Goblin Sex Stories – The Nightgown Thieves

Hannah stood in front of the large gilt mirror in her bedroom, slowly brushing her long blonde hair. She pulled the brush down; tugging her shiny hair straight, but it sprung right back up into bouncy waves when she put the brush down on her night table. She pulled her dress over her head and reached behind her back to unclasp her bra, sighing with relief as her restrained chest sprang free.

She admired her body in the mirror, skimming her hands over her curves. She turned and pulled her nightgown out of her wardrobe, shimmying it over her head and down her thighs without mussing her hair. She shivered at the feeling of her feet on the cold wooden floor, raising goosebumps on her arms and hardening her nipples. They poked through the thin cotton of her nightdress, and she pulled back the covers and hopped into bed, snuggling down in the warmth. She sighed and closed her eyes, a smile on her face as she drifted off to sleep.

Someone was touching her, several sets small, rough hands sliding over her bare skin. They gripped her breasts, pinched her nipples, slid into the openings between her legs…She tossed fitfully, arching her back as one of the little hands rubbed against her swollen clit. There were mouths on her too, licking and sucking her naked body in every naughty place until she couldn’t bear it anymore. Her body rippled, a wave of pleasure exploding out from between her legs and ricocheting around her body in the dark quiet of her bedroom…

Hannah sat up suddenly in the dark, looking around her bed and under her blankets. She shivered, the pleasure from her dream still tingling through her body. Pulling the heavy blankets up around her chin, she closed her eyes and tried to forget the strangeness of her dream. Her eyes shot open again as she slid her hand up under her chin. She was naked; her nightdress was gone. She looked down at the floor next to the bed; the gown lay crumpled on the floor. Hannah squeezed her eyes shut and tried to sleep, forcing herself to breathe normally.

When she woke in the morning and stepped out of bed, her feet landed on something soft. She looked down and saw her nightgown on the floor. Heat rushed to her face, reddening her cheeks as she remembered the strange events of the previous night. She had been so frightened by it last night, but this morning it seemed obvious what had happened. Stripping her clothes off and fingering herself under the covers late at night…Hannah’s cheeks burned even brighter. She shook her head and stepped out of bed, pulling her nightgown back on before heading to the shower. She left the water on cold and tried to forget about it.

She went to work at her job at the coffee shop and didn’t think about the strange dream anymore. She poured coffee and made lattes, chatting with customers while the hours ticked by. All too soon the day was over and it was time to ride her bicycle back home. It was drizzling and she was damp, cold and irritable by the time she parked her bike and let herself into the house. She shivered and ran up the stairs, turning on the bath and waiting for it to fill up. She squeezed some scented bubbles into the steaming water and climbed in, sinking to her wait and sighing.

Hannah lay down in the bath, wetting her hair and floating gently in the warm water. Her round breasts were the only thing visible above the water and she pinched her soapy nipples gently, sighing as she remembered her strange, tempestuous dreams. Her hands drifted down her warm, slippery body, brushing against all of her curves gently in the hot water.

She sat up and turned on the tap, scooting her body down and spreading her legs wide so that the warm water rushed between her legs. Hannah tried to breathe normally as the water bore down powerfully on her sensitive button. Her legs shook and she undulated in the water, pinching and tugging at her nipples as the pressure of her climax built.

Hannah gasped, arching almost out of the water as the pressure became almost unbearable and her body clenched and released pleasurably. She came hard, harder even than during her dream last night before relaxing back into the hot water. She sat in the bath for a long time waiting for her breath to slow, thinking about the strange feeling of small hands skimming over her body.

She went to her bedroom after her bath, but instead of her nightgown she pulled on a pair of sweatpants and a sweater. It was cold tonight and she felt more comfortable covered up. Heading down to the kitchen she made herself a quick dinner and ate in front of the television, then curling up in her favourite chair with an old, dog-eared book. Hannah stayed downstairs as long as she reasonably could before admitting that it was time for bed.

Creeping up the stairs, she crawled under the blankets fully dressed and shut her eyes, forcing herself to clear her mind and go to sleep. It took her a long time before she could relax enough to doze off.

This time it felt even more real. Hannah struggled as the strong little hands groped her but she couldn’t pull herself out of the dream. Her legs were spread apart and something that felt like a small tongue wiggled between the lips of her pussy, licking and sucking her hungrily. Another mouth closed over a nipple and she arched her back, unable to control herself in face of the pleasure.

She woke this time before her climax, but she couldn’t stop her body. She came hard, writhing in her blankets. When she calmed she was in bed, alone, naked, and a little. Her sweatpants and sweater were on the floor. She couldn’t fall back to sleep.

