Short Monster Sex Stories – Milked By Bigfoot

“Damn it, Roddy!”

Mel tore out of the back door of the cabin, across the small overgrown lawn, and into the woods after her Labrador. He was barking furiously and running at full speed, deeper and deeper into the forest.

“Roddy, come HERE!” She gasped, tripping over tree roots and wincing as branches caught the delicate skin of her chest and upper arms. Her post-pregnancy boobs bounced painfully as she ran, leaving her to fervently wish she’d put a bra on this morning. She crossed her arms over her swollen, bouncing globes and stumbled on, calling out to the Labrador over and over.

She ran for what felt like a very long time before she had to admit to herself that the dog was gone. Mel turned around in defeat, ready to head back to the cabin before it got dark. Roddy would come home, he always did, but she hated when he ran away like this. These woods could be dangerous at night.

After walking for well more than an hour, Mel was forced to admit that she was lost. She’d followed the dog further into the woods than she’d thought, well away from the areas of the forest she was familiar with. Sitting down on a mossy log to catch her breath, she looked around her, trying to find something familiar. The light was growing orangey and the shadows of the trees were lengthening all around her. She took a steadying breath and stood up, pressing onwards in the gathering gloom. She did NOT want to be in the woods at night.

Mel crossed her arms again over her aching breasts, trying to ignore how cold she was. It would be just her luck if tonight was unseasonably cold for September. She tried not to think about all the stories about foolish hikers her father had told her when she was young to keep her out of these woods, but failed. Tears trickled down her cheeks as she forced her way through the undergrowth, wondering if Neil and the baby had made it safely to his parent’s house for the night.

She wandered dispiritedly for some time, and the next time she looked up at the sky it was black and twinkling with stars. ‘Lucky there’s a full moon,’ she thought to herself, glancing around the forest at the silvery shadows it cast. Prepared to set off with a new vigor, Mel stopped short for a moment to get her bearings. The second she stopped moving she heard it; the quiet but distinctive crunching of leaves underfoot. Someone was following her.

Sucking in her breath, Mel felt sharp terror coursing through her, making her head swim. How long had someone (or worse, something) been following her? She remained frozen, knowing that her pursuer wouldn’t move again until she did. Taking another deep breath, she set off determinedly in a direction that she thought the trees looked slightly thinner. She listened carefully for any noise other than her own quiet, crunching footsteps, but heard nothing. Perhaps she’d imagined it, Mel thought to herself, beginning to relax.

She stepped forward and froze again when she heard the noise of movement through the trees on her left. Turning deliberately to her right, away from the noise, she moved as silently as she could. Her heart was hammering so loudly in her chest that she was sure whatever was following her could hear it. She was right.

Mel kept moving, knowing that she was making more noise than was wise but unable to slow down because of the fear clenching her chest. She heard another noise behind her, a stick snapping under something heavy and, unable to stop herself, broke into a stumbling run. Twigs whipped her face and slapped against her swollen tits, but she forced on. The trees were definitely thinning now, and she thought hopefully of the solid wooden door of her cabin.

Forcing her way through the last of the undergrowth she emerged into a clearing and broke into a sprint, running blindly in the dark. A deep, slow growl issued from the dark trees on her left and she tripped, stumbling over a large rock. Mel lurched back to her feet and kept running, unable to see much in the dark, but she stopped short when she saw the yawning mouth of a large cave right opening before her.

She was wrong; she wasn’t being followed.

She was being herded.

Her knees went wobbly under her, but before she could collapse she was picked up roughly and thrown over a broad shoulder and carried into the cave. After a shocked moment she gathered herself and kicked and screamed, beating the broad back under her with her fists with every bit of strength within her. Whatever was carrying her swiftly deeper and deeper into the cave growled and ripped her off of its shoulder, tossing her onto the dirt floor of the cave. Mel scrambled onto her hands and knees, crawling away until she was caught between the wall of the cave and her assailant. The light cast by the glowing coals of a dying fire illuminated her attacker, looming before her.

It stood well over six-feet-tall and was broader at the shoulders than any man. But it wasn’t a man…Mel swallowed, her eyes roaming over the enormous body covered in dark, curling fur. His hands and feet were less furry and fairly human. He (for judging by the enormous cock standing erect between his tree-trunk thighs, the creature was definitely a he) approached Mel slowly. She cringed against the wall of the cave, whimpering in fear. Her father had always told here that there were dangerous creatures in the woods, but this? She might have been more careful in the woods if he’d told her that Bigfoot was living behind the family cabin.

“Please don’t hurt me,” she whispered, looking into the beast’s curiously human face. The creature paused, looking down at her and she wondered if it understood.

