Bigfoot Sex Stories – Sasquatch Fucked All Night

“Alpha one to base camp,” Nate Altman started holding his walkie talkie.

“Base camp to alpha one,” a voice came through the radio. He knew it was the commander.

“Still awaiting any news on Sunbird, over,” he said as he cracked his knuckles for the millionth time. It wasn’t like Bethany to miss her check in. That never happened.

“Base camp to alpha one, stand down, over.” The commander ordered. He was getting impatient. It had been two hours since Bethany apprehended ‘a lead’ and they were yet to get any intelligence regarding her whereabouts.

“Alpha one to base camp. Sunbird could require some back up, over,” he said once again hoping that someone would see it from his point of view.

“Base camp to alpha one, stand down,” the commander said, this time more sternly. “Her radio silence could be to our advantage,” he added. Nate’s impatience had now graduated to anger. This was it, it was now or never. He could either stay and listen to the stupid son of a bitch who was barking orders while having some iced tea or he could take action and go to his partner’s rescue.

“Alpha one to base camp, kiss my ass,” he said before switching off his walkie talkie. “I am so fired,” he thought as he packed up his firearms and his Barrett M82, the best sniper rifle he had ever worked with. “Stay alive for me Rhodes,” he thought as he began walking through the woods.

Nate and Bethany were part of a covert team sent in to investigate and contain Diego Perez, one of FBI’s most wanted drug lords who had set up a meth lab in the woods, away from prying eyes. Running the lab in estates had proven to be a disadvantage and he had to be nicer than usual to his neighbors. The woods were ideal. According to Diego, anything or anyone that moved was game and he could shoot at will. Not so much in the friendly white picket fence neighborhoods. This was exactly what he wanted. The freedom to be wild.

Diego also knew that the feds had him under surveillance but they never knew where to look. Five years ago, Diego had overseen the construction of underground bunkers with four levels of security. To the ordinary eye, there was a clearing in the woods. A typically few trees here and there. A couple had actually camped right above them one weekend. Diego was amused at how clueless they were and he was sure that everyone who visited the site saw it as just that, a clearing in the woods.

For some reason, this one FBI blonde wouldn’t give up on trying to bust him. She had been surveilling the area that housed his bunker for a while and while he was sure his drugs were safe, he was unsure about his game trafficking. One of the other reasons he moved to the woods was the ability to move wild game from various parts of the world without being suspected of anything. He had moved white tigers, pandas and even rhinos under the woods protection and he was happy at how the business was going. If this continued, he was sure he could ditch the white gold to deal exclusively in game trafficking. However, for the three weeks the FBI had been in the woods, he had lost millions of dollars since no animals could be shipped off. Any vehicle going into the woods would be a lead. Helicopters would raise too many eyebrows. He was getting impatient. He had three lion cubs that needed to be shipped out. Apart from this, he needed to get some market for his new toy, a Sasquatch, also known as a Bigfoot, he had recently captured. He was sure it would tickle one of his buyers’ fancy. He was still deep in thought when Felipe, his adviser, walked in.

“We have her sir,” Felipe said before leaving the room. Diego smiled at himself. His cock was already getting hard at the thought that the one person who drove him wilder than wild was now at his mercy.

* – * – * – *

When Bethany left her unit that morning, she was more than sure she would come back with enough intelligence to bring the Perez drug cartel down. All she had ever wanted to do since she joined the unit was to see the pathetic SOB dead, especially after her former partner died at Diego’s hands. When her superiors tried to get her to change her mind, she became adamant. She was going to bring him down at all costs even if it meant sacrificing her career. She wasn’t about to let him mess up anything or anyone else especially when she was this close.

“I will maintain radio silence until I infiltrate the camp,” Bethany had said as she planned to leave.

“Roger that,” the commander had said to her. “What’s your ETA?”

“Half an hour,” she said as she tested her walkie talkie.

The commander looked at her. He had always admired her high spirited nature. She reminded him of his own daughter.

As she got nearer to where she thought Diego had his hideout, she was not surprised when her radio equipment failed. “The bastard probably has a signal jammer,” she thought having half a mind to go back to base camp.

“Sunbird to base camp,” she tried her radio again but again, there was just silence.

“I may as well just do this on my own,” she thought as she started down the grassy terrain. She suddenly stopped in her tracks when she had a strange, familiar feeling almost as if someone was watching her, following her.

“Is anyone out there?” she called out but it seemed that the only creatures who heard her were the birds. “I might be going crazy,” she thought as she checked her firearm. She had just checked her ammunition when she felt a stinging pain on her head before everything went black.

