Lesbian Adult Stories – The Rebound

Kyla paced the lobby for the millionth time. She wondered what could possibly make Annie this late. She was hardly ever late, and even when she was, she would always call ahead.

She tried calling her again. Voicemail… again. “Hey Annie, it’s me. Call me as soon as you get this,” she said before hanging up.

What was going on? Could something have happened?

She walked to the living room to get herself a drink to calm her nerves. She gazed at the bottles and wondered which one would best suit her mood. Red wine, white wine, rum, brandy……she chose to go with the red wine. It always seemed to have a smooth effect on her.

What if Annie was lying somewhere in the street hurt with no one to help her? What if her car had been in an accident? “Relax Kyla,” she said patting herself on chest. “It’s probably nothing,” she thought as she poured herself another drink. “At this rate I’ll probably need a bigger glass,” she thought as she ditched the glass altogether and walked to the couch bottle in hand.

Kyla met Annie during her third year of college but at the time, she was still struggling trying to find her grip on sexuality. When they met, Kyla was on her third relationship in two years but somehow, things with men weren’t going so well. At some point she actually thought it had to do with the fact that she was only dating guys in college.

She tried dating people who were a bit older than her but she still couldn’t understand why everything just wasn’t working out. After a few bump ins with Annie, she was sure she just wanted to hang out with her. There was something about her that relaxed her. She was always so warm and friendly. After knowing Kyla for a few months, she decided that this was what she wanted. A friendship with someone who understood her rather than a relationship that always ended up in heart aches. It wasn’t long before Kyla began developing feelings for Annie and fortunately, Annie felt the same ways about her.

Kyla smiled when she remembered how awkwardly hot their first kiss had been. The two had opted to stay in and rent a movie rather than go out on a Saturday night. She recalled how Annie’s hand brushed her own as she reached for the remote and how their eyes had locked at some point. At first, Annie just planted a small soft kiss on Kyla’s lips. Kyla just sat there shocked and turned on at the same point. “I’m sorry….I….” Annie had begun explaining before Kyla cupped her chin and shut her up with a long sensual kiss. Kyla was still lost in her own memories when Annie walked in.

Annie looked at Kyla who sat with the bottle in between her legs. She looked so peaceful and more beautiful than she had ever been. Annie felt as if she had a noose tied around her neck. This was probably the hardest decision she ever had to make and the fact that Kyla had no idea was killing her. This was supposed to be their anniversary weekend. They had both taken some time off work for a perfect vacation in Cancun. Annie had recently bumped into her high school boyfriend while he was in town on business. The two had decided to catch up over drinks and well, drinks became dinner and then one thing led to another. She thought it would be a one time thing but for some reason, she found herself having feelings for him. She had been into women longer than she could remember, for almost ten years actually. What she was feeling just wasn’t normal. Furthermore, she had just realized she was pregnant. Kyla had to know. It wasn’t fair to her. She had to know that the woman she was in love with had been cheating on her for more than two months. However hard this would be, it had to be done.

“Kyla,” she called out softly.

“Oh my God, Annie,” Kyla said as she jumped up to hug her. “Are you okay? I was so worried? Why didn’t you pick my calls?” she asked not sure what question she wanted answered first.

“I’m sorry….I just got carried away,” Annie started. “I was with Nathan,” she added looking at her soon to be ex-partner directly in the eye.

“Your high school boyfriend Nathan or some other Nathan that I don’t know about?” Kyla asked as she placed the bottle on a nearby table.

“High school boyfriend,” Annie said wondering why she was not picking up on what she was trying to put across.

“Why? You guys needed to catch up or something?” she asked as she walked back to the couch.

“You could say that,” Annie said looking at her. “We have been doing a lot of catching up lately,” she added before going silent. Kyla looked at her confused then shrugged. Nothing was about to ruin her holiday mood. In a few hours they would be leaving for Cancun where it would be them and the beautiful sandy beaches of Mexico. “Don’t worry about that,” Kyla said as she grabbed the holiday catalog that was next to her on the couch. “I just saw this awesome spa in Cancun that we should try and they have a 50% discount….” “…..I’m pregnant, Kyla,” Annie said cutting her short.

