Paranormal Sexy Stories – Adonis The God, And The Three Female Foursome

For years Anne Wilkens, a longtime teacher of Greek mythology at Bingham University, had pictured and envisioned the ebullient beauty of the Elysian Fields.

Yet now that she lay in the depths of this area, lying in the arms of the god Adonis, she now beheld the true spectacle of the fields in all their beauty. She saw a brilliant lavender sky that oversaw a soft lawn of emerald grass, a patch of floral that also shone in their rainbow-hued ebullience: roses so scarlet red, lilies so lavender, azaleas and hibiscus so very golden that they seemed the stuff of dreams.

And when she saw the stone cold stud lying beside her in the fields; well then she thought she was really dreaming.

True to his name and legend, the god Adonis boasted a set of insanely perfect features that included a long fall of golden hair, penetrating eyes of azure, carved cheekbones, and a full set of sumptuous lips that now smiled in her direction. This flawless head topped a massive chest bronzed and golden, that tapered down to an impressive set of toned washboard abs, as well as a pair of long, trim legs, and a taut, tight ass.

“You’re even better than I imagined,” she whispered, running an admiring hand down the surface of his muscular chest. “I can’t believe I just made love to Adonis.”

Taking her hand in his, Adonis planted sweet baby kisses across her fingers as he stared deep into her eyes.

“I can’t believe I just made love to Anne Wilkens,” he smiled.

Anne snorted, rolling her eyes heavenward.

“Oh yeah, I’m ‘Anneonis,’ the goddess of the grade scale.” She guffawed. “Aphrodite might test the limits of a man’s temptations, but I can test his great and intimate knowledge of Greek Mythology!”

Joining in her laughter, Adonis swept her up in an affirming embrace as their bodies rolled wild across the emerald grasses of their legendary trysting place.

“When I came to earth, Anne, I wanted only to correct the rampant misinformation that has soiled my name for centuries.” He cringed outright at the thought of these lies. “I wanted to tell people that I am not, contrary to popular legend, vain, arrogant or discourteous. I am instead a loving man who seeks to nurture woman, not to lure them to their doom.” His beam returned as he cupped Anne’s face in two tender hands. “The moment I heard your lesson, however, I quickly realized that I had a champion on your planet – someone who truly understood me.”

A nodding Anne covered his hands with hers, leaning forward to grace his full lips with a soft, sweet kiss.

“Last night, love, you more than lived up to my words,” she winked. “Besides, I’m sure that none of the Greek gods and goddesses were really as arrogant, selfish and haughty as we perceive them in modern times.”

“Oh I wouldn’t go that far,” Adonis blurted out, pursing his lips as he crossed his arms before him. “Don’t get me wrong, the gods are great, all powerful people who are capable of amazing feats. They are all powerful and all knowing,” with this he rolled his eyes, “not to mention all annoying and totally arrogant at times.”

Sweeping his lover up in an all-consuming embrace, Adonis covered Anne’s face with endless adoring kisses as he settled her bare, sweaty body in his lap and held her close to him.

“Thank the gods I’ve finally met a real human.” He cupped her beaming face in his hands. “Or, perhaps more appropriately, thank the humans that I’ve met Anne.”

“Ah, but can your precious human do this?”

The couple jumped as a crystalline lightning bolt struck hard on the ground beside them; setting fire to and obliterating a defenseless patch of lush lavender violets.

Anne sprang to her feet with a frightened scream; watching with wonder as Adonis wiggled his fingers, letting loose with an ethereal ivory light that bathed and nurtured the scarred patch – restoring it to its original state of peerless floral beauty.

Then he too rose to his feet, poising his hands on his hips and saying, “Nice try Aphrodite.”

Following the direction of her lover’s wary and downright insolent gaze, Anne beheld the most beautiful woman she ever had seen; one who also seemed oddly familiar.

Tall and slender, the woman’s long fall of golden hair framed a carved, flawless face; one that boasted high cheekbones, full lips and catlike eyes that shone as bright and lavender as the sky above her.

Although the woman’s set lips and haughty expression, one she had seen previously when it adorned the faces of numerous sorority girls who had passed through her classroom, annoyed and perplexed her, she nonetheless felt a certain warmth toward the newcomer; an emotion that felt suspiciously like attraction.

“Ut-oh, divorce sure has had a bizarre effect on me. One minute I’m bedding the babe god, the next I’m lusting after his female equivalent,” she tilted her head, averting her gaze from the vision of beauty that tempted her senses. “Or maybe this is more like a Catherine Zeta Jones or Michelle Pfeiffer type phenomena, where pretty much everyone alive and with a working set of hormones finds her attractive, regardless of their particular gender.”

