Mermaid Sex Stories – Her First Human

In some respects, Jake realized, the shipwreck had very nearly been fortuitous. Any marine biologist, for example, would be downright envious of his circumstances.

He hadn’t thought to do anything unusual the afternoon he’d headed out on his sailboat. The Dreamer was his pride and joy, and he practically lived on it. A literature professor by trade, he spent most school breaks out on the water. He’d even been known to meet students at the docks during his advising hours.

Of course, none of this had been in his mind when his sailboat had capsized in that sudden storm, nor when he struck his head on the boom and went under before being able to so much as slip on a life vest. That moment of negligence ought to have cost him his life.

Instead of waking up on the other side, though, he’d been gently shaken awake lying on his side on a sandy beach. The small wound on the back of his head had been washed with seawater and bound with strips of his t-shirt, and aside from a few aches and pains here and there, he couldn’t have felt better. He’d been about to make his first attempts at standing when another voice halted him.

“There’s fresh water just beyond those trees.”

The voice was soft, deep, strangely melodious in timbre. Jake rolled over to find himself staring into a pair of wide, sea-green eyes. “You’re very strange-looking,” the girl remarked off-handedly. “I’ve never seen one of you up close before.”

Jake struggled to contain his bemusement. He had been called many things in regards to his looks – sailing and swimming had given him a not-insignificant amount of lean muscle to fill his six-foot frame, and his shaggy brown hair was always sun-bleached this time of year. His skin was deep even brown all over and burnished by the sun, and he’d always rather liked his square, straight features. “Strange-looking” had never been applied to him before.

He took another look at the girl, and involuntarily touched a hand to his forehead.

“Do you hurt?” the girl asked, her face transformed from curiosity to worry in a second.

“Not a bit,” Jake said steadily, trying not to stare. Like him, the girl was bare-chested. Her round, pert breasts were streaked with the salt of the sea. Though they were in fact very nice breasts, they did not hold his attention for very long. Nor did her hairless crotch, sex completely exposed.

No, the fish-like tail that took over for soft skin just past her thighs was for the time being much more interesting. The scales were as blue as her eyes, and glimmered wetly in the sunlight. Several feet downward, a fin dipped into the rising surf.

“I hit my head,” Jake said, mostly to himself. “I’m hallucinating.”

The girl giggled. “No, you’re not. I’m perfectly real.”

Jake, with some effort, brought his gaze back up to her face. Her blonde hair was beginning to dry in the brisk breeze, resulting in damp, tangled curls that fell over her cheek. Without thinking, he reached out and brushed a lock of it back behind her ear. Her face was pale and lightly freckled, and her hair and skin felt absolutely normal to him.

Her hand flew up to where he’d touched her, and her cheek colored slightly. Jake cleared his throat to break the silence. “I might take you up on that water,” he said. “Do you know where we are?”

“Small island,” she said. “About an hour’s swim from the mainland. There’s no one else here.”

Jake pushed himself to his feet, pleased to find that while he certainly felt a bit wobbly from his time spent unconscious, everything seemed to be working properly. It occurred to him that to this creature, an hour’s swim could mean almost any distance, but he felt confident that a rescue would be imminent. Failing that, he could almost certainly rig a raft from the plethora of wreckage that had washed ashore. With a pang, he realized that most of it was from the Dreamer. It appeared to be far beyond repair.

He stretched, cords rippling over his back, and walked steadily into the trees. True to the girl’s – the mermaid’s! – word, there was a stream of fresh-tasting water coursing through the wood. He drank deeply of the cold water, taking a few minutes to rinse the sand from his face and hair before returning to the beach.

The mermaid was still lounging on the shore, fingers tracing the imprint he’d left in the sand. A faint smile rose to her pink lips, and this coupled with the innocence of her expression left Jake with an unexpected flutter in his stomach. Of course he’d find the fish-girl cute, he chided himself, shaking his head ruefully.

She looked back up as he approached, and he lowered himself back to a sitting position on the sand to talk with her.

“I don’t believe I thanked you,” he said, gesturing to his bandaged head. “I’d have drowned without your help. How could I make it up to you?”

The mermaid shrugged. “You could ask my name, for a start. Jake,” she said pointedly.

The young man started, only to see her flapping a very familiar wallet in the air. “You read my ID,” he said, grinning.

She smiled back. “Not all of us can read, but I picked it up. Here and there.” She dangled the wallet in front of him teasingly. Jake took the bait, letting her snatch it from his reach a few times before she dropped it in his palm.

“What is your name?” Jake asked finally.

