Wife Swap Erotic Stories – Let’s Share

“Can I top you off, Kenzy?” Ash asks, a crooked half smile on her face.

“Sure,” I flash her a gratuitous fake smile as she pours the wine, intentionally showing me the label as she does.

“Can I have some, too?” My husband, Max, holds up his glass. The nagging wife in me wants to point out it’s his ninth drink and he’s two away from a three hour lecture on how it was Clive Barker, not, I repeat, not, Wes Craven that revolutionized modern foreign horror cinema, but I’d take that over Ash telling the pretentious origins of the overpriced shit we’re drinking. Ash’s husband, Kurt, looks positively miserable with his cup of water and part of me wants to stay sober with him but a greater part can’t get through an evening of Ash without alcohol. Max drums my thigh with his fingers and Ash is looking at him which bothers me and I can tell we’re all bored but I’m too drunk to drive home and too wired to go bed.

Ash and I are supposedly friends, but that really just means that our husbands are and we tolerate each other. From what I can tell, she doesn’t like me because I’m thinner and younger than her. I don’t like her because of the way she is constantly showing off. Expensive clothes, expensive house, expensive breasts. She was one of those popular pretty girls in high school that never really got out of that phase. Tonight, she’s wearing a clingy black designer dress that is defying gravity as it stays on. Her straightened blonde hair falls past her shoulders and her green eyes are lined with a little too much makeup. She’s toned and relatively thin but I know that she works hard to stay that way. As far as I can tell she does about three things with her time: primp herself, spend money, and sleep with men that aren’t her husband.

When Max and I first started dating, Kurt was a junkie. Whether that was caused or the cause of Ash’s cheating I don’t know, but either case it was a vicious cycle. The first night I met them, Ash was on top of one of Max’s coworkers while Kurt was in the bathroom doing a line. Though Max claims she’s stopped since Kurt cleaned up, when I see the look in her eye around other men I think she’s just gotten more discreet. Her look that she gives Max now, a seductive smile on her face, her foot gentling rubbing against Kurt’s leg, is no different. Once, I asked Max why Kurt stuck around.

“You have to understand, we all went to high school together. Ash was this spoiled, super-hot, mega bitch…”


“You’re cute. Anyway, everybody wanted to fuck her. Homecoming queen, prom princess, ran the school, and Kurt was completely obsessed with her. So much so that he couldn’t talk to her and she had no idea he existed. You’ve seen Kurt now, but back in the day you wouldn’t believe it was the same person. Chubby, bad skin, cut his own hair, obsessed with fantasy novels and Star Wars. Pretty much the universe plotting against him and his penis so he would never get laid. So in Kurt’s head he’s still that kid who can’t talk to girls and she’s still that prom queen everyone said he couldn’t get. He can’t just give that up.”

It’s hard to see Kurt as the nerdy kid because sitting next to Ash they look like Barbie and Ken. After he got clean he went on a neo-Hippie, my body is a temple kick and got really in shape and healthy. On the surface it looks like everything has gotten better, but one time I saw him running in the middle of the night and when I went outside to find out why he said it’s a socially acceptable way of getting high. He’s attractive in a clean cut sort of way, which honestly isn’t really my type, with dirty blonde hair, a nice smile, and brown eyes that have a layer of sadness just beneath the surface. Tonight, that sorrow seems amplified, and he hasn’t so much as held his wife’s hand.

Max leans over to me, his hand running up my thigh. “You look positively miserable,” he whispers with a playful smile. He was the bad boy bartender that smoked and cursed and had a million tattoos and the first night we met paid for all my drinks and told me he loved me because it was Halloween and I was dressed as slutty Pinhead. His black hair, which I cut and dyed, is getting a little too long and his hazel eyes have a mischievous glint. “Can I cheer you up?” He raises an eyebrow, cocks his head, and licks his lip. He is also the best sex I have ever had.

“Yeah, let’s go,” I whisper back, biting my lower lip. He smiles in a way that tells me we aren’t going anywhere yet.

