10 Best BWWM Romance Novels You’ll Definitely Want to Read!

Best BWWM romance - 1- Black woman white man interracial books for adults

Whether it’s billionaires or betrayals, surrogates or sexy strangers, BWWM novels turn up the heat while at the same time exploring the love between people who don’t always get to be in the spotlight. The romances between black women and white men shouldn’t be fetishized or shied away from, which is exactly what these authors with Afro Romance Books thought too.
So if you’re looking to branch out and spice up your reading library, then these ten books might just be for you!

Update: Best BWWM Romance Books

Hey guys. While the below list still have some good books, there are a lot of newer BWWM romance books you’ll 100% want to get! You can see them all at BWWM Club, but here are some popular ones (click a cover to see the series and get samples):

Best Seller – BWWM Members From Money Series by Katie Dowe:

Top Seller – BWWM Brothers From Money Series By Shanade White:

New Series – BWWM Alphas From Money Series by Shanika Levene:

BWWM Alphas From Money Series

Your Free BWWM Romance:

We’ve two hot stories for you in the form of ‘Touch Of Class’ and ‘Home Is Where The Heart Is’. You can get them both free from us on this page.

Ok, here’s the list. Please remember, while some of these are quite old, there are still some good ones in there. That said, the above stories are more modern, longer with more pages, and generally what I’d recommend you read first. 🙂

10. The Billionaire’s Surrogate by Cher Etan – A BWWM Pregnancy Classic

Billionaire Surrogate romance story by Cher Etan

This best-selling, complete (no infuriating cliffhangers here!) story The Billionaire’s Surrogate is about Max – a handsome billionaire who faces a wake-up call about his future when he gets diagnosed with prostate cancer. He hasn’t achieved what he really wants out of life, which is a baby, so he decides to hire a surrogate and complications ensue when Max finds out his diagnosis was actually false. With witty banter between Max and surrogate Christine, steamy love scenes and a great side character in Christine’s mother Martha, this book is sure to make your heart warm – and your shower cold!

9. Love Revival by Shannon Gardener – A Christian Romance

The best BWWM Christian romance set in the church

Love Revival is a Christian romance story for adults.

After moving in with her aunt to recover from the trauma of being widowed by her abusive ex-husband, Jade doesn’t expect to meet a handsome Pastor while in her new secretarial role at the church; but there John is, and despite being a man of the cloth he soon finds himself head over heels for Jade’s no-nonsense personality and beautiful looks. But the question is, can Jade look past what’s happened in her history in order to love again? This inspirational standalone Christian novel explores the possibilities of overcoming the past in order to find happiness in the future, with a few great love scenes along the way.

8. To Love a Hunter by Mary T Williams – Paranormal BWWM Romance

A BWWM paranormal shifter romance for adults

To Love a Hunter is a paranormal romance brimming with action, suspense, and of course, passion. Tisha, a curvy panther shifter is mostly happy with her life in a world where shifters vast outnumber humans, but she would like a mate to share that life with. Enter Hunter, a devastatingly handsome bachelor who is harbouring a terrible secret. He was previously a bounty hunter, but now there’s a bounty on him! A werewolf shifter who is out for revenge on Hunter after losing an eye to him wants to tear apart Tisha’s new relationship with Hunter, as well as Hunter himself. Will they survive the threat and make their relationship work? You’ll have to read and find out!

7. Passion Overseas by J A Fielding – A Interracial Holiday Romance

Billionaire BWWM Holiday Love Story

Passion Overseas is the second part of a two-part series, this story can be read as a standalone or with its predecessor Passion Abroad, and takes its audience on a whirlwind romance across the world. Erica takes a cruise after deciding she needs some alone time away from her real and undesirable life, but she unexpectedly meets Daniel, a billionaire who seems to compliment her in every way. They decide to travel the world together, but soon they’ll have to face a tough question: will their relationship be able to carry on when the holiday is over?

6. Star-Crossed Lovers by Mary T Williams – BWWM Shifter Love Story

Star Crossed Lovers - A paranormal interracial romance

This best-selling shifter romance is the third part of a series, but can be read as its own twisty, passionate standalone story. Star Crossed Lovers follows the forbidden, star-crossed romance between beautiful werebear Alice and her chosen mate Alex, a werewolf. Their families are enemies for life, but the couple have pursued their love anyway, and now they want to have a baby. No one is sure it’s possible, but with fingers suddenly being pointed at the shifters as the culprits of a local mass murder, will they ever get to find out? A must read black women white men story for adults.

5. Her Superhero Lover by Lionel Law – A Fantasy BWWM Book

A Best Seller Superhero BWWM BBW Romance

This sexy superhero romance Her Superhero Lover is a completed story that explores the life of Renee, who is struggling in two jobs to make ends meet in San Diego. Then she meets eligible bachelor and billionaire Grady, who seems like he could be perfect for her. Unfortunately, Grady has a secret, and that’s that he moonlights as the superhero ‘The Horseman’. Now Renee, caught up in a crazy web of intrigue and action, isn’t so much worrying about whether or not she can make ends meet, but whether or not she’ll survive! An outside-the-box love story with titillating sex scenes, this book is definitely a must-read.

4. Steven and Julie by J A Fielding – An Interracial Bundle

A top black women white men bundle

Steven and Julie are the title characters of the 9-part Homes and Hearts series by popular author J A Fielding, and the series follows their story from a professional business relationship to a whole lot more. Experience the couple navigate their business partnership, a romantic relationship, a marriage, and making a baby over the course of more than 800 pages!

3. The One for Her by J A Fielding – Complete Series In One

A BWWM Interracial romance series for adults

This is another 9-part series, exploring the relationship between steadfast Natasha Black and the dreamy Mitchell, who just so happens to be her new boss. The One For Her lets their relationship blossom and takes them through all the complications of falling in love with each other, getting married, and having a baby before finding their happily ever after. Readers who love to watch relationships unfold over a long time and want a steamy love scene or five will be sure to love this must-read series!

2. The Baby He Wants by Cher Etan – A Top Selling Black Woman White Man Romance

BWWM Pregnancy Romance - Baby he wants

In The Baby He Wants, family-oriented Tristan Carrington, a billionaire who desperately wants to continue his lineage, finds out he can’t have kids. However, after he spends a passionate night with a woman at a music festival, she turns up claiming she’s pregnant with his child. This should be a dream come true, as Ava, the woman, is strong and intelligent and will make a fine mother to the child he so desperately wants. There’s one problem, though, and that’s that Tristan is supposed to be getting married to Savannah, who is the key to a successful merger of their two families. What lengths will Tristan go to in order make his dreams become a successful reality? Find out in this hot BWWM story!

1. Tony, Her Billionaire Russian by Cher Etan – A Number 1 Best Selling BWWM For Adults

Top black woman white man russian mafia romance

Now our top read: Tony, Her Billionaire Russian! This 5-part series by best-selling author Cher Etan follows the romance and intrigue surrounding Tony, a Russian billionaire, and Sophie, the curvy African-American woman he falls in love with. Tony, unfortunately, has ties to the Mafia, and that alone can create problems when it comes to a new girlfriend, so can the two make it work with the complications of organized crime over their heads? Find out over the course of 5 books as Sophie and her handsome Russian billionaire travel the country and make very passionate love together!

Top 10 BWWM Romance Books

So that’s the list of the ten best BWWM romance novels by Afro Romance Books – ranging from the paranormal and intense to family-based and touching. Which ones are going on your reading list? Let us know your black woman white man favorites in the comments below. 🙂

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