Cop Lesbian Erotic Short Stories – Spanked By The Police Officer

“Hey, you! Stop!”

Amy looked back over her shoulder, seeing the large, powerfully built woman shouldering her way through the crowd of milling shoppers towards her. She looked away quickly, hurrying down an escalator and trying to lose herself in the crowd. She made her way towards the exit, feeling relieved. She paused just for a second to adjust her heavy bag on her shoulder and felt a hand clamp down on her arm like iron.

She was caught.

Heart hammering in her chest, Amy looked behind her and up taking in the woman’s broad shoulders and finally her face, glowering darkly at her. She had a full mouth and very dark eyes, currently narrowed in anger. She still hadn’t let Amy’s arm go.

“If you’ll come with me to the station, Miss, I’d like to have a look in your bag,” she said severely.

Amy didn’t see that she had any option. She certainly wouldn’t be able to wiggle out of the woman’s grip and escape. She let the officer herd her away from the exit and into a small hallway in the middle of the mall. Down the hallway there was a small office that functioned as the mall police station. The officer shut the door and locked it, then shoved Amy into the uncomfortable chair in front of the desk and sat down behind it.

Amy’s bag was sitting on the desk, and both women were looking at it. Finally, the officer reached for it.

“Do you mind if I check inside of your bag, Miss?” She looked at Amy smugly, knowing there was nothing Amy could do. If she refused, the officer would think that Amy had stolen merchandise in it. If she didn’t refuse, the officer would know that she had stolen merchandise inside. There was no winning.

Amy nodded, defeated, and the officer unzipped the large bag and started pulling items out of it. A black dress, diamond earrings, a silver bracelet, headphones…all brand new with tags still on them. The officer gave her an intense look, and Amy hung her head.

The police officer put down the bracelet she was holding, and looked at the defeated girl sitting in front of her.

“I’m Officer Robinson. What’s you’re name girl?” she asked Amy simply.

Amy sniffed heartily and crossed her arms in front of her.

“I’m Amy Wilson, ma’am,” she said quietly.

Officer Robinson stood up to her full height, an impressive 5 foot 11 inches. She put her shoulders back and glared down at Amy, who couldn’t help but notice the buttons on her blue shirt straining over her large, round breasts. They looked like they could pop out at any moment.

“Well Amy Wilson,” she said in a low voice, “I’m afraid you’re in quite a bit of trouble. This is a lot of stolen merchandise, huh?” She took a step forward to tower over Amy even more efficiently. “Shoplifting is a serious crime, Miss Wilson. I think I’m going to have to call the authorities.”

Amy was shaking, and a few tears escaped and ran down her cheeks. She twirled her curly brown hair anxiously, looking up at the powerful woman.

“Please…Officer Robinson,” she sniffed and choked back her tears, trying not to look too pitiful. “I can pay for everything. I’m sorry I took it, just let me pay for it. I don’t want to get into trouble…” She sniffed again, more tears rolling down her pink cheeks.

The officer watched her impassively, unmoved by her tears.

“I’m afraid you’re already in trouble, Miss Wilson. But I think if you agree to put the items back, I can let you go without a criminal record…for a price.” She looked down at Amy through her dark eyes.

Amy looked up at her disbelievingly, tears still pouring out of her big blue eyes. She wrung her hands and bit her lip nervously, but whatever price this woman could ask couldn’t be worse than spending the night in jail. She just hoped she could afford the bribe.

“Anything,” she said in a quiet, quavering voice. “I’ll do anything you want, ma’am. Just please don’t get me into trouble.”

The tall, dark woman smiled down at her, and Amy thought it was a slightly predatory grin. She cleared off her desk and sat down on it right in front of Amy, who stared up at her, waiting .

She leaned down so that her face was only inches from Amy’s and whispered, “Take off your clothes. Right now.”

Amy flushed a bright red instantly. She couldn’t believe that this was what the woman wanted. But it was either this or a trip to the police station and a criminal record. She stood up slowly, aware of how close she was to the woman. Amy took a deep breath and pulled off her pink tee-shirt, revealing her pert little breasts, barely covered by a very sheer pink lace bra . She unbuttoned her jeans and wiggled them over her round hips, stepping out of them and leaving her in only her pink thong, bra, and little white socks.

She stood in her underwear, shivering and looking at the floor for a long moment before she dared to look into the officer’s face again. She was waiting expectantly, her eyes roaming all over Amy’s slim body. She noticed that Amy had stopped undressing and raised her eyebrows.

“The rest. Take it all off.”

Amy swallowed and reached behind her to unclasp her bra, a stray tear of two trickling down her face. She removed her bra and her pert little tits spilled out, nipples hardening immediately in the cool office. She bent and pulled the tiny panties down over her ass, revealing the smooth curve of it. She slid them further down, revealing a tiny, well-trimmed V of downy hair between her legs.

