Lactation Sex Stories – Bred For Money

When Alicia walked into the church for her cousin’s wedding, all the men held their breath. She had chosen to go with a short blue layered frock and silver peep toe heels. The dress showed off her perfect cleavage; a previously small 32 cup bust, which had since been transformed to a 34DD since the birth of her son eight months ago. This new look was one that all around her appreciated, and made her feel like a sexy female whose body features screamed fuck me.

She ran her fingers through her wavy hair before majestically walking into the church. She took a seat next to a handsome male who seemed to be in his early forties.

“Bride’s side or groom’s side?” he asked . She turned to look at him and smiled.

“Bride’s my cousin,” she said. “You?” she asked looking deep into his eyes.

“Groom works for me,” he replied smiling back. “Nick Jonas,” he said extending his hand to greet her. Alicia looked at his hand and then laughed. “Sure and I’m Beyonce Knowles,” she said.

“Here we go, another doubter” he said shrugging.

“Wait, your parents named you Nick Jonas?” she asked still laughing.

“Yeah,” he answered. “It’s not very popular with the girls,” he added looking at her face which was now flushed from laughter.

“Well, I’m Alicia Sage,” she said finally shaking his hand.

“Pleasure to meet you,” he said as he shook her hand.

“The pleasure’s all mine,” she answered. “I’ve always wanted to meet a Jonas brother,” she added in a sarcastic tone.

“You’re really having fun with this?” he asked looking at her overly excited nature.

“Oh yeah,” she agreed as the bridal chorus began playing. “Shhhh,” she said putting a finger to her lips. “Here comes the bride,” she added as they stood up in respect.

As the bridal procession marched down the isle, she could hear the ahs and ohms of the crowd as they marveled at their beautiful dresses. But the all high gasp came when the bride began walking down the isle. She wore a short one shoulder Elle Saab inspired dress adorned with a long veil that perfectly contrasted the knee length dress. Her hair was geld up with a few curls let loose to dangle on the sides of her face. She completed the look with a long veil and the traditional white shoes. In a word, she was simply gorgeous.

“She looks……,” Nick said struggling to get the right word that would correctly describe the bride. “I know,” Alicia said cutting her off. “Nora has always been adventurous with her wardrobe… I’m more adventurous in the bed” she added in a whisper. “Want me to show you? You can have your cock all up inside me by this evening if you want. Just impregnate me and my body is yours, you don’t even have to stay around for daddy duties if you don’t want.”

He looked at her and smiled. This had to be the easiest lay he ever got handed to him on a silver platter.

“So let me get this straight,” he said leaning back in his seat. “You want me to fuck you and get you pregnant despite the fact that I’ve only just met you?” he asked looking at her inquisitively.

“Yeah, is that too hard to believe?” she asked smiling.

“Well, yeah,” he started. “I normally have to jump through hoops before any woman lets me have a shot at her panties.” He added taking a sip of his wine. “What’s the catch?” he asked looking at her closely. He knew there had to be one. A person wouldn’t readily offer herself unless she wanted something in return.

“Well, you have to give me a very generous monetary offer,” she answered him circling the rim of her glass with her finger.

“So, are you some kind of call girl?” he asked in surprise.

“It took you a while didn’t it?” she asked smiling.

“So what do I have to do to have a go at this?” he asked eying her big supple ass. She set her glass down and rested her elbows on the counter. “First you need to give me financial security,” she said casually.

“I am going to pay you aren’t I?” he asked.

“That’s for the pussy. I need you to fuck me, get me pregnant and ensure that the child I carry will never want for anything,” she explained. Nick was shocked. This was definitely a first.

“Why would I want to do that?” he asked.

“Because I am the best lay you have ever got,” she said before licking her lips seductively. “And because I will let you do things to me that would make a German porn star blush,” she added as she grabbed his crotch. Nick swallowed hard as he weighed his options.

“How much would we be talking about?” he asked surprised at himself for actually considering negotiating a fuck.

“How does 900,000 dollars sound?” she asked casually. Nick’s eyes grew big in surprise.

“For a fuck!?” he exclaimed. Hid face suddenly flushed when he saw people looking at him having heard what he had just said. “Why would I…..What the fuck?” he cut himself off as he looked at a now embarrassed Alicia using paper towels to wipe off her tits.

“Yeah I should have mentioned that I am still lactating,” she said as she blot her dress.

“I got to have a go at that,” he thought as he eyed her big heavy tits.

“Do I get to milk you?” he asked eagerly. Alicia smiled. She knew that those big tits would pay off some day. “I don’t see why not,” she said smiling at him.

“Seven hundred,” he said still looking at her tits.

“Eight.” She said curtly looking at him squarely in the eye. She could see him begin to question his decision. She hated Doubting Thomas’s. To his surprise, she grabbed her tits and squeezed them together causing her milk to form two blots on each tit. “Trust me, it’s worth it,” she said before releasing them.

