Adult Paranormal Sex Stories – Fucked By Two Vampires

“I tell ya Gwen, sometimes I feel like the Barney Fife of Vampire Land”.

Jess Green, chief of the Clearview police department in Florida, rolled her eyes in the direction of her best friend; a smirking Gail Towne.

“Oh, poor baby”. Gail pursed her lips, gifting her friend with a sharp nudge. “You get to ‘investigate,’ ‘shake down,’ and – the piece de-resistance – frisk some of the hottest men I’ve ever seen”.

“Hot” Jess snorted, bending low over the sushi dinner they shared at Bingham’s Café, “And undead”.

Bingham’s Café; the low lit diner that served as the stage for these downright bizarre – but always adorably whimsical conversations.

Gail shrugged, her light blonde hair bouncing off her slender shoulders with a cute feminine flourish.

“OK, so it’s your job to monitor vampire activity in Clearview. The thing is, though, that most of the vamps that dwell in these parts are incubus in nature”. She waggled her eyebrows. “Instead of drinking blood, most of these hotties tend to thrive on the sexual energies of women”.

“The key word being most”. Jess raised a finger for emphasis. “It’s my job to make sure that no bloodsuckers sneak in, making light dietetic meals out of our residents”.

Gail shook her head, unconvinced.

“And between these few and easily disposed of pesky killers, you get to sample your share of impossibly gorgeous men,” she said as she pointed an accusing chopstick in her friend’s direction. “all of whom most literally live to pleasure you”. She arched a caustic eyebrow. “And you get paid for this?”

Jess was unamused.

“I get paid to protect this city, and I can’t lose my focus”. She folded her arms before her. “And FYI, Ms. Persistently Hormonal, I’ve only ‘sampled’ one of the vamps”.

Her voice softened, and her gaze grew distant. Her senses were flooded by sensual, unbidden images that stole her breath.

Suddenly she envisioned a tall, gorgeous blond man with crystalline blue eyes, carved cheekbones, and bronzed skin; not to mention a pair of sensual lips that promised forbidden delights. This vision was of Hathen Noble, who hosted a muscular body that made ample good on this promise.

Hathen was a vampire lord who joined Jess in protecting the people of Clearview; keeping a tight but reasonable rein on the night lurkers who walked its streets.

Immediately captivated by both his ethereal beauty and his quiet masculine power, Jess lost her precious cool for once and succumbed to Hathen’s seduction. This sparked a sinful affair that, over the course of the last three years, had brought her unbelievable pleasure and tested the bounds of her sexuality.

“Not that those bounds were ever that broad and out and out daring to begin with,” she thought, shivering in spite of herself as she contemplated the forbidden ecstasies and sexual dares he’d exposed her to since the time of their first encounter.

At his urging she’d tied him to her bed, role played with him, and even shared public encounters with him.

“And in a vampire park nobody cares”, she mused. “Everyone is doing roughly the same thing, just in slightly varying positions”.

Breaking through the stolid demeanor she’d worked hard to establish through her two decades as a law enforcement officer, Hathen had given an entirely meaning to the word seduction; bringing out the naughtiness in her and indulging her most secret fantasies.

All except for one.

She bit her lip, briefly contemplating the one taboo fantasy she’d entertained since college; the one that she was afraid to talk about, even to her liberated, totally sensual lover.

As if on cue, Jess’s cell phone rang, breaking both the quiet atmosphere of the downtown diner and her heated sensual meditation.

Her heart pounded as she recognized his number on her caller ID screen. What she didn’t recognize however, was the sound of her own soft, breathy voice as she held the phone to her ear and said, “Hello Hathen”.

“Hi there baby”. His own deep, silky tones sent chills down her spine. “Something’s come up in the underworld. I need to share some important information with you as soon as possible. I’ll meet you in Nightingale Park in one hour”..

Jess straightened in her seat, meeting his words with a sharp nod. “I’ll see you then Hathen”.