Kyla looked at her in disbelief. Her blue green eyes looked glossy as she fought back tears. “Excuse me?” she asked. “Is this some kind of joke?” she asked as she gave Annie a sarcastic laugh.

“No, I really am,” Annie said walking towards her before taking a seat next to her on the couch. “It’s Nathan’s,” she added. Kyla turned to look at her.

“That’s the kind of hooking up the two of you were doing?” she asked feeling a pang as she begun understanding just what was happening. “What the hell, Annie?” she yelled as she stood up. Annie wasn’t sure what she was supposed to do. “Why would you make this decision without talking to me first?” she asked. The two of them had been planning on getting children for a while. Annie panicked a little when she realized Kyla was still not aware of what was going on. “How many weeks?” Kyla asked.

“Twelve,” Annie replied. Kyla rolled her eyes and ran her fingers through her hair.

“Three months, Annie?” she asked. “Why would you keep this a secret for this long?” Annie’s eyes fell to the floor. “Kyla, it’s not what you think,” she started slowly.

“What? Do you want to tell me that you had an affair now?” Kyla asked sarcastically. Annie didn’t know how to answer her. Her silence was all Kyla needed to know her answer. “Why?” she asked as she felt a tear roll down her cheek.

“It was supposed to be a one time thing Kyla,” Annie started. “I don’t know how this happened,” she added. Kyla looked at her as pieces of the puzzle finally fell into place. “How what happened, Annie? What aren’t you saying?” she asked.

“We are in love Kyla,” Annie finally dropped the bomb shell. Kyla felt a wave of emotion as a fresh flow of tears began rolling down her cheeks. It felt as if someone had run her over, then backed up and did it again. How could someone be so cold? How could someone throw away three years of the most perfect relationship for a fling? “I’m guessing it’s over between us,” Kyla said to Annie who stood up and began walking towards her.

“No stop,” Kyla said as she backed away.

“Baby……,” “…Do NOT baby me,” Kyla cut her off.

“I’m really sorry,” Annie said. “there must be something I can do,” she added before Kyla began walking to the bedroom.

“You’ve done enough,” she said as she walked away. Kyla was thankful that she had already packed her bags in anticipation of the holiday that would never be. She grabbed her bags and walked back to the living room where Annie was still seated on the couch. She placed one of the tickets that were on the table. “Maybe you can use that with Nathan,” she said as she placed it on the table. “I won’t waste mine Annie Swan. I am officially on rebound,” she said as she walked towards the door. Annie felt tears roll down her cheeks. She didn’t know whether she had made the biggest mistake of her life or the best decision for her future. She slumped back on the couch sobbing. She was sure she would hate herself for the rest of her life for letting Kyla go.


As Kyla walked into the airport terminal, she wasn’t sure whether her puffy eyes were visible through the dark glasses she wore. She ran her fingers through her long brown hair as her heels clicked with every stride she made on the polished floor. As she approached the inspection guard, he could feel him undressing her with his eyes. The way he smiled as she walked towards him made her feel as if her top’s shoulder strap ad slipped right off exposing her bare breast to him. She gave him a faint smile as she walked through the metal detector. She suddenly heard a loud beep and stepped aside. She had already taken her phone and keys out of her pocket so she wasn’t sure what set the beeper off.

“This way ma’am,” the security guard instructed as he readied himself with his hand held detector. He waved it against her body but posed when he noticed her smiling. “something funny ma’am?” he asked.

“You guys always look like some bad Star Wars movie with those things,” she said as he resumed duty. The guard smiled and continued his search. Kyla felt dumb, he obviously heard a lot of that in his line of work. She heard another loud beep when the detector was waved against her stomach. “Navel piercing,” she said as she removed her dark glasses. “Do you want to see it?” she asked the over eager guard. She could tell he was blushing.

“No ma’am,” he said stepping aside. “Please proceed,” he added as she took her bags.

“You’d think he’d buy me dinner before feeling me up like that,” she thought as she walked to her gate terminal. She took a seat in a row of three. She sighed when she noticed that there was barely any life in the plane. She looked at her watch. Damn. She still had an hour and a half before take off. She leaned her head against the seat and closed her eyes. She felt herself peacefully drifting into a sleep like mode as she thought back to the good old days when she was Annie’s number one priority. She thought back to the first time the two of them made love and smiled to herself. It had just been as awkward as the first kiss.