“Fine,” he said.

“Finally,” she thought.

Nick looked at her and smiled. “I do have a few conditions,” he said using his index finger to rub his nose. “ We can never talk about it again,” he said looking deep into her eyes. “And I will never see you again,” he added still looking at her.

She smiled and twirled a strand of hair round her finger. She leaned forward and grabbed his shirt to pull him close. “No problem,” she whispered in his ear before planting a soft kiss on his cheek.

“One more thing,” he said as his hand went up her torso.

“What?” she asked as his hand went up to one of her big breasts. He gave the breast a slight squeeze not caring that they were not in a blind spot.

“You have to let me milk these magnificent tits,” he said as his hands traveled back down to her waist.

“I am yours to command,” she said in the same sexy voice she had used before. He smiled back at her and pulled her close.

“What do you know? I come to my pal’s wedding a single, sex starved man and a beautiful call girl throws herself at my mercy,” he said still holding her in a tight embrace. Together, they seemed like the perfect couple.

“Well, merry fucking Christmas to you,” she said as she wrapped her arms around his neck. She leaned again to nibble his ear and then decided to do something naughty.

“Have you ever had someone deep throat that big cock you have pressing against my thigh?” she asked making him a bit harder than he already was.  “Ever had someone take it so deep inside her throat that she gagged? Have it fuck a throat then fill it with that hot goo you got just aching to come out?” she asked feeling his grip tightening on her waist.

“We need to get out of here,” he said to her as he pulled away from her. He looked around briefly before taking her hand and leading her towards the cloak room. She felt her pussy get wet at the thought of that million dollar dick inside her. Most would have called her a gold digger but all she was is horny for money. Nothing turned her on more than the thought of stacks of cash in her hands. If given a choice, she would’ve fucked in a safe full of money. That was how much she loved it.

As they approached the cloak room, Alicia caught glimpse of Ernest Dawson. The man who fathered her first baby. When they hooked up, Ernst was an office clerk at the Department Of Defense and hardly made enough to support himself. He was the reason Alicia became a call girl in the first place. She wasn’t sorry about her decision to live her life this way but after seven years, it was time to hang up her tools even though she had the body of a hot 18 year old.

“Are you okay?” Nick asked before opening the door.

“Yeah. Why wouldn’t I be?” she asked.

“I don’t know. I thought that maybe you had changed your mind,” he said as they got inside the cloak room. She smiled at him and squeezed his hand.

“Never,” she said as he closed the door.

As soon as they were inside, he grabbed her and gave her a warm, soft kiss right on the lips. “Business  first, mister,” she said gently pulling him away from her body. “Of course,” he said with a smile. He reached into his coat pocket and pulled out his check book and pen before using his free hand to bend her over. “I need your sexy back as a base,” he said rubbing his pelvis against her warm wiggly ass. She pushed up against him and rubbed her ass against his hardened cock which threatened to pull the zipper apart. “I’m here for you,” she said pulling her hair to the side of her face. Nick placed his check book on her back and wrote the check out to her. “That’s eight hundred dollars?” he asked as he wrote.

“Oh yeah,” she said smiling.

“And we never have to meet again?” he asked as he tore the leaf from the check book.

“Yeah,” she agreed as she stood straight and took a look at her newly earned fortune.

“And I get to milk you?” he asked as she tucked the check inside her silver-grey purse.

“That was the deal now, wasn’t it?” she asked as she walked towards him and wrapped her arms around his neck again. She leaned forward and gave him another kiss as she ran her arms on his body. She was quite impressed at how he kept himself, neat and downright classy. She smiled as she rubbed his chest, feeling his hands on her big ass. She felt him give her ass a light squeeze before continuing to deeply knead it. She held on to his neck as his hands found their way under the layers of her dress and begin to caress her beautiful thighs. She let herself drown in his kisses as his hands expertly ran up and down her thigh.

He then pulled away from her and made her sit on the floor. He unbuckled his belt and then slowly let his pants slide down to the ground. She watched him as he slowly undid his shirt, one button after the next up until he got to the last one. He let the shirt slip off his shoulders leaving him bare, standing dressed only in his Ralph Lauren boxers and shoes. He kicked off his shoes and joined her on the floor where he laid his weight on her.  He bent lower until his lips met hers in a soft kiss. She managed to kick her shoes off as he continued kissing her as he ran his hands on her body. She felt her nipples harden when his hand brushed her breasts. When he finally pulled away, he sat down and looked at her waiting for her to begin stripping. She sat up and undid the zipper which was positioned on her side and then pushed it downwards to her waist. She lay down again and lifted her hips so that she could slide the dress off.

