Paranormal Sex Stories – Ride The Female Centaur

With great calm she cast a loving gaze across the vast area of her homeland; a pretty meadow that, in the eyes of Angelika, formed the whole of her magical world.

Throughout this emerald green meadow, grew a variety of surreal flowers. Her favorites, while resembling roses in structure, shone in every color of the rainbow; from rich scarlet red to startling indigo. From a deep violet to a yellow so bright it rivaled the hue of the sun.

Of course, even the sun shone a greater gold in this surreal living space, causing the leaves of the trees to glow like emeralds in the scope of its tender beams.

Angelika shared her homeland with a host of birds, butterflies, and other playful woodland creatures. These were neighbors she also claimed as friends and family members.

I do love them dearly she thought, as she cast an affectionate glance toward a small butterfly that hovered close by her shoulder. Indeed I am blessed by my life, my home and my friends. It would be nice, though, if I could find a mate to share this charmed existence.

Whenever Angelika inspected her reflection in the surface of a one of the meadow’s ponds, she saw a face that boasted wide blue eyes, a long silky fall of pinky blonde hair, a trim waist, and perky breasts that lay uncovered in the light of the sun.

All features that, or so I’m told, are favored by most young gents she thought almost aloud.

Of course, this reflection also displayed a most unusual rear view; one that displayed a fetching set of legs, four to be exact, and a spotless pink and white tail.

No matter how liked my personality, she sighed, rolling her eyes heavenward, most gents usually stop short when they see the horse’s ass.

Her troubled mediation was disrupted by a flare of sharp, jarring pain. One caused by a dart thrust without warning deep into the flesh of her side.

She let out a scream that startled a flock of tropical birds flying low overhead. Their worry-drawn faces formed her final vision just before the world slipped away.


London, 1905

“Mum, must we go to the fair again?”

Julian Ross let out a low sigh, stretching his muscled arms high above his head as he regarded his mother, the respected Editha Ross, with a bored stare that brought a rare smile to her noble face.

“It’s the event of the season, young man, and you know as much.” She ran a soothing hand through his shoulder-length mass of golden blond hair. “Now get ready, as I am really keen to see the opera singer who opens this year’s fair.”

“Oh joy.” Her 21-year-old son rolled his eyes as he grabbed the bowler hat that hung from a nearby cherry wood rack. “Fine then, let’s be off.”

An hour later, Julian found himself trekking the streets of downtown London. There was a number of attraction booths around, featuring everything from games and craft displays, to minstrel performances and public story readings. And while his mother headed directly for the clothing carts after hearing her much anticipated opera performance, he preferred to see shows at the fair, especially those that might in some way shock or titillate him.

Heaven knows, in the life of a young English nobleman, one does not often get shocked or titillated, he thought, disappointed at the lack of opportunities.

Indeed, since graduating from university four months earlier, he’d done little more than sit about his family’s manor house and write fantasy stories about creatures and legends that had captured his imagination. He had a thing for mythical creates since early childhood, and this thing had stayed with him ever since.

I know that my mum wants me to follow in Da’s shoes and became a banker. He shrugged, eyes scanning the brightly painted signs that oversaw the fair’s booths and tents. I’d far rather write books filled with my own takes on fairy tales and legends. Better yet, I’d love to meet some of the strange and wonderful mythical beings that fill these legends.

He stopped dead in his tracks as he came to a tent marked Female Oddities.

“Brilliant, just what I was looking for!” He clapped his sturdy hands together, smiling as he ran between the tent flaps. “I’d most definitely prefer an odd female over any of those boring society maids I’ve been courting the past few months.”

His grin dissolved the moment he entered the tent; a sparse, dirty space occupied by a tank and a cage.

“Only two attractions?”

He cast a disinterested glance toward the tank on the left, which was really a shallow transparent barrel that held a beautiful but bored mermaid. Dressed in a makeshift fin that seemed to be made of cheap, sparkly cheesecloth, she returned his dull gaze before racing to the top of the barrel. She broke the water’s surface as she coughed and gasped for air.