Her troubled meditation was disrupted by the sound of a derisive snort; one that arose from the object of her troublesome admiration.

“I know I’m hot and everything, but surely you can still talk.” Aphrodite’s smile was not kind. “What’s your name woman?”

Drawing herself up to her own impressive height, Anne tossed her shoulder-length mane of lush brown hair and planted her hands on her hips.

“I’m Anne Wilkens, professor of Greek mythology at Bingham University.” She lifted her head and met the goddess’ gaze in full. “And I must admit my disappointment, Aphrodite. For years I’ve been telling my students that your allure and appeal started wars among men, and the best opening line you can come up with is ‘I know I’m hot and everything, but surely you can still talk?’”

The ire that she expected at these words was replaced by a round of hysterical laughter; one issued by the two immortals who shared her stretch of grass.

“The gal’s got spunk,” Aphrodite turned to Adonis, grinning in spite of herself.

“I know.” Adonis wrapped his arms around Anne’s waist, bringing her in for a warm hug. “I thought she’d fit in well here.”

The goddess nodded.

“So Adonis,” she cocked her head in what seemed a show of keen curiosity. “What all did you learn during your little vacation on the planet Earth?” Without awaiting an answer she sent a sly wink in Anne’s direction. “He lives in a great paradise of mythical proportions, and vacations on a planet frequently beset with smog, violence and pollution.”

“As my students would say, ‘I know, right?’” Anne crossed her eyes.

Adonis laughed.

“Actually Earth is a beautiful place, filled with lovely sights and fascinating people,” he nodded.

“Wonderful,” Aphrodite clapped her hands before her, adding with the slight arch of her feathered brows, “And how do these people perceive the gods and goddesses of Grecian lore?”

Adonis shrugged.

“In many different ways. People immortalize us in songs and poems, craft statues and portraits in our likeness, and even make movies about us. Only the actors they find are never quite as good looking as we are.” He shook his head, troubled by this prospect. “In addition, some people like to make assumptions about our lives and character – some of which are true, few of which are flattering.”

It was Aphrodite’s turn to shrug.

“How can one be this unforgivably hot and not be a bit vain and conceited?” She gestured down the length of her and Adonis’ perfect frames.

Adonis shook his head.

“I’ve never cared one whit about my looks, you know that Aphrodite,” he pulled Anne closer to him in what seemed a protective stance. “And I’m so glad that we have champions like Anne on Earth, to tell the truth of our lives and heroic deeds.”

A nodding Aphrodite shifted her gaze to Anne, her lavender eyes warming with interest.

“That’s wonderful,” she dazzled her with a white-toothed smile. “Anne, as a gracious thank you for everything that you’ve done for us, I’d like to invite you to a welcome back picnic that I have planned for Adonis today, on the peak of Mt. Olympus.”

Anne froze, her green eyes coming alight with a sense of inspired wonder.

“Mt. Olympus?” Her voice barely above a whisper. “The home of the Grecian gods. The place that I’ve studied and dreamt of for so long, a place I never thought I’d see with my own two eyes.” She bit her lip. “I think this is where I start with the Wayne and Garth era ‘We’re not worthies.’”

“Ah, but you are worthy Anne.” A smiling Adonis took her hand in his.


As many times as Anne had envisioned and talked about that mythical place known as Mt. Olympus, never had she imagined its incredible beauty. Her eyes flew wide now as they strived to take in the majesty of the mountain; a place that seemed a fascinating study in contrasts. Emerald hued hills shone in the light of a sparkling lavender sky, surrounded as they were by both tall trees with breezing leaves that were oddly crystalline in texture – and, in shocking contrast, majestic volcanoes that erupted surreal waves of fire hued lava.

Also surreal, in Anne’s view, was the bizarre sensual vision that met her and her friends on top of the mountain. For although the tip of Mt. Olympus, imbued with the same green grasses and stunning, fragrant floral that lined the Elysian fields, seemed the perfect place for a picnic, the gods and goddesses who stood at its peak seemed more in the mood for a social event of another sort.

She gasped outright at the sight of gorgeous bare bodies lost in passion; their sinuous, sweat-lined forms entwined as they kissed passionately and clutched one another in the raw heat of a group encounter.

“Adonis, can you believe…” Her words died on her lips as she cast a stray gaze in the direction of her lover; who now grasped and encompassed the goddess Aphrodite in a hot, passionate clench.

She watched with conflicted emotions as these two perfect beings – who upon landing on Mt. Olympus had donned their trademark togas – kissed passionately and clung to one another in a timeless and sexy embrace.

The spectacle they presented was one of sheer dazzlement; indeed, the flawless radiance of their golden bodies merged to form an artistic whole. Her full breasts crushed against his massive golden chest, their manes of long golden hair entangling as their lips merged for a kiss.