Officer Robinson licked her lips and watched the naked girl quiver in the cold office. She stood up, directly in front of Amy, and looked down at her, eyes roaming over her. She took in the girl’s flat belly, pert little titties, and round ass…Her hands moved to the buttons of her own shirt, and she was out of it in a moment. Her dark skin contrasted with the pale girl’s completely.

She reached behind her back and took of her own bra, releasing her own more substantial breasts. They were round and dark, with large chocolatey nipples. She pushed her uniform pants over her athletic, muscular hips and kicked off her boots. She sat again on the edge of the desk with her legs spread, and motioned for Amy to come closer.

“Suck on my titties, girl,” she said in a commanding voice. When Amy hesitated, she said “You’ll do as I say or we’ll go to the police station. You can let me punish you, or I can let the police force do it. Your choice.”

Amy dithered, unsure of what to do. She’d never touched a woman like this…but the tall, muscular police officer was beautiful out of her uniform. Sucking on her big, round tits didn’t seem like it would be too much of a punishment…

But Amy had taken too long. Officer Robinson reached out and grabbed a handful of the girl’s curly hair, dragging her face into her big chocolate tits.

“Open your mouth, now,” she demanded, and Amy parted her lips around one of the big chocolatey nipples and sucked it into her mouth. She was bent over the woman’s lap, and wiggled to try to get move comfortable while she swirled her tongue around her hardening nipple before sucking it more firmly into her mouth.

The officer’s other hand closed on Amy’s wrist, and she brought the girl’s small hand up to her other breast. Amy pinched the large nipple between her fingers, pulling and tugging on it gently while she sucked the woman’s other tit thoroughly. She continued to try to adjust her position on the woman’s lap as she pleased her.

“Mmm, that’s right,” moaned the officer, enjoying the sensation of the girl’s young, hot, pink tongue swirling around her nipple. “Why are you wiggling your ass so much, girl? You want me to spank it?”

Amy moaned and shook her head, trying to remain more still, but it was too late and she didn’t dare take her mouth off of the woman’s tit.

“Yeah, I think you deserve it, nasty little thing that you are. You deserve to be punished,” said Officer Robinson darkly. “But you better keep sucking or I’ll really hurt you.” She smoothed her hand over the girl’s firm, round little ass, caressing it gently before she smacked it sharply. Amy whined, but didn’t remove her mouth. She felt her pussy getting wet from the first smack.

The officer’s firm hand came down on her ass over and over, until her skin was bright pink and raw. Amy continued her ministrations on the woman’s ample tits, determined not to give the woman any more reason to spank her. She sucked, licked and tugged until her mouth and fingers ached, but still the woman spanked her. Tears rolled down her face and she didn’t even attempt to stem the flow, because each sharp slap caused a new flood.

Finally it was over, and the officer’s hand didn’t come down onto her rear again. She sagged over the woman’s lap in relief, but knew that her punishment wasn’t over yet. Officer Robinson grabbed Amy’s curls in her hand again and moved her head lower.

“Get on your knees and lick my pussy, now. And don’t give me reason to spank you again. You won’t like it,” she said in a low, somewhat threatening voice…

Amy did as she was told, attempting to dry her eyes as she got down onto her knees and looked at the woman’s dark pussy. The lips were dark brown and shaved, and the inside was a deep pink, much darker than her own. She stuck her tongue out and ran it gently up and down the officer’s damp slit. Amy was surprised to find that she didn’t mind the taste of pussy at all.

The woman’s hand was still locked in her hair and pulling her face further in between her legs. Amy buried her face in the officer’s pussy, probing it more boldly with her tongue. She swirled her tongue around the stiff little clit at the top, and licked lower, down to her slick entrance. Amy lost herself in the act of licking her pussy, and the guiding hand tight in her hair showed her exactly where to lick, suck, and nibble.

She sucked the woman’s clit into her mouth, rolling her tongue over and over the little pleasure button. The woman’s hand pressed her face more insistently into her pussy, and Amy could barely breathe. But she sucked and sucked and suddenly the woman’s moans changed, and her grip on Amy’s hair became more painful. Her thighs shook and she shoved Amy still deeper into her clenching pussy before her grip relaxed, and Amy fell back, quivering and gulping for air.

The officer looked at her almost dreamily for a moment before the severe, predatory look came back into her eyes. She stood on slightly unsteady legs for a moment before she grabbed Amy and hauled her up onto the desk. She sat at the edge, laying back when the woman’s hands pressed her shoulders down…

The wood of the desk was cold on her back and ass, and the woman was nudging apart her thighs and leaning down between them. Amy gasped as the woman’s warm tongue dipped between her lips, licking her already dripping pussy. Her hips jerked but the officer’s hands gripped her hips firmly and held her in place, yanking her legs even further apart.

