S&M Sex Stories – Ruby’s New Job

Ruby had been at college only a few months, and she was seriously low on cash. She had managed to get up to now without having a part time job, but she resigned herself to the fact that it was time to start looking for work. While at the library, she hopped online to check out what was available around her campus. She came across an ad for the “Purple Rose Tavern” reasonably close to her dorm room.

The Purple Rose Tavern is looking for experienced drinks servers for their select clientele. Applicants must be open to all aspects of social life and culture. Pay rate based on previous experience. Schedule an appointment to apply in person by calling 562-555-1212.

Ruby phoned the number and booked an appointment for later that afternoon. She returned to her dorm room to get herself ready for the interview. She straightened her long black hair and applied dark red lip gloss to her full lips. She squeezed herself into a tight button up white top, revealing just the tops of her barely legal breasts. After donning a pair of black stockings and a black pencil skirt, she slipped on a set of black heeled shoes and made her way downstairs to hail a cab.

On the fifteen minute taxi ride to the tavern, she tried to find out a little bit about the bar from a bit of googleing on her smartphone. Before the page was able to load, the driver announced that she was at her destination. Ruby looked out the window at the dark building with gated up windows and a large front door. She wondered if the driver had the correct location, since the establishment resembled more like a condemned building than a night club. The sign on the door confirmed otherwise – that she was indeed at the right location. She paid the driver and asked him to stick around for half an hour so that she would have a lift back.

Ruby knocked on the massive black wooden door, and was greeted by a tall redheaded woman with a sweet smile on her face. She introduced herself as Madison, and invited her in. As Ruby’s eyes adjusted to the darkness of the club, she came to realized where she really was.

Along the sides of the large room were tables and chairs like you would find in a typical bar. Spaced between these gathering spots were black chains and manacles attached to the walls and floor. Up on the stage, she saw similar restraint systems, some attached to the walls, while others were attached to various staging equipment – staircases, benches, and even a chain link fence. She saw pipes coming up from the floors that made a sort of “U” back into the ground, appearing like a place you would chain up a bike. There was a machine that resembled a mechanical bull with a dildo attached, which had the logo “Sybian” stickered on the side. The bar had stools along the front like you would find in every drinking establishment, but some of these seats had their own chains or phallic attachments.

Ruby’s mouth must have dropped open at one point since when she turned back to Madison, she was smiling.

“I take it you’ve never been in an S&M club before?” asked Madison with an innocent tone to her voice.

“Uh, no. Not really. I mean, no, I haven’t”, fumbled an exasperated Ruby.

“Well, let me give you the run down on how the Purple Rose Tavern works. We are a members-only S&M club that is open four nights a week. We keep a very hush-hush guest list since there are a number of well-known members of society who attend our nights. Dominants and submissives come here to look for a way to release their inner sexual desires, as well as to socialize with those who are like minded. We’re looking for servers to keep out clientele full of drinks, but we’re also looking for a performer as well. Do you have any fetish experience?”

“Uh, no.”

“Hmm. How about serving experience?”

“I used to work at a fish restaurant back home.”

“Heh. Well, that’s not quite what we had in mind. You’re cute enough, though. How old are you? Are those your real tits? ”

“19. And yeah, they’re mine.”

“And what do you think? Would you feel comfortable working in a place like this?”

Ruby paused for a moment. She had ever been exposed to anything like this before. A whole new world – a sexual world – had presented itself to her at her feet. She was a bit freaked out about the whole thing, but in a way, she was also excited about it. She wasn’t sure about performing, but she could at least serve.

“Yes, I think I would.”

“Great. We’ll get you started on a probationary shift. It’ll begin tomorrow night. Be here at 8pm to get dressed and meet the other staff. They’ll show you the ropes and how your night will go. We close up shop at 3am.”

Ruby walked back through the club and out the front door to her awaiting taxi. She didn’t quite know what she had got herself into, but she thought at the very least she would have an interesting night ahead of her.

The next day flew by rather quickly, and Ruby readied herself for her first shift at the Purple Rose Tavern. When she arrived she was ushered into a locker/dressing room in the back where the other servers were readying themselves for the night. The men wore tight black jockey shorts, tight back t-shirts with the bar’s logo across the front, and a smart black leather collar with shining metal O-ring around their neck. The women wore considerably less. A pair of black high heeled shoes, thigh high sheer black stockings attached to a garter belt, black briefs with the logo across the ass, and round little black pasties to stick on their nipples. Some of the girls wore black corsets that ended just under their breasts, while others went without. They also wore the leather collars that matched the men’s.