“Are you quite all right, Miss?” Julian shoved his hands down deep in the pockets of his smart brown pant suit.

“Yes.” The mermaid spoke, spitting forth a stream of cool water that ruined what was left of her illusion. “I tell you though, after being a ‘sea siren’ for two full days, I’m quite ready to go back to my days in the pleasure houses. At least there I didn’t have to swim or wear this ridiculous fin.”

“You may indeed have a point,” Julian smiled briefly, “and a plan.”

His smile again dissolved, this time in shock, as he approached the cage that occupied the right side of the tent.

Standing inside this enclosed space was the most beautiful female he’d ever seen. One whose vivid blue eyes and soft pink hair instantly mesmerized him, along with what seemed to be a unique lower half.

While the woman boasted a perfect face and top half that would make any man howl with delight, her lower half seemed to take on the form of a fully functioning, anatomically correct horse.

“By God, she’s a centaur,” he breathed, taking a long gaze across her rear and more animalistic features. It was Angelika.

Although overwhelmed by the view of this wonderful woman, he still tried to summon the information he’d learned about these remarkable creatures in his books of mythological history.

He recalled learning the teachings of Greek storytellers, who praised the ultimate and divine beauty of women half human half horse. He himself had seen a Roman painting that showed several of these female centaurs as they flanked Venus, the great goddess of beauty, crowning and praising her. Yet in his eyes the centaurs had surpassed the beauty of the goddess herself.

Yet even they paled in comparison to this glorious creature, whose upper half bore more of a likeness to a glorious angel than an everyday woman. And even her ‘horse parts’ bore a thick pinky coat that took his breath away.

“Why not do a sketch of me, milord.”

Planting her dainty hands on her hips, the centaur lifted her chin in his direction.

“It will last you far longer.”

Her admirer froze at these words, laughing outright as he considered their meaning.

“I like a feisty lass.” He applauded her. “And a beautiful one.”

The centaur was unimpressed.

“Go ahead and call me a beautiful freak,” she waved him onward with a weary hand. “A lovely mistake of nature. I assure you, good sir, I have heard it all.”

Julian shook his head.

“Never would I insult such a glorious creation.” He waved down the length of her figure with a gentle, admiring hand. “Surely Shakespeare referred to you when he said in King Lear, “Down from the waist they are centaurs, though women all above.”

For what he suspected was the first time in months, the centaur smiled. And laughed. Hard.

“Tell me lad.” She arched her feathered eyebrows. “Does that line work on all the lasses?”

Julian grinned, before joining in her laughter. “Only the four legged ones,” he winked.

Angelika smiled, almost blushing from this human’s words.

“Well I’ll say one thing for you,” she shrugged. “Your words for me are kind and humorous, which is more than I can say for most of the so called gentlemen who pass the doors of this exhibit.”

Julian stepped up to the bars of the cage, eyes fixated on his new female friend.

“Then I must ask Madame.” He looked her straight in the eyes. “Why do you allow them to cage and insult you like this?”

Kneeling to the floor of the cage, the centaur lowered her sing song voice to a soft, confidential whisper.

“I allowed nothing.”

She leaned forward until their faces loomed dangerously close; separated only by the cast iron bars that restricted her freedom.

“The man who runs this exhibit abducted me from my home, a secret meadow on the outskirts of London.” Her lip quivered as a single tear ran down the skin of her fair cheek. “Three months ago I was the queen of my valley, a ruler and protector of creatures great and small. Now I am nothing but an object, a pawn in a nasty game…a thing to be leered at and ridiculed in equal measure.”

Her words wrung Julian’s heart, before making him good and mad.

“I demand at once to speak to the monster who runs this abomination of a show!” He jumped back from the cage, balling his fists as he roamed the dusty floors in search of a certain target.

His search was not a long one, as he soon came face to face with an aging, bearded man who seemed to be in charge of the show. A man who sprang forth from behind a long black curtain at the back of the tent.

“What is the meaning of this outburst?” He roared, pinning Julian with an accusing glare.