If she was watching this couple in a film, she mused, she would savor the smacking of their full, moist lips and the tender clutch of his sturdy hands around her trim waist. She would chuckle as the single snap of Aphrodite’s fingers obliterated their togas, leaving them naked before the world. She would relish the sight of his rock hard cock as it surged upward to graze her toned tummy. And she would sigh at the vision of his lust drunk gaze as it devoured her perfect face; leaning in for another hot kiss as they tumbled to the grass beneath him.

Yet this was no movie; and what she saw, in her mind, was an act of infidelity – much like the one that ended her marriage.

Stepping forward in the grass, Anne cleared her throat loudly – watching in disbelief as Adonis rolled on top of Aphrodite; their arms and legs entangling as he buried his head in her full firm breasts and licked her nipples to erect peaks.

“Um, heads up you two – I’m still in the room here!” Anne glared in their direction. “I thought this was supposed to be a picnic. The only thing you two seem to be devouring is each other.”

A firm hand, placed gently on her shoulder, silenced her words; turning her in the direction of one of the most beautiful woman she’d ever seen.

One that just happened to be holding a bow and arrow.

“Artemis?” Her extensive Greek studies allowed Anne to recognize the goddess of war; a tall, athletic woman with flowing hair of fire red, gem green eyes, and a hard, sleek form.

“The one and only.” The goddess’ ruby red lips proceeded to part in a sly, white-toothed smile. “And who, may I ask, are you? You seem to be new around these parts.”

“Um, yeah, you could say that,” Anne shuffled her feet. “I’m Anne, Adonis’ – um – friend.”

Her eyes flew wide as Artemis dropped her bow and arrow and encompassed her in a tight, all-consuming hug. She trembled in spite of herself as she felt the full extent of the woman’s strong, yet tender touch.

“Welcome dear lady.” She drew back to lock gazes with the startled guest. “May I say, Dear, that you don’t seem to be enjoying our paramour’s picnic, one that we planned especially for your friend.”

Anne shrugged.

“Well don’t get me wrong, Mt. Olympus is beautiful,” she gestured around her with appreciative hands. “I just don’t savor the sight of my lover in the arms of another woman.”

She took in her breath as Artemis seized her lips in a heated, passionate kiss, rubbing her full, soft lips against hers as their tongues entangled.

“I kissed a girl goddess and I liked it,” she mused, pulling back to stroke Artemis’ lean muscled arms as the goddess pressed her womanly breasts against hers.

“At our picnics, Love, we give ourselves the freedom to explore each other’s bodies for our mutual pleasure,” Artemis explained, running her hands down Anne’s back in long, sensual motions.

“The freedom to cheat in other words.” Even as she ran her fingers through the length of Artemis’ long, silken hair, Anne pursed her prim lips in a show of blatant disapproval. “I hate to spoil the party, but this is not how we do things on earth.”

Lifting their heads to meet her tirade with soft, easy smiles, Adonis and Aphrodite acted in sync to hold out their hands to her.

“Join us my ladies.” Adonis crooked an agile finger in her direction.

“Oh,” Anne could barely hear her own words above the pounding of her heart. “Well that’s more like it.”

Diving headfirst into the mound of golden flesh that adorned the ground beneath her, Anne smiled in spite of herself as she was immersed in the attentions of two gods.

While Aphrodite kissed her way down Anne’s body, nuzzling her neck, kissing her breasts, licking her belly button and nipping her feminine mound, Adonis seized the lips of his earthling lover in a warm, succulent kiss; his hands rubbing and massaging his shoulders as his mouth seared hers with the heat of his passion.

And just as their tongues entangled, Anne felt a kiss of another sort on her nether regions; she squealed in delight as the lips of the mighty Aphrodite made delicious contact with her throbbing nub.

As Adonis’ fingers fondled her breasts and he continued to kiss her senseless, Anne thrust her hips upward to accept the attentions of the goddess of beauty and love; thrilling as Aphrodite tongued her pussy and kissed her clit. The combined pressure of these two moves quickly drove her insane, sending erotic sparks flying upward through her every part of her voluptuous body. The nipples that Adonis rubbed and flicked flew to hardened attention, and her pussy gushed as – with a last resounding lick – Aphrodite sent her hurtling across the bounds of an intense orgasm.

Falling with an ecstatic cry into the arms of a smiling Adonis, Anne’s entire body reverberated with pleasure as he cradled her in a loving embrace, covering her lips for an impassioned kiss as their hands clasped between them.

The world dissolved around them as their eyes flew open to collide in a loving stare; Adonis accented this look with a wicked grin as he reached between them and stroked her still throbbing clitoris – arousing her anew with his tender touch as she ran her hands across his massive chest.