* – * – * – *

Bethany felt her head throb, she wanted to touch the spot where it hurt but she couldn’t. She also couldn’t understand why she had a blindfold on. She tried to move her hands and then it hit her. Her hands were well secured behind her back. She tried to sit up but something was restraining her. “Seriously?” she thought as she felt ropes tightly tied around her ankles.

“What kind of foolishness….” she thought as she struggled trying to loosen the tight ropes.

“Stop struggling,” she heard a voice that made her jump. “It won’t help,” the strong male voice said again.

“Who…..who’s there?” she asked trying not to freak out. She heard footsteps drawing nearer as the man walked towards her. She squinted as he pulled off the blindfold exposing her eyes to the room’s bright light.

As her eyes became accustomed to the bright light in the room, the reality of what was about to happen dawned in on her. The brute that now stood before her had his zip undone and was now stroking his manhood with sheer delight. It almost felt like a dream but the tight ropes around her hands and ankles made her dream all the more surreal. The heavily built man reached for her chest and tore the blouse off her breasts exposing her soft flesh beneath her blond curls. She grimaced in pain since the jolt made the tight ropes on her ankles even tighter.

“Me first and then the beast”, said the man with a dirty glean that wrinkled the edges of his dry mouth. She let out a scream nut only a few shrieks escaped her mouth as the man clasped his hand on her face. The tears form her eyes made her vision blurry, the man stroked his now erect penis on her breasts and she grimaced in shock. She gasped when his finger found her pussy and then roughly shoved it in. “You are a tight bitch aren’t you,” he said as he began working his finger in and out of her. He worked his cock on her breasts faster and faster working himself in line with his finger strokes. Seconds later she felt the warm gush of liquid splash on her neck and roll down her breasts as the man moaned in pleasure. “Fuck yeah, that’s great blondie,” he said as he watched her messed up on the floor. He grabbed her sweater sleeve and cleaned himself up before throwing it at her to do the same.

“Rodriguez, had enough Puta?!” A more authoritative voice asked. It also sounded familiar to Bethany amidst the hazy commotion that the burly man was creating as he tried to unsuccessfully conceal the mess on his hands and trousers. “I see you’ve prepped the bride for the groom… how thoughtful… be gone now!” The man managed to mumble a few apologies and then fumbled out of the room. “Men are still clueless on what a woman needs, I know what you need agent and definitely not human cruelty. Such beauty bestowed upon a woman and yet wasted with careless wank,” Diego said as he patted her blond hair. “I should have him hanged, It is such a waste blondie but I have a more suitable replacement.” He added with a twisted smile.

“I’ll let you know Mr. Perez, that at this very moment, you have already signed your death warrant. Everyone knows where I am and it’s just a matter of time before they burst in and arrest you, you son of a bitch! I will personally scrape off your balls you bastard!” Bethany threatened with renewed energy. She had just about had enough and was not willing to go down without a fight. He smiled down at her and grabbed one of her breasts before giving her a slight squeeze. Mr. Perez smiled and produced an army knife that had been safely concealed in his jacket. “For the ropes on your arms”, She said, “I prefer a much fair game, if I may put it so.” He carefully sliced off the ropes on her hands and ankles instantly freeing her. She felt like taking off but she knew that Mr. Perez was not a fool. He definitely had everything figured out. She carefully rubbed her ankles and wrists to soothe the throbbing as she stared deeply into his eyes not knowing what to expect from him. After pursuing him for more than a year, she knew that he was one man who could slit your throat in an instant without batting an eyelid. She decided to hold her ground, “Are you going to rape me with decency or just last longer than your henchman?” She retorted. The man stared deeply in her eyes and wiped the grin of his face. “Not me dear, I don’t do blondes. He is and…” His voice trailed on but Bethany lost all comprehension.

The color drained from her cheeks and her voice quivered. “What, what is that?!” She struggled to ask despite the obvious scene that was unfolding before her. “This, agent, is your retirement package”, Mr. Perez’s voice trailed off as the humongous creature approached. Her eyes swept across the large hall but she was all alone. Even the sight of Mr. Perez would have been more comforting than this impending disaster. He knew from the first time he saw it in El Salvador; this Sasquatch would one day make him proud and today was that day.

“No God please, No!” She dashed across the hall to the blue-rimmed door at the far and of the hall. It was locked from the outside and Mr. Perez was enjoying the scene as his stubble mustache brushed against the glass display that formed half the door.

Bigfoot, as his name implied, was a huge gorilla that Mr. Perez had captured in El Salvador during one of his hunting expeditions. The ravenous beast had been in his possession for close to three years and had been trained to perform in circus shows. After having sedated it with numerous drugs to control its temper and rage, he had eventually discovered the perfect formula: women. It had initially started as an accident when a drunk blonde female had wandered into the cage at night. The woman had stroked the beast and induced an act so ravish that even Mr. Perez claimed was epic. Of course the woman’s body had to be disposed of after the grisly incident but the beast had learnt to handle the delicacy with pride after a few encounters with heavily sedated women. It always seemed to prefer blonde women and this just made Bethany a perfect match.