“I want to get you drunk first. You’re always freakier when you’re smashed.” He grins and finishes his glass. I follow suit. As he pours another round, I notice Kurt is staring at me. Judging by Ash, I must be as much his type as he is mine. I’m short, skinny, choppy red hair I’m probably going to dye purple, blue eyes, tattoos, snake bites, and a pierced clit. Not that he’d know about that last part. Still, he smiles when I catch him and politely looks away.

After a few more drinks, I’m feeling pretty good and I’m starting to ignore Ash a little better. I’m feeling a little frisky and I can tell that Max is, too. His hand caresses my thighs and he’s gently kissing my neck. Ash is all over Kurt. She’s sitting on his lap and whispering in his ear, and he keeps looking at me somewhat uncomfortably. I lean over and kiss Max, his lips warm, tasting like cigarettes and wine. My tongue flicks into his mouth, my hand moves up his leg and rests on his crotch. He’s hard already but at my touch he grows harder. “How about now?” I ask him, not concerned with the others hearing. “Home?”

“I can’t drive,” he says with a slight slur, but there’s a smile on his face with another idea. In a swift motion he lays me across the sofa, pressing his body on top of mine. Automatically, I fall into his kiss. One hand grabs his waist, the other clutches his hair, I pull him closer to me. His fingers crawl up my leg and under my skirt. His thumb presses against my panties, teasing me. His mouth pulls away from mine. “You’re so wet,” he whispers with a grin.

I look over at Kurt and Ash and she’s talking to him seriously in a low voice. He’s looking at us with something else in his expression. I moan in surprise as Max’s hand moves past the panties and his index and middle finger enters me. Aware of the other couple in the room, I take his wrist and pull him away. “What’s wrong?” he teases. “They don’t mind.” I look back at them. Ash is on top of Kurt and they’re making out which kind of bothers me but kind of arouses me at the same time. “See?” he says, and kisses me again. His hand moves back up my leg and this time I don’t stop him. As he expertly pushes my panties out of the way, I hear a moan. I look over again at them. Ash is on her knees, her blond head between Kurt’s legs. Max pulls away from my mouth and starts sucking on my neck, occasionally softly biting, and it drives me crazy. He moves three fingers inside of me and starts drumming my G-spot, his thumb rubbing a circle around my clit. I inch up, straining my neck, trying to get a better look at Kurt and Ash. She’s moaning more than he is, her hand moving up and down the shaft of his cock. She takes the head and the upper half of him in her mouth. She moves her head up and down in rhythm with her hand. Her green eyes are looking at him, his brown eyes are looking at me.

Max uses his free hand to lift up my shirt. I arch my back and unclip my bra and he moves his head greedily to my breasts. He runs his teeth over my nipples then flicks them with his tongue. I let out a small scream. I pull at his shirt and he obediently takes it off. I’m close to finishing and I moan this to him. That makes his hand work faster and soon my body is convulsing in pleasure. He slows down as across the room Ash screams out. She’s on top of Kurt again, this time her panties are on the floor and she’s riding him. I watch them, and once again Kurt is looking at me. I smile at him, biting my lower lip, and for a moment I wish I was Ash, riding him. I pull Max up and kiss him, running my fingernails down his back. As I reach his lower back, I circle to his stomach and undo his pants. My hand hungrily reaches for his cock and I free it from his boxers. I glance over at Kurt then kiss Max. I struggle for a moment taking off my own panties before leading him inside me. He’s thick and long, almost ten inches, so he takes a few moments to enter in all the way. I can’t help but scream out when he does. I’m still sensitive from my first orgasm so my body impulsively reacts strongly. He moves slowly at first, then faster. His hand reaches down and plays with the ball of my piercing. His other hand holds my breast. He grabs my nipple with two fingers and squeezes gently. As his pace speeds up, he lifts my legs and puts them around his neck. I move my hips in rhythm with his thrusts, my pussy eager for him to finger it some more. He leans forward to kiss me, and it stretches my legs but I’m flexible enough that it doesn’t hurt. I guide his hand back between my legs. He uses his spare hand to pin me back.