They leaned in for another kiss when Aphrodite surged upward, pinning them with a teasing grin as she echoed Anne’s words from earlier that day.

“Um, heads up you two – I’m still in the room here!” She laid a playful slap across Adonis’ leg before laying her ruby red lips on his cock.

“Same here!” cried a watching Artemis, kneeling at Adonis’ side.

Adonis gasped in shock as the goddess Aphrodite devoured him; licking and suckling his long, hard shaft as his rock hard abs flexed in pleasure. Coming from behind, Artemis rubbed her hard, toned body against his back; massaging his shoulders and tickling his spine even as she squeezed his taut, tight ass.

As Aphrodite continued her intimate ministrations, Anne planted adoring kisses across the length of his golden chest and ran her hands down his sensitive sides; charming him with a sweet tickling sensation that somehow seemed to match the heat of the goddess’ probing lips.

Throwing his leonine back with a godlike roar, Adonis writhed amongst the attentions of three ardent women; relishing equally the feel of Aphrodite’s tongue as it licked and flicked his cock, the sensation of Artemis’ tender caress as she rubbed his back and grabbed his tight ass, and the press of Anne’s insistent lips – not to mention her possessive grasp around his bulging shoulders.

As his cock expanded in the goddess’ mouth his body startled to tingle from head to toe; he felt a spiral of pleasure soar upward through his being as Anne seized his lips in another passionate kiss – sliding her soft tongue inside his mouth as he hardened in Aphrodite’s. Artemis, meanwhile, tangled her legs with his as she reached across his body to stroke Anne’s breasts until her nipples were hard and erect.

He froze moments later as, in an abrupt move, the goddess jerked her head back and released his cock; letting it fall from her lips before it rose erect in the air above her.

Moaning his protest, Adonis broke his kiss with Anne and shot her a confused look; one Aphrodite answered with a wink and a nod.

“As the goddess of love, Adonis, I can recognize when two people are ‘head over heels,’ as the Earthlings say,” she made a broad gesture toward Adonis and Anne. “I want to see two lovers together.”

Nodding their assent, Adonis and Anne collapsed on the grass in a warm, tight embrace; once again merging their lips in the launching of a full-bodied tango. Soon their arms and legs also entangled as their hips and thighs locked; with a mighty thrust he penetrated her, surging deep to her core as her breasts crushed his chest.

Even as she wrapped her legs around his trim waist, bringing him deeper into her, she crooked her finger at a surprised Aphrodite; turning her head to greet the approaching goddess with an equally deep and passionate kiss.

Adonis looked on with lustful eyes as the two women kissed; and growled outright as Anne reached her hand back to cup the goddess’ femininity; slipping an agile finger into her pussy as Aphrodite stroked the strands of Anne’s silky brown hair.

He then turned his head to engage Artemis in a lush, full-bodied kiss, their tongues entangling as he reached backward to fondle her throbbing clit. Even as he continued to thrust into Anne, the god of love did not neglect the goddess of war; stroking and fingering the source of her pleasure as his tongue licked and laved her mouth.

He then turned his head to watch with pleasure as Aphrodite’s eyes flew wide and her cheeks flushed; her thin, lithe body trembling outright as Anne stroked and probed her. He saw his lover’s fingertips go deep inside Aphrodite; seeming to search for a source of pleasure common to womankind. He mimicked her motions as he continue to finger Artemis, listening with relish as he drew a high-pitched war cry from deep in the goddess’ throat.

Soon enough they both hit the spot.

Artemis screamed outright and clawed Adonis’ back as her clit throbbed its pleasure; erupting in the divine sensation of a multi-layered orgasm. Simultaneously Aphrodite’s eyes flew wide as Anne’s fingertips made contact with her G-spot; setting her atremble as she threw her blonde head back and her nipples hardened and peaked. Her pussy gushed its satiation as she collapsed against Anne’s back; kissing and nipping the neck of the other woman as Adonis surged within her.

Impassioned by the vision he’d witnessed, Adonis drove his cock deep in the pussy of an enraptured Anne; the couple kissed and clung together as their bodies were overtaken by the heat of a pulsating orgasm.

Soon they joined the goddesses in rolling across the length of the fertile ground that formed the floor of Mt. Olympus; their bodies hugging and entwining in a playful tease as they kissed and laughed in equal measure.

“You three have made me a feel like a goddess today.” Anne kissed the lips of all three of her immortals; giggling as they showered her with flower petals and massaged her from head to toe.

“You are a goddess Anne.” Adonis held her closer than close. “One who has brought so much love into my life – not to mention magic.”

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