“So how does it work for girls?” Kyla had asked Annie after a romantic dinner date. “Do you still work with the base system?”

“Base system?” Annie asked smiling. “What the hell is base system?” she asked laughing.

“You know, first base is a kiss, second base is….” “…..shut up Kyla Gordon,” Annie said as she kissed her. “I know what I’m doing. You’re in good hands,” she had told her before kissing her again. Kyla wrapped her arms around Annie’s waist and kissed her back. She had kissed women before but she had never fallen in love with one, let alone slept with one. Annie was gentle with her. She was in no particular rush as she kissed Kyla’s neck slowly working her way down to her chest. Her hand then easily slid down to her tummy and then round her waist before pulling her closer. Kyla’s lips were slightly parted and her eyes closed as she felt this new feeling overwhelm her. Annie took her hand and led her to the bedroom where she proceeded to undress her in silence. The only sound in the house was the soft music Annie had put on when they got home.

Annie then pushed her on the bed where she made sure Kyla was comfortably lying on her back. She lifted Kyla’s dress to reveal her blue panties that matched her blue floral mini-dress. Kyla felt Annie’s lips brush against her own as her hand rested on one of her breasts. At first Annie seemed to be weighing her breast but she then unbuttoned the dress and let her bare breast rest in her hand. Annie felt a warm gush of excitement when she revealed Kyla’s breasts. “You have no bra on,” she thought. “You were ready for this,” she thought as she took one nipple in her mouth. Kyla sighed as she shifted from one nipple to the other as her hands went wild all over Annie’s back. She was not sure what she could touch or what she couldn’t. When Annie’s hands went down her hips and in between her thighs, Kyla spread her legs welcoming her lover’s inquisitive fingers.

Slowly, Annie eased Kyla’s swollen lips apart and then slipped a finger inside her hot pussy. Kyla involuntarily arched her back making Annie’s hand get deeper into her sopping wet pussy. Annie saw no need to go slow as Kyla was already dripping wet. She finger fucked her frantically as she kissed her hot body, occasionally rolling her nipple between her tongue and teeth. Kyla could feel Annie’s teeth gently nibble their way down to her pussy as her hands kept steady on her breasts, her nipples pressing against Annie’s palms with urgency.

Kyla gasped loudly when she felt Annie’s tongue on her clit. She embedded two fingers in her cunt and then fully engulfed her clit. Kyla almost screamed as she felt Annie’s warm mouth around her clitoris. Her body shook as Annie plunged her tongue into her depths making her scream out.

“Annie….fuck!” she yelled when she felt Annie’s fingers moving in and out of her whilst her lips were still sucking hard on her distended clit.

Kyla suddenly opened her eyes and retracted her hand from between her legs. She looked at the seat next to hers and noticed a blond woman looking at her. She blushed a little when she noticed that the woman was doing a bit more than looking, she was staring but trying hard not to look like she was.

She stood up and hurried to the bathroom. It was only then that she realized the plane had already taken off. She walked to the bathroom and got into one of the cubicles. “What the hell are you doing Kyla?” she thought as she put her hands under some running water. She splashed some water on her face and looked at her reflection in the mirror. “This is about you,” she told her reflection. “Cancun is about you and having fun,” she said again before splashing some more water on her face. She leaned on the sink and sighed. “Great. Now I’m talking to myself,” she thought. She felt a wetness between her legs and realized that all that reminiscing had made her panties wet. She took a bunch of tissues and wiped herself as she cursed the fact that the memories of her ex still haunted her. She wiped the water off her face and ruffled up her hair before walking back to her seat.

As she sat down she noticed that the woman was actually very hot. The woman who seemed to be in her late twenties or early thirties wore a short satin pencil skirt and a pink creased shirt. On her feet was a hot pink pair of six inch heels. Kyla wondered how she managed to stay so comfortable in such heels. Her long curly blond hair fell luxuriously on her shoulders. “Nice shoes,” she said as she sat down. The blond smiled at her.