“My friends call me Pan,” she replied. “My real name is a bit more complicated than that.”

Jake nodded as though discussing names with a mermaid were the most normal thing in the world.

“Let me check that bandage for you,” Pan said abruptly, crawling forward. Jake froze as she slithered nearly into his lap, straining upwards to reach the makeshift bandage. Her movement brought her breasts almost level with his eyes, her erect nipples brushing his face.

Pan leaned back again all too soon, the blood-spotted bandage fluttering to the sand. Her nipples trailed down past Jake’s face until they brushed his chest, her eyes level with his. Despite the shipwreck and the resulting precarious circumstances, Jake felt himself stiffening in what was left of his jeans. Pan reached out a timid hand and stroked Jake’s face, her fingers moving down until her hand rested on his chest. Jake swallowed heavily, aware of her cold weight pressing against his growing erection.

“I know how you could make it up to me,” Pan said suddenly. “Me rescuing you.”

Jake raised an eyebrow in query.

“I follow cruise ships sometimes. Depending on the ship, you can look right into the windows.” Jake nodded, feeling a vague sense as to where this was going. “And I’ve never kissed a human,” Pan finished.

Jake smiled and gently cupped Pan’s chin in his palm, tilting her face toward his. “The least I can do is satisfy a bit of curiosity,” he murmured, bringing his lips to meet hers.

He’d intended it to be a lingering but chaste kiss. Instead, he found Pan’s tongue immediately seeking entry, her palms pressing into his chest until he lay back. She moved on top of him, tongue dancing against his with such dexterity that he broke out in a slight sweat. Her lips moved hungrily from his lips to his neck, and her soft tongue traced a small circle on the patch of skin just beneath his left ear.

“I can help you get home,” she breathed gently, grinding her hips against his. “If you give me what I want.” She grabbed one of Jake’s hands and brought it to her nether lips. His fingers felt her wetness like that of any human girl, and he stroked her gently, not yet daring to penetrate her.

“Why?” Jake asked.

Pan ran her tongue along his ear, sending shivers down Jake’s spine. “Have you seen a merman?” she asked. “Trust me. They aren’t half as pretty as you.”

Jake ran his hands over her form, following the sleek line of her ribs down to her curving hips. His fingertips brushed over her rudimentary thighs, tracing the point where flesh became fish scales. Pan gasped.

“Sensitive?” Jake asked.

“Just do it again,” she half-growled, lightly nipping at his neck.

Jake repeated the motion, marveling at the sudden transition from woman to fish. Pan squirmed slightly against him, and finally he relented, moving his hands back up to cup her soft breasts. He kissed her neck gently, tongue flicking out to taste the salt on her skin.

He pushed against her, rolling the two beings over on the sand. Pan slid off of him, letting him begin to straddle her. Her hands went to the waistband of his jeans, but despite his aching erection, Jake stopped her.

“Not just yet,” he said, bending to kiss her again. His tongue traced damp lines over her body, from the line of her neck down to her breasts. He left a trail of kisses over her soft stomach and ran his tongue daringly down to the top of her sex. Pan writhed underneath him as his tongue slid inside her.

The angle required to enter her would have been difficult to achieve with a human woman. As it was, Pan could not open her legs to allow him easier access. She felt unusually tight around his tongue and tasted of the sea. Jake eagerly pressed his mouth into her in order to tease her better. He slipped his tongue back outside her to leave shuddering kisses on her clit before thrusting two fingers inside her. Pan moaned, her hips bucking up to meet Jake’s face. He crooked his fingers slightly upwards, searching for her G-spot. She shuddered as his fingertips met that most sensitive place within her, and he curled his fingers a little more, stroking her while his tongue circled over her clitoris.

She came quickly, insides fluttering against Jake’s fingers. She was still shaking slightly in the throes of orgasm as her hands returned to the fly of Jake’s jeans, finally unzipping him and pulling the cloth away from his body. He struggled a bit awkwardly to free himself of the damp denim, his cock standing fully erect.

Jake had begun to position himself to enter her when Pan stopped him.

“I want to taste you,” she said. “Like you did me.”

Without waiting for an answer, she slid herself back to a sitting position on the sand and motioned for Jake to stand. He did so, feeling the scales of her tail brushing past his ankles in the surf. The tide was beginning to come in.

He was distracted from the sea by a pair of soft lips fluttering over his thighs. A moan escaped his lips as their eyes met, Pan’s tongue flicking out to caress his balls. Her hand stroked his shaft, fingers closing around his girth and pumping gently. Eyes still locked on his, she ran her tongue all the way up his shaft, lips closing several times to leave quick kisses on his cock. She mouthed the tip for a few excruciating moments before finally taking him into her mouth.