Hannah had the next day off and she was grateful for it. She was tired from her fitful night. She made breakfast and went out into the garden, hopeful that some sweat-inducing physical labour might get her mind off of her…little problem. She was right, and after a few hours of pulling weeds she retired inside for a shower, sweating and dirty. Clean and refreshed she baked several batches of muffins to sell in the coffee shop before dressing carefully and driving in to town, thinking of heading to the bar.

She thought her little problem might be solved in an easy way…Maybe she just needed to get laid?

Sitting at the bar, Hannah thought doubtfully that there was no one in this bar that she would like to sleep with. The men were all boisterous and rude, and fairly drunk. A few approached her, but she sent them away kindly. She went to her car disappointed, driving back out to her house in the woods silently. She sighed, ready to face another peculiar night of dreams.

But when she put on her heaviest pajamas and lay down under the covers, she found that she couldn’t sleep. Hannah lay in bed, trying to sleep but just dozing fitfully and then jerking awake, nervous of what would happen to her if she did sleep. She lay very still, breathing deeply and willing her mind to remain calm and empty.

And then she felt it.

A small hand, sliding under the waistband of her sweatpants and sliding them down slowly, so slowly that she barely noticed. Another pair slid under her sweatshirt and pulled it up over her belly and breasts. They undressed her swiftly, leaving her naked. She wondered if she was asleep again, and dreaming.

But this didn’t feel like dreaming.

She shot up in bed, ripping the covers back and facing her attackers on her hands and knees. When she saw them, she was almost sure that she was asleep. There were two small, dark, naked men; three feet tall at the very most. Their ears were pointed and their faces were mean, with long sharp noses and chins. She gaped at them.

There were two goblins in her bed.

The three stared at each other for several moments. Hannah came to herself first and inhaled to scream, even though she knew her house was too far from any neighbors to do any good. One of the goblins was quicker though. He shoved the panties he had taken off of her into her mouth and wrestled her to the bed, lashing her hands to the iron bedframe with her own belt. Her eyes widened and she thrashed, but they stood back and she soon tired herself out.

They watched her writhe and still, snickering mischievously at her fear. Hannah calmed slightly. She knew from some light-hearted research (and a very expensive and useless degree from a prestigious Liberal Arts school) that goblins weren’t supposed to be dangerous, only naughtily impish. But when she was naked and restrained and they were watching her hungrily, they felt very dangerous.

“We don’t want to hurt you, girlie,” said the one that had stuffed her panties in her mouth in a surprisingly deep voice. “We were just looking for some fun…” He looked over at his friend slyly. “And I don’t really see the point in leaving now.”

He climbed on top of her and she was too tired to move. His rough little hands closed over her breasts and he teased her nipples to hardness with shockingly deft fingers. She inhaled through her nose, trying to force herself not to enjoy it…but when the other bent between her exhausted legs and stuck his tongue into her wet pussy, she couldn’t pretend any more. Her back arched and she moaned quietly, but it was muffled by the panties.

“Oooh, she likes it even more when she’s awake,” said the one playing with her tits. He leaned over her, licking her tits eagerly until they were wet and slippery before squeezing them together and wiggling his thick, short cock between them. He moaned and fucked her tits while she worked very hard to breathe around her cotton underwear. The one between her legs laughed into her pussy, and she jerked, gasping.

“I think she’s ready for us,” he told the one thrusting his hard cock into her titties. He hopped off of her chest and they turned Hannah onto her side while she whimpered and wiggled vaguely. She wasn’t afraid anymore, but she also wasn’t sure she wanted them to do whatever they were going to do to her. The one who had been licking her cunt sidled up behind her, gripping her hips and rubbing his thick cock against her asshole. She gasped, trying to squirm away from him but his hands held her fast. The other lay in front of her, his face pressed into her breasts and his cock pressing against the wet, aching entrance to her pussy. Hannah couldn’t help it, she wanted to be fucked. She pressed back into them, encouraging them.

“You want it, don’t you blondie?” asked the one behind her. He pressed the thick head of his cock into her ass and she gasped, her ass clenching around his cock. He smacked her ass and moaned, thrusting further into her. The one in front of her held her leg up and pushed into her pussy, sucking one of her nipples into his mouth and sucking while he thrust in and out.

Hannah couldn’t believe the feeling of those two thick cocks deep inside of her. She tried to breathe around the panties in her mouth, but it was getting harder and harder. She moaned as the goblin’s rough tongue swirled around her nipple and sucked it hungrily. The other fucked her ass, squeezing it in his hands while he ploughed into her over and over.