“Thank you,” she said smiling at her. “Great shoes too,” she said gesturing at Kyla’s gladiator heels. Kyla smiled back as she sat down. “You look like all you do is Manolo and Gucci,” she started. “What would you know about gladiator sandals?” she added with a smile.

“Well I can tell they are Jimmy Choo,” the blond replied. Kyla looked at her in surprise.

“How would you even know that?” she asked.

“Because I have a pair exactly like that,” she replied. Kyla smiled at her.

“Hmmm, birds of a feather,” she said as she extended her hand. “Kyla Mason,” she said.

“Lauren Pratt,” the woman said shaking her hand. “So,” Lauren started. Kyla turned to look at her. “That must have been some dream you were having,” she said smiling. Kyla felt her face flush. “Oh fuck,” she said hiding her face in her hands. “I was vocal?” she asked, her hands still on her face.

“Oh yeah,” Lauren said as she rolled her eyes. “Way vocal,” she added as she looked at Kyla’s reddened face. “But don’t worry, it was so damn hot watching you,” Lauren added in a whisper. Kyla turned to look at her. “You reckon?” she asked. Lauren looked at her from head to toe. Her eyes momentarily rested on Kyla’s cleavage. “Definitely,” she said winking at her. Kyla smiled and felt herself blush. This time it was not about being embarrassed but about the flattery she was getting form this woman she barely knew.

“So what do you do?” Lauren asked her as the flight attendants served soft drinks and crackers.

“I am a photographer at Michel Ross House of Design,” Kyla answered. Lauren’s eyes grew wide. “Seriously?” she asked gleefully. She looked like a fat kid who had just found the world’s supply of chocolate cake. “Yeah. Why are you surprised?” Kyla asked looking at her questionably.

“I just had a sneak peak of the summer line you did with Banana Republic,” Lauren started excitedly as Kyla nodded. “It is insanely out of this world!” she added rubbing her hands together. “When do you think it will hit the stores?” she asked before Kyla even had a chance to answer her.

“Whoa…slow down there, miss thing,” Kyla said as she put a hand on hers to calm her down. “Wow, and I thought I loved fashion,” she added laughing.

“I’m sorry,” Lauren said a bit embarrassed. “Sometimes I get a little carried away,” she added laughing.

“Clearly,” Kyla said laughing. “So, that was about me. What does Lauren Pratt do?” she asked. Lauren tucked a lock of curls behind her ear and smiled. “Well, I’m a businesswoman. I am the head purchasing officer at Little London in New York,” she said smiling.

“Cool,” Kyla said smiling. “And Cancun is……” “…..Cancun is where I am meeting a potential new client for the company,” Lauren cute her short. Kyla nodded and smiled again.

“That explains the outfit,” she said laughing. “Though it is really awesome,” she added. Lauren looked at her and rested her face in her hand. “What about you? Why are you going to Cancun?” she asked. Kyla took a deep breath. “This was supposed to be my anniversary weekend,” she started slowly as she took a bite off her cracker. “Supposed to?” Lauren asked as she looked at Kyla more closely. “Yeah, suppose to,” Kyla said. “My partner broke up with me about….well, four hours ago,” she added as she looked at her watch.

“Wow,” Lauren said in a sigh. “I’m sorry,” she said as she took Kyla’s hand in hers. Kyla closed her eyes to blink back a tear as she felt Lauren’s finger flirtatiously brushing her arm. She opened her eyes to look at her. Lauren was now running her fingers up and down her arm as she smiled at Kyla provocatively. Kyla smiled back not knowing what she should do. She was getting first time jitters all over again.

Lauren suddenly brought her hand up and cupped Kyla’s face. “How could anyone let this go?” she asked as she looked into her glassy eyes. Kyla smiled at her and then settled back in her seat nervously. What if someone saw them? It was only then that she noticed that the third seat next to them was empty. Across them were a man and woman who seemed a bit too religious or was it conservative. The two women kept on getting ‘What The Hell’ glances from the two.

Lauren pulled her coat over the two of them, making sure that both their thighs and upper bodies were securely under the Steve Madden designed coat. Kyla smiled at her gesture, she knew exactly what Lauren planned to do.