She swallowed him slowly, inching her way up his cock until her lips rested against its base. Her tongue swirled over the shaft as she brought her head back, making Jake gasp with pleasure. She thrust her head forward again, a bit more quickly, and Jake gripped her hair with both hands. He rocked his hips in time with her movements, reveling in the feeling of her mouth on him.

Jake pulled back as he felt himself beginning to crest, keeping a firm grip on Pan’s hair as she tried to take him in her mouth again.

“Too much,” he said raggedly. “I don’t want to finish too quickly.”

Pan smiled and plucked at his forearms, bringing him back down to a kneeling position over her body. Jake obligingly leaned forward to kiss her again, Pan leaning back until they once again lay flat on the sand, surf licking at the mermaid’s fin.

Pan ran her hands over Jake’s firm back, tracing out the lines of musculature. She paused briefly to squeeze his ass before transferring her attention to his still-erect cock, running her hands along its firm length.

“I want this inside me,” she breathed in her strange, musical voice. “Please, Jake.”

Jake lowered his hips, allowing Pan to guide his cock into her. He nearly forgot himself in the first few thrusts. She was far tighter than any human woman could possibly be, and somehow seemed to squeeze him all along his length with her insides. Pan rested her hands on his hips and slowed his movements, gently moving him into a new angle.

Jake took her cue and thrust more slowly. Still moving his hips in rhythm, he leaned down to take one of her nipples in his mouth. He ran his tongue over her breast, the other cupped gently in his hand. Pan’s fingers dug into his back, and he began to increase the speed of his movements, tongue becoming a blur over her nipple and hips thrusting into her faster and faster. Pan cried out in pleasure, her voice rising into an unearthly keen that echoed on the empty island. She convulsed against him and gasped his name over and over again as she came a second time.

Jake continued his ministrations until her shivering eased, then lifted his head up slightly. “God, you have beautiful breasts,” he commented.

Pan seemed to have some trouble gathering words. “Do you like them?” she asked.

“Very much.”

“Would you like to fuck them?” she asked glibly.

Jake’s kisses stole their way back up to her neck. “Only if I can come on them afterwards,” he said.

Pan whispered assent, and Jake withdrew from her. He worked his way up until his knees pressed into the sand just beneath Pan’s arms. She pushed her breasts together with her hands, allowing Jake to slide his cock between them. He rocked his hips back and forth, thrusting between her breasts as he had just moments before recently been thrusting into her pussy. Her soft flesh brushed against him, and he sped up his movements, eyes fixed on the beautiful woman who was pleasuring him.

He gasped again as his orgasm shook him, pulling back so his seed could spurt onto her beautiful breasts, spurting up as far as her collarbone. It glistened white on her freckled skin. Jake half-collapsed over her, resting his weight on his palms without moving his knees.

“Was that good?” Pan asked.

“Amazing,” Jake reassured her. Pan lazily swiped a finger through the semen pooling in her collarbone and brought her hand to her lips, licking off his fluids.

“I enjoyed it too,” she said, still licking her fingers. “You taste nice.”

Jake laughed softly and climbed off of her to lie in the sand. Pan shifted herself downwards, allowing the incoming waves to climb over her body and wash it clean of come and sand. Jake stood, conscious now of the sand rubbing into his skin, and stepping into the sea. He cupped handfuls of the clear water to pour over his body. As an afterthought, he waded out to his thighs and ducked underwater, shaking his head furiously to work the sand and crusted blood out of his hair.

He returned to the shore to find Pan sitting half-in and half-out of the water, watching him wistfully. “I suppose you want me to get you back to the mainland now,” she said.

Jake, touched by the sudden melancholy in her tone, looked around. The remnants of his ship were strewn around them. One black box caught his attention, and he wandered over to it to discover his entire set of fishing tackle and bundled lines still intact. Even his extra book of matches was still inside, wrapped securely in a zippered plastic back.

“Actually,” he said, an idea slowly forming in his mind. “How would you do that?”

Pan shrugged. “If we find something to help you float, I could just tow you back to within human swimming distance. Like I said, it isn’t that far for me, and you won’t get caught in a storm if I’m with you.”

He looked back at the mermaid. “Do you want me to leave?”

Pan shook her head slowly. “I’d like to have you a bit longer,” she said.

“In that case,” Jake said, “I am on vacation. I could camp out for a couple days. Here, I’ll even make you dinner.” He held up the matches and a length of fishing line. “Have you ever had fire-roasted fish?”

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