His glare however was soon replaced by a look of shock when the enraged nobleman punched him full in the face and knocked him to the ground. Delivering a second punch that rendered the show owner woozy and distracted, Julian took his opportunity to snatch a set of keys from his jacket pocket, and surged toward the cage door.

“It’s the third key on the ring,” the centaur exchanged a joyous smile with the fake mermaid, who jumped from her tank to land on the soft mat that bordered her aquarium. She threw off her fake fin.

“I don’t know who you are Sir.”, the smiling woman rose to her feet and ran from the tent, “but I thank you, ever so much.”

Nodding briefly in her direction, Julian unlocked the centaur’s cage and flung it wide open, watching as the grateful female trotted outward with a light spirited step.

“Thank you dear sir.” She nodded in his direction. “Now do hurry yourself and jump on my back.”

Julian froze, stunned.

“Miss,” his voice came out in a strangulated whimper that seemed to amuse its listener. “Did you just request that I jump on your back?”

“Yes, and quickly!” Angelika cast a cautious look at her captor, who opened his eyes and regarded her with a dazed stare. “The old bastard is bound to awaken soon, and I suggest we both be well and out of here before he does.”

“Top idea milady!”

Laying a gentle grasp on the shoulders of the lady who entranced him, Julian swung his long, sturdy legs over her back and mounted her. “By the by, may I please have the name of the exquisite lady whose back I am currently riding?”

“Call me Angelika” said the female centaur as she raced toward the tent flap


Despite the presence of a tall, muscular and very attractive man on her back, Angelika raced with lightning speed to the place of her birth and home; the radiant, emerald colored meadow which she had missed for so long.

“It’s so good to be home!”

Running forward to the center of the meadow, Angelika rejoiced as a small group of gold hummingbirds, scarlet robins, and multi-colored meadowlarks flew low above her head. They celebrated her return with a radiant song that stirred her senses.

A revived and energized Angelika kicked her hind legs upward, releasing a triumphant harmony  that echoed the song of the birds.

Then she looked on in horror as this impulsive move sent her passenger, a clearly shocked Julian, flying off her back and rolling across the length of the meadow.

“Kind sir!” She raced to his side, looking down at him with frantic eyes. “I’m so sorry. Are you quite all right?”

Brushing the dust from his proper brown suit, Julian let loose with a loud laugh as he sat up in a patch of wet grass.

“Please call me Julian. And it’s all right, my lovely.” He sent a charming wink in her direction. “Though my mother is sure to flog me when she sees the soiled state of this, my very best suit.”

Kneeling beside him on the ground, Angelika shot him a saucy grin that nearly stole his breath.

“Why not take it off then?” Her voice lowered to a sexy whisper.

Julian arched his eyebrows, meeting the centaur’s naughty beam with one of his own.

“You are different from the maidens of London.” He leaned inward, searing her with a seductive gaze as he erased the distance between them. “Angelika you transfix me. You know I’m yours, to do with as you please.” With this he sobered, drawing slightly away. “Don’t feel, though, that you have to be with me because I rescued you.”

Angelika leaned forward, seizing Julian’s sumptuous lips in a full, hot kiss. He moaned as she assumed total control of him, laying her full, moist mouth into his and bracing her hands on his firm shoulders. Soon their tongues entangled, and she swept her lover up in her arms until their chests pressed together.

“From the moment I saw you, I did desire you.” she whispered, running her hands through his smooth blond hair. “I’d never give a man my body as a token of thanks but I would take his as a show of my hunger and devotion.”

Julian watched transfixed as she peeled her flousy pink undergarment from the surface of her breasts, revealing her body to him in full as he arched his neck to devour her.

Lowering his mouth to kiss and lick her pretty, perky breasts, he wrapped his arms around her slender waist. Nipping her nipples, he turned them to hard, erect peaks as she sighed with delight.

“Now it’s my turn.”

She drew back slightly to unbutton Julian’s smart brown vest and the shirt that lay beneath it, revealing a firm chest that she proceeded to nip and lick.