“You feel so good,” he says into my lips. I smile against his mouth then take it in mine. I look over at Kurt and Ash. She’s bended over on the couch on her hand and knees, her dress off. Her tan is perfectly even and her breasts are impossibly perky and I feel a bit of jealousy. Kurt has lost his shirt and all the exercise has paid off. He’s fucking her from behind and he looks detached. She seems to be enjoying it by the noises she’s making. She’s looking over at Max, which makes me even more jealous, and he notices which makes him fuck me harder.

“You want to fuck her, don’t you?” I say, playfully squeezing his neck with my calves…

He kind of smiles but doesn’t respond, just lets go of my hands and kisses me. I look at Ash and think about her riding Max, like she rode Kurt, and it upsets me but it also makes me wet which I don’t really understand but I’m pretty drunk so I don’t over think it. Max puts my legs down and pulls out and I groan in frustration. He turns me around and lays me flat on my stomach. He puts his hand between my legs and spreads them open. He expertly lays on top of me, his hard cock sliding into me. “You fuck so well,” I moan.

“As good as you think he would?” he says, pulling my hair back, into my ear. I can’t imagine anyone feeling better. With each thrust he fills me deeper and brings me closer to coming. Even so, the thought of fucking Kurt excites me. Max moves his torso away from me and places his hands on my hips and starts fucking me faster. I tighten myself as much as I can as he moves my hips in rhythm with his thrusts. “Keep doing that, baby,” he says and licks his lips. “You’re so fucking tight.” He pounds me further and comes, his dick expanding and contracting with each ejaculation. As he pulls out, still half hard, I notice that Kurt and Ash are still having sex. I pull my shirt back over myself and straighten my skirt. Max leans over and puts his head on my shoulder. “You should drink more,” he says with a smile, reaching over to the bottle of wine. I take it and nod at him, downing what’s left from the bottle. The wine leaves a bitter aftertaste and I’m already intoxicated before this so within a few minutes the room is moving. I can tell Max wants to go another round but he hasn’t made any sort of move. I want to drink more even though I know I shouldn’t.

“Hey Ash, can I grab another bottle?” I ask, and she looks at me as if she forgot I was here. She nods and points to the kitchen before shouting out in pleasure. When I get to the kitchen, it takes me a while to find the bottle, find the opener, and even longer to open it. When I get back to the living room, Ash is on top of Kurt, he back towards me. I watch her bounce up and down for a moment before looking back at the couch where Max and I were sitting, only to see Kurt sitting there instead. I look back at Ash to see that it’s Max she’s on top of, not Kurt. Kurt looks at me apologetically, and I take the wine with me back to the kitchen.

I don’t even bother pouring a glass, I just start chugging straight from the bottle. Hurt, anger, and betrayal all flood me with a layer of arousal just under the surface. Part of me wants to go back into the room and slap Max and make a scene. Kurt is standing at the doorway, still shirtless, somewhat red. “What was that?” I ask, my words slurring, eyes a little squinted to see straight. I take another swing.

“I told her I didn’t want to,” he says and he won’t look at me.

“Your wife is a fucking whore.”

“I know.” We’re quiet. I keep working on the bottle while Kurt stands there awkwardly. “If you want to talk…”

“I don’t want to talk.” I look at him and think about him fucking Ash and I start to get wet again. I cross the room and fall into his arms. Surprised, he holds me stiffly as if not sure what to do with himself.

“You don’t want to do this,” he says, but he doesn’t let go.

“You don’t know that.” I kiss him and his lips are cold and hard and so different from Max’s. He’s still startled but he starts to warm up, and soon he’s holding me. His hand is shaking but he holds me tighter and his fingers go under my shirt and against my back. His lips part open and let me in. His free hand grabs my face and pulls it closer to his. My heart races, my pussy is drenched, and I can feel his cock throbbing against me. I pull away from him, he has this look I can’t place. I kiss him once lightly, and then bend down on my knees. He tilts his head, then gets down on the ground. He pulls my chin towards him for a kiss, and then gently lays me down. “What are you doing?” I ask playfully.