She shrieked as the Bigfoot grabbed her ankles and dragged her away from the cave wall. Lying prone between his legs, she couldn’t help but stare at the giant cock between his furry thighs. It was as thick as her wrist, and a drop of precome glistened at the thick, pink tip. She stared, slightly entranced, but screamed again as the creature got to its knees, straddling her hips. He took no notice, but continued to look down at her, his greedy eyes fixed on her swollen round breasts.

Mel noticed for the first time that her tee-shirt was ripped to shreds, exposing almost her entire left tit and a good portion of her belly. Where the thin cotton was still intact over her right breast, it was soaked with milk leaking from her hard pink nipple. The creature seemed utterly fascinated. He reached for her chest and in one swift motion tore the remains of her tee-shirt off, exposing her entirely. His huge hands closed around her tits, squeezing them so tightly that she whimpered.

He squeezed again and again and she struggling, whining, but his heavy body on top of her ensured that she had no chance of escape. In fact, her struggles seemed to be exciting the creature. His cock was pressed against her belly, and every time she moved he pressed against her more firmly, squeezing her tits tighter and tighter. His hands clenched around her tits even more tightly and, to her shame and his excitement, two little spurts of milk shot out of them, landing on her bare belly and streaking his cock. The Bigfoot made a noise low in his throat and squeezed again, his eyes fixed on the warm milk trickling out of her swollen tits.

She moaned in pain, writhing but completely unable to ignore the thick cock now sliding around on her milk-slick belly. The creature grew even more excited, crouching over her and fixing his mouth around one of her nipples and sucking. Her back arched unwillingly in pleasure as he sucked furiously, still milking her other titty with his hand. He drank from her deeply, thrusting his cock against her wet belly and spraying the milk from her other tit into the air.

Mel’s legs opened against her will and the creature adjusted his hips, cock hardening even further and seeking her warmth. Still sucking milk from her, he pressed the round head of his cock against her wet entrance firmly. She gasped, her nails scraping against the dirt of the cave floor, but she couldn’t deny the hungry feeling growing inside of her. She bore down on his cock hard, willing him to slide inside of her.

The creature didn’t hesitate. He sheathed himself in her warmth in one motion, filling her up like nothing she had ever felt before. Mel screamed, her back arching almost violently as the beast fucked into her, more animal than man as he ravaged her. She felt his cock stretching her pussy to the brink, and as he thrust into her completely her body contracted around him unwillingly. She came harder than she’d ever come before, being fucked and milked by an animal on a cave floor.

She gasped, moving under him as she came. Her passion excited the beast, who tore his mouth from her nipple and grabbed her by the waist, flipping her over easily so she was on her hands and knees. He shoved his cock in from behind and Mel screamed again, trying to crawl away from his invading cock. His hands clenched around her breasts, using them like handles as he thrust into her over and over.

His hands squeezed and released, painfully milking her swollen tits onto the cave floor like a cow. She moaned and whimpered, feeling the warm milk trickling over her tits and down her belly. He milked her and fucked her, growling deep in his throat as his hands clenched and opened. Mel couldn’t help it, it felt so good…She shoved backwards, her pussy engulfing even more of his huge dick. The beast moaned as she fucked him, squeezing her titties even more tightly before grabbing her waist and spinning her around on his cock to face him and getting on his back.

The feeling of his cock filling her left Mel completely unable to think and she rode him like an animal. She shoved herself down onto his cock over and over, relishing the way he filled up every dark corner inside of her. The creature leaned up and sucked one of her nipples back into his mouth, suckling from her as she slammed her pussy onto his rock hard dick again and again. As he sucked her tit and kneaded the other, she felt a pleasurable pressure building somewhere below her bellybutton again. Her orgasm ripped through her almost painfully, and her pussy squeezed the creature’s cock tightly as she rode it.

The beast made a throaty growl and sucked even harder, drinking her milk and thrusting into her contracting pussy wildly. His hand and mouth clenched around her tits and his body stiffened, his cock growing even harder within her pussy. Mel screamed, unable to believe that his cock could get any bigger, and bucked wildly on him as she felt his cock pumping hot seed deep into her pussy. Still coming, her tight cunt milked every drop of sticky come from his softening cock. Mel’s vision swam slightly and she collapsed onto his chest, breathing heavily. Her eyes fluttered shut.

But the Sasquatch wasn’t done, and he wasn’t going to let her rest. Grabbing Mel by the hair, he dragged her head down between his legs, holding her face against his cock, soft now but still enormous. He thrust his hips into her face and she whimpered, but opened her mouth obediently. She licked the huge tip of his cock before sucking it into her mouth, wrapping a hand around the shaft. The beast moved its hips, thrusting into her mouth a little. She felt him hardening again and grabbed his huge, furred balls with her other hand, massaging them.

