African American book clubs for urban romance fiction reads

African American Book Clubs, Join Online Now!

African American book clubs for urban romance fiction reads

Love African American romance books? Want to join a free African American book club? Then you’re in the right place!

Simply add your details below to join our free club and get a free urban romance book now (suitable for 18s and over only due to some adult themes):

Benefits Of Joining The African American Book Club

When you join for free, not only do you get to join thousands of others looking for the best black romance books by our best selling authors, you also get:

  • A free exclusive (and highly rated) novel by one of our top selling authors Rochelle Williams.
  • Save big on other black novels. Get Kindle books deeply discounted (at least 66%) before we release to the general public.
  • Be informed when new black romance novels are out. This is in the form of Kindle ebooks , physical books and audiobooks. No matter your preferred reading style we've got you covered. 🙂

So, ready to join our clubs? Scroll up now and enter your email address to be part of the best and most entertaining book club for African Americans now.

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