Kissing her way down his sculpted abs, her hands coursed the length of his back as he stroked her pink and blond hair. His fingers clenched as, shooting him a wicked grin, Angelika unzipped his confining brown pants and pulled them down around his thighs.

This move revealed a long, hard cock that seemed to salute her presence. She returned the gesture by washing its tip with her wet, pink tongue, then devouring it whole with her succulent lips.

Throwing back his head, Julian moaned low in his throat as ecstasy overcame him. His lover’s mouth applied a divine pressure to the skin of his sensitive shaft, sending shards of ecstasy springing upward through every part of his body. His heart pounded and his cock gushed as she continued to lick and suckle his tender foreskin, all the while stroking his hips and thighs with sweet and tender hands.

This centaur was filling him head to toe with wave after wave of unrivaled pleasure. His body still shaking from its intense effects, he swept Angelika up in his arms and lowered her to the grassy patch beside him. He showered her face with grateful kisses as her breasts crushed against his chest.

“I want to give you the same pleasure that you just bestowed upon me,” he whispered, cradling her in his arms as he ran a soothing hand down her back, “only I’m not sure how best to pleasure your…”

His gaze fell to her genital area, marked as it was by a smooth  pink coat and a fetching tail

“… most exquisite lady parts.”

A chuckling Angelika gave him a warm hug, relishing the tender feel of his lips as they massaged her neck and shoulders.

“Close your eyes darling,” she whispered, her heart pounding as his masculine body infused her with a heat she longed to quench.

A line of sweat formed on her breasts as her clit hardened and her pussy gushed. As Julian closed his eyes and seized her lips in another heated kiss, a overwhelming desire surrounded her. This desire seized Angelika’s body in a wave of heat that seemed to transform her.

Looking downward, she took in her breath at the sight of a body that was not her own. One that took the form of two long luscious legs, smooth fleshy hips and thighs, and a human vagina that radiated wetness and arousal.

“My lady,” Julian breathed, following her gaze with wide eyes, “you have changed.”

“Not permanently,” his lover assured him. “The legend of my people talks of a magical change that does enable us to mate with humans.”

She leapt into the lap of an aroused Julian in a fit of passion, wrapping her long legs around his back as she braced her hands on his shoulders.

“Finally I can experience the joys of a woman.” She stared deep into his eyes.

“Well then,” Julian started, stroking her soft skin with an adoring, approving hand, “do allow me to bring you that joy.”

Slipping his hand between her legs, he stroked open her feminine folds and rubbed her swollen clitoris. His fingertips tickled her feminine fruit as she squealed and squirmed with delight.

“I didn’t know a woman could be loved in this fashion…” Her thighs locked around his hand and she sat down hard, her clit throbbing with ecstasy as he stroked and rubbed it.

“Before we’re through Angelika,” he delivered long fast strokes that had her involuntary trembling, “I intend to show you all of the wonderful ways a woman can be loved.”

Letting loose with a scream that echoed through the hills of the valley, Angelika fell forward into Julian’s arms, her entire body shaking with pleasure as she experienced the delicious effects of her first orgasm.

Immediately she wanted more.

“I want you inside of me,” she gasped out, grinning as Julian’s body covered hers and their arms and legs entangled. Her breasts crushed against his rock hard chest as they rolled across the lawn, their hands clasping as he rocked his hips against hers. Fully and finally, his shaft surged within her, filling her to the core.

Angelika cried out like a banshee in heat as his penis probed and pumped her, all the while cradling her in a tender embrace that warmed her heart.

Running her hands in sheer wonder down the length of his chest and abdomen, she stared at the point their bodies met and meld. She no longer could tell where he ended and she began, so tight were they in an embrace that drove them over the edge.

With a mighty thrust, the couple lost themselves in a fit of orgasmic ecstasy. Their bodies stilled, sweaty from the time they had just experienced. Clinging to one another, their lips collided in a union that seemed eternal.

“You’re like no woman I’ve ever met,” Julian gasped, cupping her cheeks in his hands.

“I should hope so,” Angelika arched her eyebrows.

“I’d love to know you better,” he smiled.

“I should hope so,” Angelika repeated once more.

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