes, his massive chest bronzed and golden in the light of their magical sky. This chest tapered down to an impressive set of toned washboard abs, as well as a pair of long, trim legs that drew an approving whistle from their current beholder.

“You’re beautiful,” she breathed.

“I’m yours.” Adonis descended to the ground before her and crawled to her side, reaching down to knead and caress her bare breasts until her nipples hardened in desire.

“Only did my chest get bare?” She winked at the man who now hovered over her, sweeping her naked body up in his strong arms and pressing himself against her.  Anne sighed with delight as her breasts pressed against his chest and their hips and thighs locked.

“I’m a God, babe.” He covered her face with sweet wet kisses, grinding his hips wild against hers as their hands clasped gently between them. “I got mad skills.”

“Well don’t just tell me darlin’.” Anne flipped her legs up to enclose his trim waist, her arms wrapping around his shoulders. “Show me.”

Eager to oblige, Adonis captured her smiling lips in an all-consuming kiss, cradling her against him as their mouths merged and their tongues entangled. Simultaneously he drove his long, hard shaft deep inside her wet pussy; moving inside her as he kissed her senseless.

With famished hands she canvassed the surface of his perfect chest and flawless abs; before planting two hands smack on his peachy yet tight ass. Soon she lost herself in his perfection, rolling around endlessly in his arms as their bodies basked in the heat of the sun.

As Adonis thrust forth to probe and penetrate the depths of her very core, she clutched his body close to her and laid her head on his chest.

“I can’t tell you what you’ve done for me today.” She entangled her fingers in his silken mane, all the while thrusting her hips forward to take him deeper into her.

Drawing back to gift her with a sweet smile, Adonis delivered a final thrust that sent them over the edge. Their bodies were brought to the brink of an explosive shared orgasm, a moment of seconds that felt like much longer. Their hearts pounded as they clung to one another, kissing deeply as they claimed their place in the depths of the Elysian Fields.

“Not just today, my Goddess.” He held her closer than close. “For eternity.”

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