After a quick rundown of the drinks specials and how the section of the bar worked, Ruby readied herself as the clientele started to enter. Her section was quiet, so she was able to stand back and watch the customers as they entered. She saw every type of dominant and submissive couple imaginable – the stereotypical dominatrix with male slave dressed in shiny black leather, older dominant men with a group of young beautiful subs (who wore less than what Ruby had on), lesbians who looked as if they switched, gay men with leather reins and zip up hoods, vanilla looking couples who had a bit of a ‘tourist’ vibe, and young men and women, around her age, who seemed to confuse this bar for a goth club.

It wasn’t long before the activities started. As Ruby went around serving drinks, she watched the sessions take place. At one of the tavern, a young female submissive was stripped naked, and was shackled to a staircase, so that her knees were on one stair, and her arms a few stairs upward. The female dominant who was working her had placed a line of clothes pins down her breasts, over her nipples, down her stomach and over her thighs. Attached to her pussy lips were alligator clips which had small weights attached at each end, keeping her wet quim open and ready. The dom was working her ass with a red leather flogger, leaving raised red marks across the pale white skin of the whimpering sub. After a few moments of painful torture, the dominatrix strapped on a large dildo, took her place behind her slave, and started fucking the sub hard and fast. The subs whimpers turned to screams of pleasure, as she asked her Mistress to fuck her harder, longer. Her Mistress leaned forward and started fingering the swollen clit of her sub, and the sub’s cries grew louder. As the slave came, her legs trembling and her pussy spraying all over the floor, the members of the club applauded. With panting breaths, the slave was released from her bonds and taken to another room to clean off the girl-cum from her body.

Ruby watched as members of staff cleaned off the floor around that staging area, and her attention was drawn to another end of the room. An older man was sat on a couch with four naked (save for various colored collars) young girls sitting at this feet. One of the girls was between the man’s knees, sucking on his dick while he was having a conversation with a group of other doms. Two of the other ladies were quietly waiting, looking down, waiting for a command as to what to do. Another two girls broke their inaction, and had started kissing each other. This caught the attention of their Master, and he was quick to tug their collars to separate them.

After what looked like a brief scolding, the doms stood up, put his dick back into his pants, and walked to two disobedient girls to another portion of the club. There were two shackle sets against the wall. In front of the shackles were two tripods with heavy duty vibrators attached (the hard core ones that are plugged into wall sockets). Ruby watched as the girls were bolted into the chains, arms and legs spread out like a starfish. The tripod was moved forward and the vibrator turned on. Immediately, the two slaves started moaning with pleasure. Ruby heard the overall murmur of the conversations in the club lower in volume, as the patrons’ attention was diverted by this punishment. Ruby felt herself get wet with excitement – almost jealous of these two naughty submissives. As their legs started shaking and their skin turning redder, you could watch them build up to a climax. As they came, the begged their Master for forgiveness, while he took his own pleasure in rapping their perfect little naked tits with a long bamboo cane. Even when the girls had finished cumming, the vibrator kept going, pushing them beyond their limits.

Ruby started to get horny. She had been watching all the action going on in the club, and she had been barely able to keep her mind on the drink orders. She looked over and saw Madison watching her. Madison curled her finger at Ruby, asking her to come over.

“So how is it going?” Madison asked.

“Pretty good. Haven’t got an order incorrect yet.”

“That’s not quite what I meant. I’ve seen you watching. Think you can handle it?” teased Madison.

Ruby’s stomach dropped into her feet. She wanted to handle it. Whether or not she could would be an entirely different scenario.

“We have a bit of a tradition with new staff, if you’re willing to participate?” asked Madison.

“Sure. What do I need to do?”

“Just come with me on stage.”

Madison took Ruby by the wrist and walked her up to the back of the club where the stage had been set. Madison walked over to the DJ booth and took hold of a microphone.

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. We hope that you’re having an exciting time here at the Purple Rose Tavern tonight. A few of you may have met our latest little puppy, Ruby. It’s her first night tonight – and for you regulars, you know what that means!”

A few hoots and claps came from the crowd, and a chant of “Sybian! Sybian! Sybian!” erupted from the floor. Before Ruby knew what was happening, her collar was connected to a leash and she was escorted over to the mechanical-bull like sex toy that she had spotted earlier in the day. She was lifted on top of it by a few of the taller members of staff. Madison moved aside the crotch on her panties, and Ruby’s hot pussy was lowered onto the shaft of the Sybian’s dildo. Ruby’s face flushed, and the fucking machine was turned on. She let out a gasp, threw her head back, and felt the phallus rock back and forth inside her tight quim. One of the men had taken a hand-held vibrator and pressed it against Ruby’s swollen clit, while another ripped off a pastie and started licking her nipple.

Ruby came hard and fast. As her legs shook, she screamed out in pleasure. The crowd erupted in applause, and encouraged her along by chanting her name. After waves of orgasms finished their run through her body, she opened her eyes and caught her breath. She looked over the crowd, and thought to herself that this was one damn good way to make a few extra bucks while at college.

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