“Tell me about your ex,” Lauren said as she leaned against her seat. Kyla cleared her throat when she felt Lauren’s warm hand on her thigh. The thin material of her pants made her touch feel as if Lauren was touching her directly. “Well,” she started trying to seem as normal as possible despite the fact that a hot blond was having her way with her under the coat. “We met a little over two years ago…..I was having a hard time dating men,” she continued as Lauren’s hand caressed her softly. Lauren ran her hand up and down her thigh as she continued listening. “What else?” she asked as her hand moved up her thigh and settled in her hot center. Kyla did not realize when her own hand followed suit and began going up Lauren’s skirt. “She was nice until she cheated on me with her high school boyfriend,” she said as her fingertips brushed Lauren’s soft inside thigh making her sigh.

“She cheated on you with a dude?” Lauren asked as she pressed her fingers against Kyla’s snatch. Kyla was thankful that she had chosen a night flight. The dim lights of the plane’s interior made what was happening almost unnoticeable to the naked eye. The ‘conservatives’ had stopped paying attention to the two and were now completely engrossed in a film or music video. Kyla didn’t care what they were doing so long as they didn’t pay any attention to what was going on between her and Lauren.

“Yeah and get this, she’s pregnant,” she added trying to sound normal even though her inside were damn near exploding. Her panties wee experiencing what could only be compared to the Niagara Falls. “Bummer,” Lauren said as her fingers found their way to Kyla’s pants zipper and undid them. She pushed two fingers to slightly caress her smooth twat. As she did this, Kyla had already cut to the chase and her fingers were already well acquainted with Lauren’s lower lips. She expertly played her fingers at the entrance of her wet pussy causing her to shift continuously. “I bet you’d like to get back at her,” Lauren said as she withdrew her fingers from Kyla’s center.

Kyla looked at her in protest as she pushed a finger deep into her pussy. Lauren gasped but quickly covered her action by grabbing the water that was in front of her. She took a big gulp as Kyla fingered her slowly. “Trust me when I tell you I have that in mind as I take this vacation,” Kyla said as she pulled her finger out of her. Lauren took a deep breath before running her hands under Kyla’s top. Kyla smiled as she felt Lauren’s cool fingers rub against her hardened nipples before peeling the lace bra from the mound. Kyla’s grip on the coat became tight as she clenched her fist to avoid screaming. Lauren was now flicking her hard nipples using her finger while her other hand rubbed her clit through her pants. Kyla was almost at the edge when she felt Lauren withdraw her hand despite her protesting look. She looked up to see the flight attendant walking down the aisle pushing a tray cart. Kyla smiled when the attendant approached them. She was glad she didn’t choose to have an aisle seat because she could have sworn the attendant could smell her wet sex all the way from where she was standing.

Lauren asked for another plate of crackers and some ginger ale. Kyla was too turned on to speak so Lauren ordered her the same thing. The flight attendant handed them the snacks and went on her way. “Shit Lauren, you’re going to kill me,” Kyla said as she crossed her legs.

“I’m not even started yet,” Lauren said as she put her hand back into Kyla’s pants. This time she went in through the top. This way she had a better chance of getting to her wet pussy. She made it easily into her lacy thong which she guessed matched her bra and began to slowly touch Kyla’s clit. She could tell that her bean was already fully engorged by the way it stood turgid.

Kyla tried as much as she could not to cry out as Lauren viciously rubbed her clit while slowly fingering her snatch. Kyla’s hand found their way to one of her full breasts and slowly but softly kneaded it. Lauren withdrew her fingers and pulled Kyla’s hand away from her breasts. To Kyla’s shock, she pulled the coat away and reached for her bag. “I need to freshen up,” she said as she stood up. It was only then that Kyla noticed that Lauren was a white woman with a black woman’s ass. She marveled at her wide hips that made the skirt look even better. “I think you also need to freshen up,” Lauren added winking at her as she walked away. Kyla wanted to smack herself when she finally got Lauren’s ‘I want to have my way with you in the bathroom’ message. She stood up and followed her new friend to the bathroom where they both entered discreetly and locked the door behind them. Kyla hoped that no one would have a bad case of food poisoning because she was so sure this wasn’t going to be a quickie.