“What you were going to do,” he says, kissing me again. He quickly moves down my body, reaching down and pulling of my panties. He spreads open my legs, my skirt riding up. Soon, his lips find my pussy. His tongue darts around my clit, not quite touching it and driving me crazy. Three fingers enter me while his other hand exposes my clitoris for easier access. His mouth engulfs me as he sucks me, his tongue now circling my pussy. I scream out in pleasure, my legs shaking, screaming his name for Max and Ash to hear. I can feel him smile against me, and right now, all I want is to feel him inside of me. I come to a screaming finish but that doesn’t stop him. He keeps eating me until I pull him up by the hair.

“Fuck me,” I say, and I muster up the best drunk seductive look I can. He kisses me and I can taste myself on his lips. I moan and I writhe my body against his. I take his earlobe in my mouth and suck it and he moans and whispers my name. I run my hands across his arms, firm, then down his toned stomach. He undoes his pants and pulls himself out. He’s not as long as Max, but he’s thicker, and when he enters me and I cry out. He’s gentle, moving slowly but consistently, hitting the right angle each time. I rock my hips against him, encouraging him to move faster. His body still feels unfamiliar but in a way that makes me want to explore more.

“You’re so pretty,” he whispers. “I’ve wanted to do this for so long.” This catches me off guard, and I kiss him again. He wraps his hands around me and lifts me up, walking the two of us to the other room. Max is fucking Ash in the ass, fingering her cunt, and she’s screaming at the top of her lungs. She gives me a mean smile while Kurt sits down on the couch, letting me on top of him. I put my arms around his neck, my knees against the couch, and I start riding him. He bends down and starts sucking my breasts, playing with my nipples with his tongue. He holds my hips and helps me keep up a steady movement. My body starts convulsing as I start to reach another orgasm. I can tell he’s close, too. “Come with me, sweetie,” he commands, and now he’s controlling my speed almost singlehandedly. He’s strong, and he pulls me up and down so fast it’s as if I weighed nothing.

“I want you to come inside me,” I plea with raw desperation. On cue, he slams my body hard onto his cock, and I feel him grow as he cums. This sends me over the edge and I start jerking sporadically and screaming at the top of my lungs. I collapse on the couch, my pussy throbbing in exhaust. I smile at him, pushing away a strand of hair from my face. I can hear Max and Ash but it doesn’t bother me as much as it should. Kurt is putting on his shirt and he keeps looking at me almost shyly.

“Can I give you a ride home?” he asks, and I look at Max and Ash. They don’t seem to be finishing any time soon and between the alcohol and sex I’m completely wiped out.

“What about Max?” I respond, and he shrugs. I realize the oddness of the situation, and remember that I have every right to be mad at him. “Okay, yeah.” I go back to the kitchen, grab my underwear as well as a few unopened bottles of Ash’s wine as compensation. When I get back to the living room, Kurt has my coat and Max’s keys in his hand. Max hasn’t seemed to notice as he’s too busy calling Ash a filthy slut and asking her if she likes it. I roll my eyes and follow Kurt out the door.

“Is this going to be something we never bring up again?” Kurt asks me once we’re in the car. There’s a joking tone to his voice but something else in his smile.

“Probably not. I don’t plan on being this drunk again,” I try and sound light but I don’t think it comes across. We sit in silence for the duration of the ride until he pulls up to my house. “Do you want to come in?” I ask politely. He nods, but doesn’t move.

“How much trouble is Max in?”

“Depends how I feel in the morning. Ash?”

He shrugs. “I’ll forgive her. I always do.”

“Yeah,” I open my door.

“Kenzy…?” I look at him expectantly but he doesn’t finish the thought. He holds my gaze and my heart flutters and he looks like he’s about to say something but changes his mind. I wait, and he looks away, clutching the steering wheel, then looks back. “Can I come in with you?” I nod, and we walk out of the car. He doubles back to make sure the car is locked, then takes my hand as we go home together.

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