Hitting the off button on her cell phone, Jess dropped it in the depths of her purse and shot a brief smile in Gail’s direction.

“Sorry luv, duty calls”. Grabbing their check from its place on their table, she jumped to her feet and graced her friend with an apologetic nod. “I’ll get the check, but then it’s back to work”.

Gail was once again unconvinced.

“Do you always conduct business calls by delivering a near perfect imitation of a phone sex operator?” She smirked.

“So, I have a cold” Jess said, her cheeks feeling flush as she turned for the door.

Gail laughed.

“What you have is a major case of heartburn for a certain long-haired, very hunky vampire”. She nodded knowingly.

“It’s the sushi” Jess barked, adding silently, OK, so I doubt seriously that she buys that excuse. Ah but then again, neither do I.


The minute she stepped into the emerald-grassed bounds of Nightingale Park, Jess felt a sense of eerie calm permeate her mind and heart; perhaps even her soul….

The centerpiece of this small but ebullient park was an elaborate ivory stone fountain that bore the likeness of a smiling, round – cheeked cherub; one that seemed to revel in the continuous spray of crystalline water that rained free upon its head.

Surrounding this sculpture were brilliant bouquets of roses and lilies in all the colors of the rainbow; as well as a neat and well-tended lawn of gem green grasses, dotted liberally with golden dandelions that caught the light of the moon above them.

Of course, one of the reasons that the area was so well kept is because no human in their right mind would go there. Jess walked forward into the park, looking around with her always wary eyes.

Vampires, by contrast, flocked into the park on a nightly basis. They’d use this area to convene, to talk, and to address any issues or problems that might face their community. Some also used it to feed.

As Jess knew, for an incubus vamp, ‘feeding’ usually equates wild public sessions of freaky ass monkey love. Of course, she really didn’t have the right to pass judgment on the incubus; not when she herself used this very park as a trysting spot.

It just so happened that her trysting partner sat inches away from her, his tall, muscled form dwarfing the Victorian latticework bench that occupied the north corner of the park.

She said nothing as she came face to face with Hathen Noble; the blond vampire who looked more like an angel when captured in the light of a glorious moon.

The silken reams of his long golden hair shone in this light, as did his bronzed skin and a pair of radiant azure eyes that pinned her with an unnerving stare.

She offered him no smile or words of greeting; instead she approached the bench with feverish steps and threw herself into his arms.

Their lips colliding in a passionate kiss, Jess and Hathen wrapped their arms around one another and held on tight. The distance between them dissolved as their chests and hips pressed together and their tongues entangled.

Their hands clasped between them as Hathen let his tongue flow between Jess’s full lips; moving with a divine back and forth motion that likened the movements of sex.

Leaning into their kiss, Jess pulled Hathen closer to her; thrilling at the brush of his long, soft hair against her cheek as well as his citrus-tinged scent. Losing herself in her lover, she kissed him senseless as her hands roamed the surface of his massive chest; one covered by the slick leathery surface of his long black coat.

“What, is it a prerequisite that all vampires in the free world have to own the same sexy black coat”? The thought was brief, vague and pushed quickly from her mind as Hathen’s sturdy hands brushed against and paused to caress her full, heaving breasts. Her nipples peaked as a wave of raw desire coursed every fiber of her being; as Hathen continued to caress her breasts and kiss her trembling mouth, her pussy gushed for his attentions.

Finally, painfully, she pulled away.

“As good as this feels, baby, I know we didn’t come here to do this”. She cupped his carved cheeks in two tender hands, staring deep into his eyes. “You sounded a bit strange on the phone. What’s up”?

Hathen regarded her a moment, covering her hands with his.

“I have some bad news, ma belle,” he pinned her with a soft, sad smile. “I got a call yesterday from the queen of the lair, the woman that made me who I am”.

“You mean the one who made you soulless and perpetually horny?” Jess asked as she arched her eyebrows.