By now, Nick had began rubbing his long hard cock patiently waiting for when he would get the opportunity to sink himself inside her. She then sat back up and unclasped her bra letting her full, heavy tits hang free. He felt a hot surge go through his body as some precum oozed out of his hard penis. He watched her as she grabbed both tits in her hands and begin to dangle them before giving them a slight squeeze which sent jets of warm milk on his thigh. He moved closer and grabbed her hands, then pulled them away from her tits. “That’s for me to do,” he said as he took the beautiful tits in her hands. He leaned closer to her and let his tongue play with her hardened nipples. He suddenly took a nipple inside his mouth and began sucking hard, occasionally giving her a slight nibble. She shuddered each time she felt his teeth on her over sensitive breasts so much she wished she could push him off. But this was virtually impossible as the man nursed on her tits as a baby would.

Warm milk continued to flow into his mouth as he sucked hard and deep. With his free hand he began to give equal attention to the other breast, rubbing the hard nipple and occasionally giving it a squeeze. By this time, one side of her body was almost completely drenched in her own milk as he continued milking her. He pulled away from her to present a hard, distended nipple on one side and a milk soaked one on the other. He gently pushed her on the floor and began licking off the milk as he squeezed causing more to flow out. Just when she thought he had enough, he squeezed her some more but this time he didn’t lick it off. He spread the milk all over her tits and then moved up so that his cock was dangling on her tits. He put his long hardness in between her tits and then squeezed them together as he began fucking her tits. With each thrust he felt himself eager to spray her tits with his own cum but he still held back. He knew he somehow had to get rid of all that first ejaculate. As he went on, she noticed that he fucked her tits faster and tightened his grip on her tits causing a never ending flow from her hard nipples.

She suddenly heard him grunt as he came close to the point of no return. Rather than let himself burst all over her, he grabbed her hair and forced his cock inside her waiting mouth where he erupted like a volcano. Alicia struggled to swallow each load he released but it was too much. She felt some warm drops on her tits as he continued cumming showing no signs that he was about to finish. He then pulled himself out of her mouth and turned around, his cock directly above her mouth. Without warning, he let his hips lower his cock into her mouth as he thrust his tongue inside her hot, sopping pussy. She shuddered when she felt his long tongue in her depths. He fucked her cunt using his tongue so fast that he lost control and began bucking his hips against her mouth sending his cock deep in her throat. She gagged every time his length filled her throat but she held on to his firm buttocks as they engaged themselves in a 69 position. He withdrew his tongue and in its place, he inserted two long fingers all at once and began stretching her pussy using his fingers. She moaned when he spread his fingers inside her. By this time, his thrusts had relaxed but she felt his cock beginning to harden again. Just what she wanted to happen. He then withdrew his fingers from her pussy and then pulled his large cock from her throat. He did so quickly that it slapped the side of her face as he pulled out. He pulled her to a sitting position and then helped her get into a doggy position. He knelt behind her and slipped his enlarged cock inside her wet cunt. She began screaming prompting him to put his hand over her mouth as he began fucking her deep and hard. He clearly wasn’t one of those people that started slow as he went straight in full speed. Alicia writhed in pleasure as she felt his cock buried to the hilt inside her. She could feel that long cock almost in her stomach. When he felt that her pussy was used to his length he pulled out and took his hand from her mouth. He spanked her as an indication for her to raise her hips up. He saw her used pussy gaping at him and that turned him on even more. He put a finger inside his mouth and got it really wet before sliding it deep inside her bung hole. At the same time, he slid back into her pussy and resumed his fucking. This time he wasn’t as had on her pussy but her ass was getting all he could offer from his finger which was moving in and out of her anus at an unbelievable speed.

He withdrew his finger and then gently pushed her to lay flat on the floor. He went into her again and fucked, this time a bit slower since he knew this position would have him too deep inside her, almost hitting the cervix. As he fucked her, he occasionally pulled out and let his cock head rub on her smooth bung hole. He suddenly pulled out and flipped her around so that he was facing her. He put her legs on his shoulders and then spanked her hard. She moaned as he looked at the red hand print on her upper thigh. He then sunk in her again and leant forward so that with one hand, he could get control of her tits. He pressed her tits with every thrust he gave causing jets of warm milk to land on his chest every time he sunk deep inside her.

Again, she felt his grip on her breast tighten as his thrust became deeper and harder. “Oh fuck!” he yelled as he filled her hot cunt with his cum. She struggled to stay still as his cumming triggered her own orgasm. When he finally finished, he released his legs but kept his cock inside her.

“Had enough,” she managed to breathe out. He laughed.

“That is barely 300,000,” he answered. “I still have to have your nice tight ass and your pussy at least twice more before I decide I’ll never see you again,” he answered. Alicia smiled. For some reason his words only turned her on more. This was one wedding she didn’t regret attending.

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