When she swung her head towards the beast, a heavy slap that engulfed her whole face sent her sprawling to the ground. The beast grabbed her by the leg and pulled her across the dirty hall to its lair on the dimly lit far end of the room. She was roused back to reality as the beast dragged her across a pool of water on the floor. She struggled to get free but her efforts were futile. Her voice and strength had escaped her and a particular coldness had taken over her making her whole body numb. She knew what was coming but had no intention of letting it happen. Never… no… couldn’t happen… impossible!

The beast dropped her onto the soft padded mat and proceeded to drum its chest while roaring with finality. It exposed it huge manhood which was now erect and swollen with blood. Bethany tried to rise from the mat but it placed its huge palm on her chest squeezing the air out of her lungs. In a matter of seconds, her pants, shirt and knickers went flying across the room. She could feel the warm drops of the creature’s juices as they trailed her stomach. She managed to open her eyes and look at the excited beast. ‘Who could do this? Who on earth could let this happen?’ God please no….’ Then she felt it; a huge intrusion ripping her apart, tearing her into shreds. Her body convulsed and she passed out.

When she came to, her vision was blurred but she could make out Diego who stood at the far end of the room frantically beating his meat as he watched her. She felt some movement in her and then became fully aware of the Sasquatch’s massive cock inside her. Diego was getting off on the animal having its way with her. He watched her twitch with every thrust the hairy monster gave her. He made himself more comfortable in the seat and reached for some Vaseline which he generously applied to his shaft. He stroked himself in time with each thrust as the blonde’s moans filled the room. He was surprised at her moans; it was almost as if she was enjoying it. The Sasquatch surprised her when he let his long slimy tongue lick her surprisingly hardened nipples. The animal was surprisingly gentle and soft with her. Diego struggled to see the creatures now wet cock slide in and out of her as he frantically rubbed his cock.

The Sasquatch began bucking himself in and out of her at a faster pace as Bethany gave up fighting it. She rested her hands on the animal’s torso as it grunted while pounding her. Diego gasped as he felt himself erupt in his hand and on the floor. He reclined himself on the seat to get a better view of the blonde being fucked. Her tits bounced all over as she got all the fury mammal had to give. He walked over to where she was and reached to grab her breasts. As if in a jealous rage, Bigfoot growled making Diego retract his hand.

Bethany screamed as she felt the animal erupt in her insides thrusting with each expulsion. Bigfoot then collapsed on the floor next to her and fell into a deep sleep. Diego’s cock was again hard. “this shouldn’t go to waste,” he thought as he positioned himself above her face forcing his hardened cock down her throat. “Nice and deep now,” he said as he made her take in each inch of his massive cock. He smiled as she submissively twirled her tongue round his head. She let his cock get in deeper in her throat as he began to feel the veins in his erection throbbing. He cried out loud as he felt himself exploding in her neck causing her to take in every drop even though it was all too much for her to swallow. But she tried as much as she could. After all her life was in this sadistic man’s hands. He gently slapped her tits causing her to squeal a little. He emptied his balls in her mouth as his hand tightened on her bit tit. He could see bruises appearing where his fingers gripped.

“What…the….,” Diego yelled as he struggled to conceal his penis from Rodriguez who stood at the doorway looking frantic. “Rodriguez!! Que pasa?? Y loco?” he yelled as he struggled to stay on his feet, something to be expected from someone who had just expelled two loads of cum.

“The FBI sir, they’re here,” Rodriguez said. Diego couldn’t understand.

“How did they surpass the security system?” he asked.

“We don’t know sir,” Rodriguez said as he gestured for him to leave. “We need to evacuate,” he added as Diego walked towards him.

Diego turned when he got to the door. “Agent Rhodes,” he called out. “We really need to have more meetings. Your talent are so much more than what the FBI could ever fathom,” he added with a wink. Bethany felt disgusted. She closed her eyes as Diego and his men walked out. She wished she could be strong enough to follow him but her body just couldn’t let her.

Soon enough she heard footsteps approaching the room. Again, she felt faint as she fell unconscious again. She let a faint smile escape her lips when she heard Nate’s voice. She had always known that she could count on him. “We have a friendly in here,” Nate yelled as he rushed to Bethany’s side. As he walked in he saw the Sasquatch on the floor and froze in his track.

“Base camp, we are going to need animal control in here,” he said as he walked slowly to where Bethany was. He cupped her face and looked at her. “Stay alive for me Rhodes,” he whispered as he planted a kiss on her forehead. Taking her in his arms, he carried her to the safety she so badly needed.

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