Amy’s hands balled into fists at her sides as the woman licked her more thoroughly, her tongue dipping between her lips to nudge her sensitive clit. Heat flared in her brain and she could barely see. A few little moans escaped from between her lips as she panted, squirming in the woman’s firm grip.

She could feel the pressure building somewhere below her bellybutton and knew that she was going to come hard. Her entire body went rigid as it exploded in pleasure, clenching and unclenching all of her muscles at once. When it was over she lay on the desk in a heap, sweating and panting. Officer Robinson just watched for a moment.

Then the taller woman climbed up onto the desk and onto Amy, straddling her and pressing their chests together. Amy could feel the woman’s big round tits pressing against her own pert little pair, and the mingling of their nipples hardened hers almost instantly. Before she realized it her hands were gripping her waist and sliding over her back as the woman crushed her mouth against Amy’s.

Their tongues mingled hotly and their lips slid over each other with just the right amount of friction. Not only their chests were crushed together; their legs hand tangled and Amy’s leg was pressed against the woman’s warm, wet pussy while one of her firm, athletic thighs rubbed against Amy’s still tingling cunt. They moved together as they kissed, hands sliding up to pinch and tug nipples.

The officer tore her mouth from Amy’s suddenly, leaving her gasping, and moved down her body to suck Amy’s pebbled little nipple into her mouth. Her back arched off the desk as the woman’s tongue swirled around the sensitive little bead and a hand came up to stroke and pinch the other. Her thigh was still pressed firmly against the woman’s wet pussy and she rubbed against it gently with her leg, feeling her grind back in pleasure.

Amy could feel the heat blossoming between her legs again, spurred on by the firm, muscular thigh massaging her dripping pussy. She writhed under the woman, blind in her pleasure and hoping that she was pleasing the other because she feared another ass-burning spanking more than anything. But the woman rode her leg harder and harder, tongue and fingers exploring her firm little breasts.

The officer pressed her thigh against Amy’s pussy a little more firmly and Amy fell over the edge. Her body exploded under the woman; her back arched off of the cool desk and her pussy spasmed and relaxed rhythmically. Based on the noises she was making, she thought the woman above her was in the throes of pleasure as well, and that excited her even more.

Suddenly it was over and the women collapsed against each other, their hot skin burning against the cool wood of the desk. Officer Robinson shoved off of Amy and pulled her uniform on with no ado, but Amy lingered, waiting for instruction. Once the woman was dressed she looked at Amy laying naked on the desk for a long moment.

“Get dressed, girl,” she said quietly. “I hope that taught you that shoplifting is a crime, and will always be punished.”

Amy scrambled off the desk and pulled her clothes back on, avoiding the officer’s intense dark eyes. She’d certainly learned a few lessons today in the office, but she didn’t know if she would be any less likely to shoplift, especially if she knew that Officer Robinson was the one who would catch her. But she pulled on her tee-shirt and tried to look contrite when she looked into the woman’s face.

“I won’t do it again, ma’am. I’m sorry, I know it was wrong. It’s just that sometimes I can’t help it,” she told the officer very honestly.

The tall, dark woman stepped closer to her again, well into her personal space. She looked down at Amy with a frown on her face, but something sparkled deep in her dark eyes. “Well if you forget again, I’ll be sure to remind you. You might need some more lessons on acceptable behavior, I see.”

She stepped even closer to Amy and put her hand around Amy’s throat, tipping her face up to press their still hot lips together very lightly. She stepped away then, leaving Amy unbearably aware of the way her jeans pressed against her still thrumming cunt.

“You may go, Miss Wilson. I will return these items,” she said in her most official voice.

Amy looked at her for a long moment again, wondering if she dared to say anything but then deciding that she didn’t dare. She pulled her now empty bag back onto her shoulder and Officer Robinson unlocked the office door for her. She stepped out and the door shut rather abruptly behind her. She walked slowly along the corridors and back out into the mall, knowing that she was flushed and disheveled. The walk to the exit felt very long.

A few weeks later Amy went shopping, looking for a birthday gift for her sister. She was contemplating some silk scarves when she became aware that someone was watching her. She spun on her heel and looked around for a few moments, spying a pair of dark, intense eyes watching carefully from far away.

She left the scarves, surreptitiously slipping a few of them into her bag and going to look at some watches. She added one of those to the pile in her bag and made her way out of the store and into the mall, knowing that she was being followed. Her heart hammered with a twisted excitement.

She walked quickly through the crowd, knowing that she wouldn’t be able to escape if she wanted. And she didn’t want to.

A large, firm hand clamped down onto her shoulder so hard that it hurt, and she squealed in pain. Looking behind her, she saw the officer glaring hard at her and knew that she would be punished even more firmly this time. Amy tried to keep from smiling as she was dragged through the mall, but her pussy got wet the second the lock clicked on the door.

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