You got it,” Hathen sighed. “Alida is the woman who made me, and as such she controls my destiny – as well as my destinations”. He shifted in his seat. “She’s called me home, Jess. She wants me to oversee a new nightclub she just opened in Atlanta”.

“Atlanta,” Jess quivered, attempting a casual shrug. “That’s not so far away”.

She took in her breath as Hathen seized her in his arms, pulling her closer than close.

“Even as I’m here in your arms, still I feel that I’m too far away from you”. He whispered in her ear. “I don’t want to go, Jess”.

“I know, babe”. She wrapped her arms around his back, cradling her lover in a sweet embrace. “Who is going to take your place as the lord of this city?”

Brightening immediately, Hathen replied, “His name is Sebastian, love, and he’s a wonderful man”. He nodded. “A bit rebellious and strong headed, true, but I believe that those qualities will come in handy in his leadership of Clearview vamps”.

“Those do seem to be the prerequisites”. Jess chuckled, adding, “Any chance I can meet him?”

As if on cue, a tall, strapping man emerged from a nearby wooded area; his long legs carrying him with quick, certain steps to the edge of the park.

Upon closer inspection, Jess noticed that the stranger boasted a waist-length fall of red auburn hair and wide, dark eyes. These features were supported by a pair of carved cheekbones and full, supple lips.

“Why do you vamps all have to be so hot?” She blurted out, eyes widening at the vision of the stranger’s beauty.

Their visitor smiled, displaying a row of flawless white teeth in the process.

“Why thank you Madame”. He fell to his knees before her, taking her hand in his for a sweet, soft kiss. “I assume this lovely lady is Jess, our human protector?”

Hathen nodded, running an affectionate hand through Jess’s short crop of soft ebony hair.

“Indeed”. He gestured toward her. “Jess Green, please meet Sebastian, the new lord of Clearview”.

“Hello Sebastian!” Jess greeted, adding with a chuckle, “I would shake your hand, but you already seem to be having a good time kissing and nipping at it”.

Sebastian lifted his head, sneaking another quick kiss across her knuckles.

“I apologize, my darling”. He inclined his head. “Somehow I feel a strong connection to you”. Sebastian stared into her eyes. “I feel as though I’ve known you…”.

“Forever,” Jess finished, her voice lowering to a heated whisper.

The couple’s public surroundings dissolved around them as their foreheads tilted together; then Sebastian surged forward to grace Jess’s lips with a soft, sweet kiss.

Swallowing her startled gasp, Sebastian rubbed his mouth against hers as his tongue stole inward. Their kiss was slow and leisurely, building in intensity as a still attentive Hathen massaged her shoulders.

Finally Jess came to her senses, breaking her kiss with Sebastian to offer a mumbled apology to Hathen.

“Not at all, my darling,” he waved away her apology with a dismissive hand. “This is exactly what I wanted to happen”. He held her close to him, nibbling her ear. “I wanted to test the bond between you and Sebastian. And I yearned to fulfill your fantasy”.

“My fantasy?” Jess fought to maintain her composure as Sebastian lifted her foot, subtracting her of a high-heeled shoe and suckling her toes.

“You know the one I mean,” Hathen whispered, his fingers tickling her spine. “It’s the one you would never tell me about, Bella. Ah, but I can read your mind”.

“You want to be with two men,” Sebastian finished, rubbing the soles of her tired feet as he pinned her with a wicked grin.

Overcome with desire, Jess threw her head back and moaned outright as Hathen dropped his head to her neck, his fangs nipping her skin as he kissed her nape.

“Yes,” she gasped out, running her fingers through the silken length of his long blond hair. “I want you both”.

“That, my darling, is all I needed to hear”.

Tearing off his black leather coat with a smooth, seductive flourish, Hathen soon sat naked before her; Jess’s dark eyes widened with wonder as she beheld his immaculate beauty.