The beast growled again, both hands tangling in her hair and began moving his hips more insistently, fucking her face in earnest as he grew stiffer and stiffer. Mel choked, spit running down her chin as the beast’s cock slid in and out of her tight throat, stretching it painfully. She couldn’t even make a noise, forcing herself to breathe from her nose as he fucked her throat, grunting like an animal. Her vision swam and she gagged, trying desperately to tear her mouth off of the beast’s cock.

He ripped his dick out of her throat and she gasped for breath, her face slumped into his balls. He still wasn’t ready to let her rest, though. He repositioned her onto her hands and knees again roughly, and Mel cringed away in fear as she felt that enormous, slippery cock pressing against her tight pink asshole. She screamed, struggling, but his giant hands clenched around her waist, holding her steady as he pressed into her ass.

Mel didn’t stop struggling, knowing that her ass couldn’t take anything so huge. He slid into her, inch by inch, and she screamed as he split her open. Her screams faded to a high pitched whine and he forced the last few inches of himself into her ass. Mel’s body went totally limp, head lolling, but the Sasquatch held her steady and began to move his hips, thrusting his cock deep inside her ass and slowly withdrawing.

If Mel though she’d been filled up before, she had no idea what was coming. She felt stretched beyond belief, knowing that he was filling up and stretching every inch of her. His hands slid up from her belly to squeeze her tits again, milking her gently as he fucked her. She moaned, feeling the juices from her gaping pussy starting to run down her legs. The beast began to move faster, forcing inside of her over and over.

Mel’s hand drifted between her legs almost subconsciously, her fingers finding her swollen clit almost immediately. She rubbed herself, head swimming with a combination of pleasure and pain. The Bigfoot milked and fucked her ass like an animal as she played with herself, her fingers rubbing furiously against herself, desperate to come again. She could feel it building, and she wondered if the creature could too because he fucked her asshole harder and faster, shoving even deeper inside of her. The pressure built and built, the heat swelling to encompass her entire body. Her pussy and ass contracted, squeezing his cock tightly inside of her. She writhed, coming again as he milked and fucked her, and her violent movement around his cock sent him over the edge. Mel felt him shooting his hot come inside of her again, and when he softened and pulled out the warm, sticky fluid gushed out of her gaping asshole. He let go of her tits and she hit the cold dirt floor of the cave face first, and lying in a puddle of her own milk and the creature’s hot come, Mel’s eyes flickered shut.

When she opened her eyes again, she was alone in the cave, naked and aching from head to toe but completely and utterly sated. She looked drowsily towards the mouth of the cave, where she could see a dim light issuing. Stumbling to her feet, she glanced down at her naked body, still sticky with come and covered in dirt. Making her way gingerly out of the cave, she blinked in the bright sunlight.

Shrugging, she crossed her arms over her sticky breasts and set off into the forest. The daylight made the deep woods much more welcoming, and after wandering for an hour Mel came upon a boulder that she knew. Within another hour she emerged from the trees into the clearing that served as her backyard. Roddy greeted her from the porch with a happy bark.

“Good morning, you damn dog,” Mel greeted him, bending to stroke his furry neck before opening the back door. She took a very long, very hot shower, ate like a horse and collapsed into her bed, which felt very soft and warm after the floor of the cave. Exhausted, she was asleep almost instantly.

Gentle hands stroking her roused her slightly. They stroked over her nipples and into her panties to gently tickle her clit. Mel moaned, shifting and spreading her legs slightly without opening her eyes. She felt her panties being pulled off gently and a smooth cock sliding into her stretched pussy. It was so much smaller than the beast’s cock had been last night, and she found herself wishing the creature was fucking her again.

Mel opened her eyes, meeting her husband’s very blue, very human ones as he fucked her gently. Too gently. Too slowly. She moaned, trying desperately to pull his cock more deeply into her cunt.

“Harder, Neil, please,” she begged, and he thrust faster and faster into her wet cunt. Mel closed her eyes and imagined not her husband over her, but the terrifying animal that had fucked her so thoroughly in the cave last night. Compared to that, her husband’s cock felt disappointingly small.

“I’m going to come,” he told her, breathing hard on her neck. He pulled out swiftly and spilled his sticky cream onto her belly before collapsing next to her and pulling her into his arms.

“Geez, Mel, if I didn’t know better I’d think you were cheating on me.” He laughed, playfully grabbing her ass. She was glad he didn’t see her wince. “You feel pretty well-fucked down there.”

Mel laughed slightly uncomfortably and snuggled into his arms more deeply, already starting to fall back to sleep. She wondered dimly if a normal cock would ever be able to satisfy her again…She didn’t think so, somehow. But if she needed a good, hard fucking, she could always take a nice long walk in the woods. It wasn’t hard to get lost around here.

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