The goblins fucked her faster and faster, somehow keeping their rhythm synched up. Hannah could feel her climax building. A hot pressure was gathering somewhere below her bellybutton and spreading throughout her body with the goblins every firm thrust. She moaned into the panties, struggling to get a breath when her body contracted and spasmed around their thick cocks.

Winded by her orgasm, she lay still as they pounded into her, still enjoying the pleasure aftershocks from her climax. They were laughing again, but she wasn’t paying any attention to them. The one fucking her cunt stopped suddenly, withdrawing his cock from her still clenching pussy and crawling up to her face. He tore the panties out of her mouth and replaced them almost immediately with his cock. She choked on it, tasting her own juices, but forced herself to relax her mouth and breathe normally.

The other continued to pound into her ass even more forcefully, stretching her. She opened her mouth wider as the goblin thrust into it, and spit ran down her chin. She sucked him hard, eyes fluttering shut as the one pounding her ass reached around her to play with her tits. He pinched her nipples and she opened her mouth even wider, sucking the goblin’s balls in with his cock. She licked them thoroughly, struggling to swallow around the cock in her throat.

The goblin behind her was breathing heavily and his thrusting was becoming faster and more erratic. He moaned low in his throat, gripping her fleshy ass as he fucked into it with abandon. He dumped his come deep into her ass, still fucking her as he softened and his sticky come ran out of her onto the sheets.

The other continued thrusting into her mouth for several moments before he too stiffened and sprayed his salty seed down her throat. She sucked him dry, swallowing every drop that he gave her. The two goblins looked at each other and smiled slyly, flipping the exhausted girl onto her back and spreading her legs. Hannah didn’t try to fight them.

They climbed between her legs together, one fixing his mouth onto her clit and the other thrusting his thick tongue into her, alternating between her pussy and ass. She moaned, her legs tightening and her arms tugging against the belt that tied her to the bedframe as she thrust her pussy into their hot, eager mouths. Their tongues were rougher than a human one, somehow, but in a way that made her head spin with pleasure. They were longer, too, and so dextrous that she felt another climax building almost immediately.

She gasped for breath, thrusting her pussy into their faces while they tongue-fucked her. Hannah’s head spun and she couldn’t think; her face was flushed and hot. The pressure building in her belly was going to overcome her any moment, and she spread her legs even wider.

“Oh, please,” she gasped at them, her hips moving involuntarily.

The goblins chuckled meanly. “I think she’s about done,” said one of them. The other responded by thrusting his fingers into her ass so that every one of her holes was filled completely. She moaned low in her throat and her body squeezed the fingers and tongue inside of her. Hannah rode the waves of pleasure that washed over her body; eyes squeezed shut and jaw clenched.

When she opened her eyes the goblins were gone, and her hands were unbound. She pulled the blankets up to her chin and squeezed her eyes shut, wondering if she was going crazy. It took her a very, very long time to fall asleep that night.

The next morning, Hannah woke feeling very light on her feet. She smiled at all the customers in the coffee shop that day, especially at a tall, dark-haired man that asked her for her phone number. She wrote it on the side of his coffee cup, and he grinned widely at her before leaving the shop. But Hannah’s mind was on something else.

She’d set up her video camera in the corner of her bedroom. Switching it on later that night, she checked to make sure that it was pointed at her bed before she climbed in under the blankets in her nightgown. Hannah dozed off quickly, wondering if tonight would be the night when she finally knew what was going on.

She jolted awake, feeling her nightgown sliding off of her body in the darkness, and smiled. The hands roamed over her as they had before and she pretended to be asleep, wondering what they would do tonight. Two long, dextrous fingers slid deep into her pussy and she moaned quietly while a hot mouth fastened onto each nipple. Another finger teased her clit gently and her legs spread involuntarily.

Hannah pretended to be asleep the whole time so they didn’t tie her up, but when she came, writhing and thrusting her body against them, she thought they must know that she was awake. But they didn’t tie her up, and they didn’t talk to her again. She wondered if they were the same goblins from last night before deciding that she didn’t actually want to know.

Hannah hopped out of bed the next morning feeling quite refreshed, skipping over to the video camera in the corner and pressing play. To her fury, she saw that nothing had been recorded at all last night. She set up the camera again, wondering if her nightgown thieves would show up again tonight. She didn’t want to admit that she hoped that they would.

Hannah had always thought that being plagued by the supernatural would be a frightening, uncomfortable experience. Like living in a haunted house, or being attacked by a vampire in a dark alleyway, or encountering any of the various terrifying monsters purported to inhabit the dark forests. She found that she didn’t much mind her otherworldly visitors. She hopped into the shower and then onto her bicycle, whistling to herself on the way to work.

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