The minute she locked the door behind her, Lauren dropped her purse and pinned Kyla against the door as she kissed her hungrily. Kyla was surprised at how hot she got. Spontaneity had never been her strong suit. That had always been Annie. As she kissed Lauren she wondered why she had never done this before. She let her hands wander down to Lauren’s hips as she felt their tongues make contact. Lauren gently pulled away and swept Kyla’s hair aside so she could have a clear access to her neck. She started by planting soft kisses on Kyla’s neck before running her tongue on it. Kyla felt a warmth come over her as her pussy expelled more hot fluid on her already wet panties. “This woman definitely knows her stuff,” she thought as one of Lauren’s hands found their way into her pants again. Kyla felt her pants zipper being undone before being pushed downward. Kyla wanted to follow suit but Lauren stopped her. “You’re grieving,” she said as she kissed her. “Let me pleasure you,” she added as she pulled her top over her head. Kyla stepped out of her pants as Lauren looked at her dressed only in her lacy underwear and black heels.

Lauren then spun her around gently so that she sat down on the sink. She kissed her shoulder as she slipped the strap off. Her hands fumbled for the bra clasp but found none. Lauren smiled as she trailed her fingers to the front where she undid it with ease. She felt her heart skip a beat as a beautiful pair of tits broke free from their constraints. She loved how firm her breasts were and her nipples turned her on even more. She made Kyla lean against the bathroom mirror as she leaned over to take one nipple into her mouth. Kyla held on to the back of Lauren’s head as she sucked on her hard nipples. Kyla would sigh every time she felt Lauren’s wet tongue circle her hard nipple. Lauren’s other hand was softly kneading her other breast as she continued her oral glory. Kyla took the opportunity to undress Lauren. As she switched between her two breasts, Kyla pulled her top from her skirt and unzipped it at the back. Lauren pulled away from her breasts for a second to allow Kyla to pull her top over her head.

Kyla then undid her strapless bra and sighed when Lauren’s breasts brushed her thighs a little. Kyla then climbed down from where she was sitting. She turned Lauren around and kissed her shoulder. “You have to be naked too,” Kyla said as she pulled the skirt’s zipper down.

She watched the satin skirt fall like petals on the floor revealing Lauren’s sexy black panties. She put her fingers in her panties and forced them down before gently spanking her ass. “Anyone ever tell you that you got a great ass?” Kyla asked as she kneaded her fingers into Lauren’s big ass.

“All the time,” she answered as she sighed when Kyla gently grabbed her tits. Kyla then kissed her all the way down to her waist. Lauren must have used body splash because Kyla could have sworn that she smelled of roses and lavender. She then bent her over then squatted giving her a perfect view of Lauren’s snatch. She smiled when she noticed that Lauren was a natural blond. She licked her hardened clit before kissing her lips almost as well as she would have kissed her on the mouth.

“Oh fuck Kyla,” Lauren said as she felt Kyla’s tongue action on her wet pussy. Kyla then pushed her tongue in between her lips and tasted her wet salty pussy. Lauren gasped as she felt Kyla’s tongue go deeper inside her as her hands held her ass in place. Kyla expertly lapped at Lauren’s pussy while her hands explored her ass. Lauren couldn’t help it anymore. She grabbed her breasts and squeezed tightly as Kyla continued licking her out. She then grabbed Kyla’s head right before she came and then helped her up. “I am the one pleasuring you remember?” she asked as she pushed Kyla’s panties to the floor. Kyla smiled as Lauren pushed her to the floor. Lauren then kicked off her own shoes before helping Kyla out of hers.

Kyla then felt Lauren’s body sliding downwards as she moved closer to her pussy. When she got between her legs, Lauren parted her curls and sunk her tongue inside her depths. Kyla gasped as she felt Lauren’s long tongue inside her. Lauren then did something Kyla did not expect. She started twisting her tongue, making sure she brushed it against her vaginal walls. Kyla struggled as she forced herself not to cum. Her body gave in as Lauren felt gushes of warm salty fluid flowing into her mouth. She gulped it all down hungrily as Kyla shook against her will. When she finally calmed down, Lauren reached for her purse and opened it. “That was just round one, baby,” she said as she pulled out a strap on dildo. “I am yet to bring my A game,” she added as she secured it against her waist.