“He’s in a heck of a lot better shape than I am”, she thought as she leaned forward to layer tender kisses across the breath of his massive chest and the planes of his flawless abs.

She managed to nip the tip of his long, hard shaft before he laid a tender grasp on her shoulders. Pulling her upward, Hathen kissed her trembling mouth as he slipped off her black dress, simultaneously freeing the full, lush breasts he laved with his tongue.

Not to be outdone, Sebastian surged forth between her legs and licked the skin of her womanly thighs; bracing his firm hands on her hips as he lay a resounding lick across her feminine folds.

She opened for him with a deep moan, relishing the feel of Hathen’s lips on her nipples as Sebastian put his own mouth to work; enclosing her nub with his full, soft lips and suckling her until she sighed with delight.

His intimate kiss sending erotic shards through every part of her body. Jess thrust her hips forward to grant him greater access; a move that also filled Hathen’s mouth with her breast.

Laying a last resounding lick across the surface of her inflamed clit, Sebastian sent his lover hurtling across the bounds of an intense orgasm; one that sent her reeling off the edge of the park bench and into Sebastian’s arms.

Soon the couple rolled wild across the soft emerald grasses that distinguished Nightingale Park. A ravenous Jess tore off Sebastian’s long black coat and tossed it aside in the grass.

She marveled at the vision of his lean muscled, ivory-skinned body as it gleamed in the moonlight. That, and at the sight of the long, hard cock that now surged dramatically between them.

“Come here,” Jess ordered, as she held her arms open to him. She breathed a relieved sigh as he filled her arms with his young, hard body.

Her breasts crushed against his chest as their legs and arms entangled; in a teasing move he gyrated his hips against hers, his cock grazing her feminine folds.

“I want to be inside you,” he growled, planting sweet baby kisses across the surface of her flushed cheeks.

“Don’t forget me, Darling”.

Jess trembled in delight as she felt Hathen’s strong, hard body press itself against her back; kissing and licking the length of her spine as he ducked his hand between her legs, reawakening her passion as he stroked her clit and fingered the slit of her well developed behind.

Sebastian meanwhile tossed his head forward; the strands of his fiery hair teased her nipples as he claimed her lips in a white hot kiss.

Settling himself between her legs and pulling her closer than close, Sebastian’s hard cock merged finally with Jess’s wet, tight pussy. It found it’s self thrusting inside her as Hathen made his own intimate advance.

Planting a row of hot, sweet kisses down the length of her neck, Hathen wrapped his arms around Jess’s waist and parted her cheeks with his hands. Fingering her clit and ass slit to enhance her lubrication, he at last thrust his hips against her rear; his shaft penetrating her from behind.

Even as she continued to ply Sebastian’s lips with hot, sweet kisses, Jess’s eyes flew open as she felt the presence of two long, hard shafts driving forth to her core; both moving nice and slow as their hands canvassed her body.

As Hathen’s strong fingers reached around to massage her breasts and stomach, Sebastian embraced and caressed her, all the while thrusting her hips forward to fill and stretch her pussy.

“We are both here for your pleasure”. His voice raspy with pleasure, Hathen stroked Jess’s sleek bob of hair as his shaft penetrated her hungry insides. “We live to please you”.

Jess couldn’t help but believe him; especially as she lost herself in a lavish, ecstatic cocoon of hair, muscle, and sweet, sweet cock.

The experienced continued, until finally the trio exploded in an incredible shared orgasm. Jess howled her pleasure as both vampires unleashed themselves inside her.

They caught her sweaty, trembling body up in four muscled arms, cradling her as she graced them both with a warm, satisfied smile.

“Talk about a nice introduction,” she tweaked Sebastian’s sculpted nose before turning to Hathen. “And an even nicer farewell”.

“Oh, this isn’t goodbye,” Hathen corrected, planting a kind kiss on her cheek. “I’ll be back”.

“Make it soon,” Jess sighed with relief.

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