Kyla gasped loudly as Lauren guided the strap on to her pussy forcing Lauren to put her hand on her mouth to muffle her sounds. Her other arm snaked around the small of Kyla’s back and lifted her butt from the floor allowing herself to slide the toy inside her well lubricated pussy. Lauren began with smooth long strokes before switching the vibrating button so her clit could also get stimulation. The vibrating motion was translated to Kyla’s insides as she felt her walls squeeze against the toy.

Lauren withdrew the dildo and held Kyla in a spooning position before pushing the dildo back into her hot snatch. She held on to Kyla’s full breasts as she used them to pull herself in and out of her. Kyla bit her lower lip as she felt her new-found friend drove herself in and out of her. Kyla arched her back as she felt the dildo press in deeper and deeper with each stroke. She shook as Lauren’s strokes became shorter and much more persistent. Kyla could tell that the vibration was driving her over the top. She was dying to fuck her by now. She turned her over and straddled her before beginning to ride herself to a frenzy. The position must have excited Lauren a bit too much as she began cumming almost immediately Kyla began riding her. Kyla brought her face down and kissed her. “I want to fuck you,” she whispered in Lauren’s ear as she undid the strap on. She pulled it out of her pussy even though all she wanted was hold it against her aching clit and vibrate herself to orgasm. She was just about to fasten it around her own waist when Lauren touched her hand and stopped her. “Use this one,” she said as she pulled out a double ended dildo from her bag. Kyla smiled at her. “What do you have, an adult toys catalog in there?” she asked as she touched Lauren’s slit before pushing the head of the dildo inside her wet pussy. Her thighs were wet from her previous orgasm, something that turned Kyla on. Kyla then proceeded to push the other end of the dildo inside her own pussy and resumed riding her. This time, Lauren met each stroke with an upward thrust forcing the dildo deep inside each of them.

Kyla felt Lauren’s hand grab her hair as they intensified their thrusts driving them both over the edge. Lauren put her hands on Kyla’s hips and began riding the waves until she felt her stop her hip movement. Kyla laid herself on Lauren who wrapped her arms around her shaking body. Lauren suddenly felt herself exploding and she knew she couldn’t hold it. “I’m sorry,” she whispered in Kyla’s ear as she thrust her hips with every wave her orgasm brought. Kyla squeezed her eyes shut and put a hand on her mouth to muffle her loud moans.

When Lauren finally finished, the two of them lay in a tight embrace. Neither of them wanted to move but they knew they had to. They then heard the announcement over the PA system that they were about to land. Without a word, the two withdrew the dildo and tossed it in the sink along with the other one. Lauren turned on the tap so that the two toys could be rinsed as the two dressed. When they were done, Lauren put her toys back inside her bag and kissed Kyla sensually on the lips before walking out. Kyla walked out after her wondering if anyone heard them. She didn’t notice anyone look at them suspiciously, a sure sign that no one knew anything. When they got back to their seat, she looked over at the ‘conservatives’ who were fast asleep and smiled. “Wasted ride,” she thought as she thought of what just happened while the two were asleep. She held Lauren’s hand in silence for the rest of the trip as the plane descended.

Once they were on the ground, Kyla looked into Lauren’s eyes. She wished she didn’t have to go but the reality was that one of them was here on business while the other one was there on vacation, a rebound vacation to be more specific.

“Here, call me,” Lauren said as she handed Kyla her card. Kyla rummaged through her purse for her own card which she gave to Lauren. “You do the same,” she said before giving her a hug goodbye. She watched her as she hailed a cab and then gave a slight wave with her fingers as the cab drove off. She was sorry to see her go but was not sorry at how her vacation had began. She looked at Lauren’s card and brought it up to her nose. It had the same scent Lauren had, roses and lavender. She put it in her purse as she walked to a cab nearby. Kyla smiled as she walked. If the rest of the vacation would be like this, then she was in for the treat of her life.

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